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Researchers find a 250 million year old microchip in Russia

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Researchers find a 250 million year old microchip in Russia

It looks like researchers from Russia have found a 250 million-year-old microchip, the question is have they? And what is this strange object? Fact or fiction… you decide.



Researchers have made another incredible discovery in Labinsk, Russia. According to scholars, this discovery marks the beginning of a completely new history, one that many ancient alien theorists have been talking about for years. The object that researchers have found is believed to be some sort of ancient microchip and according to researchers, this ancient microchips dates back millions of years. After countless tests, researchers have come to the conclusion that this antique piece was used as some sort of microchip in ancient times.


The problem is its age, according to tests, the artifact is believed to be between 225 and 250 million years old. Some researchers believe that the dating of the artifact is not entirely accurate given the fact that you cannot date rock, and the tests were based on traces of organic material found around the mystery “chip.”

The million dollar question is, who and what used a microchip that dates back 250 million years? Is there a possibility that this is, in fact, the remains of ancient technology? Technology that belonged to a highly advanced civilization that inhabited Earth millions of years ago? Or is there a possibility that this artifact did not originate from Earth, but on another planet, belonging to an extraterrestrial race.


Do you see the ‘K2000’ inscription?

Better yet, what makes Russia so unique that numerous artifacts, like the one we see here, have been discovered over the years.

This “ancient microchip” was discovered in the Krasnodar region, and ufologists have already tagged this discovery as a fragment of technology previously unknown to science. Like many other findings, this remarkable artifact was found by chance by a local fisherman by the name of Viktor Morozov who donated his curious finding to scholars from the University of Southern Polytechnic Nowoczerkaskiej who performed several tests and concluded that embedded into the rock, is a strange “device” which strangely resembles modern-day microchips. Researchers have not tried removing the alleged microchip from the rock in fear that the might damage it.


Geologists and scientists cannot explain the origin of this fantastic finding and there are numerous possibilities that explain what this object is. Extraterrestrial technology, evidence of sophisticated ancient societies, or just one of those strange rocks made by mother nature. Some researchers point out that this might actually be part of a stem plant, such as lilies, skeptics have already “debunked” this finding suggesting that it is nothing worth the while, just like many other discoveries which couldn’t be explained, so the best guess was… “it’s nothing important”, however the origin of this artifact and many others also discovered in Russia have not been explained.

What do you believe this artifact is? Is it another rock, courtesy of mother nature? Or is this item, a microchip that belonged to an extraterrestrial race that visited Earth in the distant past?

  • Kliter Semson

    Source? How about posting reference links once in a while…..

    • blerrrg

      C’mon, you know why…

    • Yep, exactly what I came here to find after Disclosure posted this article with a link back to here.

      No source = Horse sh!t

    • To Moon

      When I came to this site, I knew what I was getting into. I didn’t expect them to provide a source. 😛

      • Guest

        If sheldon, Leonard and Kuthrapali can hardly get a date…how do you think these scientists can?

  • Jay Pepper

    either that, or it’s a 5 year old razor blade

  • Slobberwad

    There was a special on this find last week on MSNBC…it must be true.

    • To Moon

      Source, pls. Otherwise, I’m gonna guess. April 1st?

  • Pretty obvious somebody’s time machine got damaged.

    • No comment on your post, but I love your profile icon. I wish I came up with it.

    • To Moon

      But it’s not blue… >.>

  • Luckyca

    Nothing more than a crystalline pattern structure within the stone cut in cross section, I suppose Snow flakes are computer chips as well.

  • ericlipps

    Actually, you can date rocks, using various radioactive-decay indicators (but not carbon-14, which needs organic material and is essentially useless eyond 50,000 to 60,000 years back).

  • Dragana Kislovski

    Modern science is baffled because it is not aware that humanity was on this Earth far longer than what modern science knows.

  • pickaname

    this is just a cross section of fossilized crinoid stem. Rocks can be dated by radioactive isotopes, as for organic matter, none can last that long, and it certainly cannot be dated back million years ago.

    • GreenThunder

      It actually looks nothing at all like a crinoid fossil, stem or otherwise.

      • Ron Schmidt

        Actually that is exactly what it looks like when you cut them in half like they did in the OP photo

        • GreenThunder

          If it were a crinoid, it would have a cylindrical habit, and would possess noticable line-striations…not rows of friggin’ dots. Try again Matlock.

        • patriot156

          Uh no it doesn’t I checked your crap and BS

    • gumdrop

      Oh for crinoid loud!

  • Alan Drobnak

    Many people here with such little minds. Human civilizations have grown and lived through extinction events many times over the last 300 million years. And it will happen again whether through natural events or by the hands of man. All life is cyclical.

    • Existential

      That’s hilarious, there would be much more proof if that was true. Buildings and such. Thanks for the laugh though

      • Alan Drobnak

        “Buildings and such”? Be careful, your ignorance is showing Mr. or Ms. Existential, if you even have a clue of the meaning of that word. LOL

      • Fed up with psychopaths.

        after 250 million years, I doubt it!

      • Christian Martin

        No structure could endure that long And if such a society did exist and followed down a path similar to our own, aka plastic and digital data then it would stand 0% chance of lasting. You wanna know what will out live your buildings, or your CD’s, hard drives and even satellites. A slab of rock.

    • To Moon

      Please don’t tell me you think humans have been around for 300 million years… o.O

      • Alan Drobnak

        Dear Moon, The earth has experienced many near extinction events over its history. And yes, humans in one form or another have witnessed and survived to rebuild civilization each time. Much scientific research on this is coming to light but the ‘established’ academic community doesn’t care for this because it means a rewriting of ‘their’ textbooks. Our current civilization has been tightly woven into a tidy book of lies. The joke has been on us, or at least on those who prefer to be fed by their handlers. Take a peak for yourself, attempt to read a little for yourself. Google ‘9500BC near extinction event’ and open your mind to what way possibly seep in.

        • To Moon

          Aaand since you didn’t address the point, I’m going to assume you DO think that humans have been around for more than 2.1 million years…

          • Alan Drobnak

            Ok Moon, Yes I absolutely believe a form of human species has roamed the earth for many many millions of years. Based on your other notes here please do share which religious dogma you are captive to.

          • Christian Martin

            You’ve still not addressed his question. And using such poor wording as “captive” only serves to belittle your intellect. He asked for evidence to address your claim, a man of logic or science would have displayed his evidence. And an open minded and educated man would have done so without berating him or his metaphysical beliefs.

            Or is it wrong to ask one to provide factual data when dealing with a physical statement/event?

          • Alan Drobnak

            I used the word ‘captive’ because it suitably describes the power religion as well as ‘science’ has over information which is spoon fed to the public as the ‘truth’. I simply requested from Moon which dogma may have guided his comments. If you, Martin, would consider embarking on your own research in this matter of previous civilizations many insights may come your way, as I suggested to this other one. I do have the time to expand on the subject is not my responsibility to convince anyone in such a trite string as this comment section is. If one chooses to live with a closed mind then this is our free will to do so. I also believe the world is flat. LOL I do like levity. I will not respond to any other comments in this string, be on your way but do stay curious.

          • smegma4lyfe

            You’re still dodging the question. What evidence would you use to support your theory that human beings have existed for the last “300 million years”? You don’t need to give a full run-down; A link or two would suffice.

          • Alan Drobnak

            Ok, since I jumped into this limited awareness discussion I guess I’ll have to spoon feed the peeps, but only to a point. And here is your point of our departure. Spend some time doing your own research with discernment, consider thinking outside of the box. Otherwise your whole life will be within a closed mind for what the true history of the human race really evolved from.

          • chirag singh
          • chirag singh
    • funny

      So you say dinosaur will come back? Lolol..

  • StealthGhost

    The Stoopid burns here.
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. This does not disclose anything other than hype, aasertions & suppositions w/o supporting evidence. I guess we will have to wait for The Pope & Obozo for the SETI / UFO / Alien disclosure in September via the Report From Iron Mountain Project Blue Beam agenda. Still waiting for the Directed Panspermia / CERN / Immanentize the Eschaton via Eric Voegelin gnostic agenda to come forth. This dis / mis / agitprop information media campaign is the worst in history ever. So predictable & ridiculous.

    • To Moon

      You expect anything else coming here? The site might as well be renamed It’s just like spirit “science”. 😛

      • StealthGhost

        Lol yes understood & agree.
        The stoopid here & elsewhere burns still. Yes plenty of gnostic’s out there hypocritically masquerading in other religions or belief systems & praying, quoting & acknowledging God or a God as well.

  • Lance

    Is there such a thing as silicon dating (similar carbon dating)? Also, maybe it came from the same time fame a the coin (j/k).

  • etfp

    “Some researchers believe that the dating of the artifact is not entirely accurate given the fact that you cannot date rock”

    I’m crying, man. Why hasn’t science thought of some way to date rocks?

    • Rob

      We can date rocks. It’s a false claim.

    • Whitebox

      I’ve tried to date rocks, but after two dates they want to meet the family and pick out china patterns.

      • scorpio

        AH! you ARE a clever Whitebox! made my day..

      • Nathan Togain

        You suck White box.

        • Matthew Richardson

          Says you with a kitten as your avatar

          • Klaus Pendolo

            Haha 🙂

    • Dale Patterson

      No use dating rocks… They’re hard and insensitive…

      • Shane Allen

        not to mention…rough around the edges, heartless, heavy, lifeless, and old as dirt

    • To Moon

      Plenty of dating methods exist and are used to determine the age of rock, including uranium-lead dating, which in a 2 billion year time span is pretty damn accurate. 98.5% accurate by my calculations..

    • Peter Fuzessery

      If sheldon, Leonard and Kuthrapali can hardly get a date…how do you think these scientists can? nope

    • Christian Martin

      There only method carbon dating is extremely inaccurate and questionable. It is why using fossil to date the rocks, and the layer they are found to date the fossil has always been a hot topic. And yes that’s how they date fossils and the layer around them, based off of each other. which naturally should cause one to arch a brow. Still the date of the rock I find unimportant. Whether it be 10,000 or ten million years old doesn’t change how outstanding this discovery is. If proven to be a microchip.

      • AndroidDoctorr

        Carbon dating is for organic samples from less than 50,000 years ago. For rocks they use other methods like Potassium and Argon.
        Radiometric dating is only questionable because you don’t understand math.

        • hannes

          and because it assumes many things like modern-day decay rates, amount of original parent element present, no other radioactive events, etc, etc….

          carbon is nice because it can be somewhat matched with other dating methods, such as known historical events.

          and its not really a straight math issue…. the data has to be cleansed and interpreted…. its not a open and close case.

        • CarbonDatingLOL

          Yeah that 3000 year old LIVING mollusk was a real high point for the accuracy of carbon dating….

      • AndroidDoctorr

        And no, the dates don’t come from surrounding rocks, they come from knowing the decay rates of isotopes.

      • [email protected]

        A microchip!


        Do they Time Travel? Maybe they go back in time?

        All those anamolies, you know, watches found in ancient ruins. And the Anthykethara computer. And other things. Eh?
        Maybe the secret gov. can travel back.

        • Gregg T Jenkins

          I bet if they dig a little deeper, they’ll find a Delorean

          • TheDissentingVoice

            My money is on Skynet.

        • Klaus Pendolo

          …one of those anomalies is you calling anomalies anamolies 🙂

      • Ain’t Fooling Nobody

        Read Tom T. Moore’s new book, Atlantis & Lemuria: The Lost Continents Revealed.” He mentions this artifact specifically and has channeled information that it is a microchip from an alien civilization that visited earth 250 million years ago but left the earth because the environment was pretty harsh at the time.

        • ThereAin’tNoAliens

          There aren’t ANY aliens ANYWHERE…
          Google “Project Blue Beam”
          And there WASN’T any 250 million years ago for earth…
          Those “aliens” were demons trying to deceive the people of earth with their BS….

          • laughingtree

            Or… Those “demons” were aliens trying to straighten out the minds of the poor souls who didn’t understand that “Barney” was trying to help us. Scared us so bad, we still remember those devils.

      • Matt

        Heaven forbid they take a very, very small sample of it to determine if
        it is made of a conductive material. No, no let’s just race around crazy
        theories about it for all of time instead…

    • Hiram D. Walker

      Because coming up with accurate dates will prove what much of science and archaeology as been saying over the last several hundred years false and all those PhD’s would look rather foolish. So it’s better to cover up everything and look good. Image and major donations are everything to them.

  • Ed White

    fkin media. lmao

  • Richie Persell

    be interesting to know what is on the chip !

    • Dave12308

      From a person who deals with chips on a daily basis, this is NOT one.

  • Anna Nanki

    it looks more like a piece of a card from a tiny player piano, or a punch card for something like that. Doesn’t much look like a microchip. I hope it’s a microchip that can be reversed engineered, and I hope it has some pictures of some giants or aliens on it. that would be cool

  • Dale Patterson

    2 words: Potemkin Village

  • z–man

    Maybe it’s a flash-drive containing alien nudie_pics…

    • AtomicMetroid

      Not everyone is as perverted as you…..

      • z–man


        • AtomicMetroid

          Of you?? lol

          • z–man

            You’re very green with envy. But it’s ok, don’t worry. Just bask in my awesomeness and your life will have meaning again!

          • AtomicMetroid

            Do you own a pawn shop by any chance?

  • rlp4

    Well since science does not believe in God and according to science man evolved from apes, primordial ooze it would reason that this “micro chip” is just random evolution of a primordial stone an naturally occurring happen chance rock formation. In fact that’s how todays computers came to be… Because after all there couldn’t possibly be a higher intelligence “God” that created all. But we are willing to eagerly believe there were / are space aliens. Its a good thing God loves us…

    • To Moon

      I’m not surprised you take this article seriously… No, science makes no claims in favor or against a god. Science is the study of the natural world, and as such automatically rejects the supernatural as a cop out. As for the “Microchip”, it’s an obvious hoax anyway. Also, please, PLEASE study evolution. If you can’t at the very least understand what we’re talking about, you shouldn’t even try to have a debate with us. Because you will always lose.

    • StealthGhost

      Wasn’t aware that the Crick & Oregel DNA “Directed panspermia” theory negated God or a God or precluded the belief in a Architect or Intelligent Design as theories or alternate theories thus far. People describe & articulate or offer their explanations in different ways & descriptions. Faith & belief systems do that. Some are more articulate, specific & defined than other’s. But that assertion & suppositon you stated above “science does not believe in God” is incorrect as a generalzation.

    • LOL

  • walcon

    That proves we are far more advanced than they were then. Our “Micro-chips” are much much smaller!
    But then we haven’t figured out how to embed them in solid rock. Hmmmm.

  • Kyle Andrews

    I dated a rock. She had a heart of stone but at least she was always near and only a stones throw away.

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      with a ‘flinty’ sense of humor and a sedimentary lifestyle…

    • You Lie, Boy!

      My love is a rock
      A sedimentary force

    • Sid Peña

      She had a labradorite retriever and could drink beer by the quartz. She was really gneiss.

  • Not such a big deal.
    The large 4.5 mile long stranded’ spaceship on the back of the moon photographed by Apollo 20 astronaut Rutledge is estimate to be 1.5 billion years old.. from the cosmic dust on it.
    Mankind in this Dern Universe, in this Great Time, a Great Time being 311.04 trillion years is approx 100billions years old. Open The Pleiadian Mission by Randolph Winters based on, Billy Meiers 70+ year and ongoing et contacts for more of this info.
    If you believe 4M years ago your ancestors were chimps, who evolved to Lucy in Ethiopia, whose descendents then went on a 10-20th. Kilometer walkabout.. to magically become Caucasian, Indian, Oriental, Eskimo etc.. this is not for you.

  • David Kaplan

    Very interesting find even if it’s a section of a sea lily. It’s obviously a piece broken off a larger length piece.Probably a stable remnant from an organic ( once living )source. But then again what is it. Nice Fossil of sorts!!!!

  • Neural.

    that looks like a neural network chip
    even more advanced

  • Rogoraeck

    It must be a reject from Dr Who’s TARDIS !

  • sucess

    Hi all… Is that me or if you look from a distance it reads K2000… The third pic hit me like that… Dont know what it means thou. Probably nothing.

  • big j

    They don’t even know what it is , but are are still calling it an “ancient microchip” sounds like propaganda to me.

  • A good way to keep a population under control is to keep them stupid and superstitious… Basically, we have so many discoveries that cannot be explained by science, yet we decide to look past it because that is what we are being told…

    • AtomicMetroid

      There have been many things found in lumps of coal on the conveyer belt at coal mines in WV. But the mine owners took control of them and they have never been seen again. The miners who found it were told to keep quite or lose their jobs. One of these finds was a golden bowl that had strange writings on it.

      • Overlord William Kuhn

        They also found a pick axe head with part of the wooden handle, as well as leather shoes, tin buckets and other anomallies. Thank you for recognizing.

        • Gregg T Jenkins

          Let me know when they find a Diamond picaxe driven into a bit of Obsidian.

          • Bonnie Potter

            watch out for that lava

      • B. Richards

        One of the anomalous artifacts that I have always dug ( no pun intended ) is the anthropomorphic doll that was found in Nampa, Idaho early in the 20th century. I ‘think’ it was early in the 20th century anyway. It was found at a pretty incredible depth when drilling for a well and was found UNDER the overlaying lava that has covered that part of Idaho for thousands if not millions of years. You can find links to it on Google or whatever search engine you choose.

        My honest belief is that Humans have been on this planet many times over many billions of years. We are either seeded or who knows what and we either destroy ourselves over and over or we are destroyed by other forces. Then it starts all over again. Hence, we have these anomalous artifacts that don’t seem to fit in with any known civilization or time period. For example, who built the huge rock wall in Texas that we never hear about in the MMM? There are literally thousands of anomalous artifacts rotting on museum shelves and in the bowels of the Smithsonian along with the bones of the huge skeletons that were found in all the many burial mounds in Eastern and Midwestern America in the 18th and 19th centuries. Look at the Dochester Vase very carefully. When you do, you see that the vines and other designs on it are almost exactly the same as those found on ancient Mesopotamian artifacts. It really makes one wonder.

        • Matt

          OR dig this: WE LEFT the planet. Maybe what we are now, is the equivalent of the all-time human short bus lol

    • GreenThunder

      Or microchip them. 😉

    • chirag singh

      hi chief , this one you might be knowing ,,

      i really admire these kind of works.

  • Christian Martin

    Maybe it isn’t alien. maybe it’s human. Like long ago there was a technologically advanced human society the collapsed for whatever reason. If technology is the solving of problems through science, and history repeats itself then it stand to reason that perhaps certain technologies have repeated. In fact we know some have. And if they were a paper and plastic based society much like our own, very little to nothing would last a thousand years. And much like our own if they used data to store information, it wouldn’t endure. Again much like our own society.

    • Dave12308

      There is absolutely nothing about this object which would make me think it is a microchip. Nothing.

  • EmilyEnso

    Possibly proof of time travel.
    Did someone take his computer back with him and mislay it.

  • tretre

    Looks like a piece of some animal carapace or bone. No similarities with any sort of technology.

  • Florent Coulon

    Very interesting. On the same topic, you can make yourself an iPhone

  • The dating is wrong, but it’s very plausible because according to the bible, the anakim taught men metallurgy, astronomy, and other high tech stuff that was destroyed in the flood.

  • John

    It’s clearly evidence that time travel exists and that humans from the future visited the past and left this evidence behind. DUH.

  • dan

    Yeah! “RESEARCHERS” Who do they work for? NWO. Remember they own agents in ALL sectors. They’re gearing up for the false alien narrative. Oh Wait Edward Snowjob says aliens will invade soon. We need more military and more suckers to believe in this meme.

  • tranqon

    Just to bump the one noteworthy comment below: Look closely at the third pic, it reads K2000 in the middle. Whoever made it definitely adopt our writing system – you can conclude the rest yourself

  • Defiant

    LOL! LUDICROUS! Russia is the KING of tabloid-style yellow journalism!

  • Nina

    I always wonder how it is that the scientist can know the age of things. ….like the age of the Universe. THey say it’s what: 6 billion yo. …11 billion. How can they tell?


    What a joke!

    And at this point how can we believe them?

    But they expect us to believe what they say. HEHEHEHE!

    BTW: Scientists and archeologists are funded by the Feds.
    And I ask you, do the Feds have our benefit at heart?

    Get a clue, people!

    • Evan Parah

      Well to answer you question to the universe’s age thing. There is a mathematical solution, though still a shot in the dark but give us a ballpark answer. It has to do with stars in the sky. You can measure the luminosity of a star as well as age by observation. Say a star is 35 million lightyears away. It means that it took 35 million years for the light to reach earth. Mathematically you can find out the age of a star with this information. Then go up a notch. Age of galaxy’s, quasars, all can be deduced through math. Due to light being a constant speed, therefore a baseline. That is how you can determine age for most things. Finding a baseline number and working up from that. That is why standard rocks are hard to judge. Because they don’t have a baseline time to form. They can be made in minutes, hours, years etc.

  • AndroidDoctorr

    What’s really fascinating is that it happens to be on that one section of the rock that looks darker, smoother, and straighter…

    “given the fact that you cannot date rock”

    So then where did the 225-250 million year figure come from?

  • Chippy the wrestling addict…

    250 million years old?? Hope it doesn’t use Windows OS, can you imagine how long that updating process would take???

    • I’m A Tweener

      You should pay attention to the bullying going on over at wrestlinginc. I just read a suicide note in the comments section

  • mothman777

    Though I agree with the idea that mankind has existed on Earth for hundreds of millions of years, which is stated in the vedic literature, Srimad Bhagavatam, I would say that this is almost without doubt merely a section of crinoid, as I have seen many similar sections in the past.

  • Benjamin Peterson

    This is complete and utter bullshit.

  • Luis Kenny

    could be true could be a way to condition minds for the mark of the beast or could be something else

  • Archie1954

    It should be viewed under an electron microscope.

  • Guest

    Nice assumptions… tipical scientist sh!t.
    They assume its a chip, cause it looks like one.
    This is ust pure bullsh!t.

    Alot of discoveries are good, and unexplainable.
    But this is just mocking REAl unexplained discoveries of significance.

    Nice misinformation this is..

  • Dennis Dijkstra

    Assummption apparently make fact.
    Not 1 reason they give to believe its a chip.. besides it looking like one.
    They dont decribe any embedding of metal or material that would suggest the function of a chip.

    Looks like MISINFORMATION to me.

  • Ron Schmidt

    Fossil Crinoid stem cross section… very common like this one. You guys see Aliens in everything LOL

    • GreenThunder

      Ron are you actually blind? Is Stevie Wonder your “Watson?”
      Once again, it looks nothing like the picture in the article. Nothing! Nolo! Niente!

  • Azhag

    So they can’t verify it’s age, nor mention what kind of tests the “countless tests” were. Based on absolutly nothing, you assume that it’s a 200+ million years old microchip, instead of an unusual looking mineral… Seems about right…
    MY theorie, however humble a mind, is that it might be connected to a quite new phenomenon called “click bait”. You should perhaps google that, and find something to write about it that has nothing to do with anything, slap a pic of an astronaut in the headline and cash in?

  • DSP

    If we lived in a fishbowl, isolated from the rest of the universe and ignorant of its current existence and since the beginning of time, this would be a mystery. Otherwise, people have always known down deep where they come from and how long the universe has been around and some of the things that have occurred in it over the millenia, and this can bee seen all over science fiction (Long ago in a galaxy far, far away…). Ideas are often dismissed when they cannot be immediately understood by what science ‘knows’, and just brushed off. Try to explain where rain comes from to some 4 year olds and you will see the exact same phenomena. If you think outside the fishbowl maybe you can see some truth…

  • Horcrux_6

    How can you not know that this has had the shit debunked out of it? Unless you did and are just messing with people, which would explain the complete lack of sources or citations herein. Kind of makes you look bad to be honest

  • Horcrux_6

    Also, these dickheads delete any comments that debunk them, which basically means this site is full of shit; in essence utter disinfo

    • Chewbacaca

      I don’t know with who are some of you people actually arguing with? People like you make me laugh… Don’t like it don’t read it. The guys couldn’t care less what you think. Plus they clearly wrote question at the end:

      What do you believe this artifact is? Is it another rock, courtesy of mother nature?

      I don’t think its a damn microchip… could be anything, but im not all fired up because of the article like some of you.

  • Tadeusz Kurzeluk

    Spine trilobite – in Poland is the entire coastline of such “chip” – Jarosławiec vicinity Slupsk

  • have some kool-aid

  • zora
  • Ole Persen

    proof or it didn’t happen.

  • Noodles

    Does anyone have the academic source for this?

    • KrashKharma

      of course they don’t, because it’s a bunch of horse shit.

  • TheDissentingVoice

    Maybe Skynet sent the Terminator back too far into the past?


    It’s part of the planet Krypton that slammed into the Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs.

  • giuda

    All crinoids must have a central cylinder. It is their characteristic. They derive from seaweed with central structure. The section of a fossil crionide must necessarily show a rectangle (cylinder sectioned) or a continuous core similar to a cylinder section or cilindroide with any directrix curve. This, in the case in question, is not.

    • Thanks! What do you believe that this is?

      • giuda

        Honestly? I don’t know. I should examine it with advanced instrument in order to understand what kind of material (organc or inorganic) it is, ad exemplum.
        I believe in aliens (I know they do exist and we have been generated by them), so I could answer that way, but it s not a demonstration: j a thought of mine.

        • I agree that it should be tested. It seems that you are one of the few people that actually understood what I was trying to say. I’d love to know what this actually is, whether organic or inorganic.

        • The Man

          F*ck man, you sound like a dick… Doh, you say you need an advanced instrument to understand the material… Wow, yes… I wonder why no one has thought of using ‘an advanced instrument’ before… BTW, what kind of advanced instrument do you have in mind??? Ha Ha… Tossa!!!!

  • Drako66

    K2000 datz what i see when i look at it sideways…weird huh?

  • CentralPA

    I think it could be the cross section of the part of a plant. Fossils are organic matter replaced by minerals. Exactly how is a most likely non organic microchip replaced with minerals??? Hmmm?

  • CentralPA

    I found this in my back yard! (just kidding it’s art by Christopher Locke) I just had to.

  • Global
  • John Burton

    Why not date the chip itself? Why around and from rock? Its like a bad joke

    • Simon Swain

      No, it IS a bad joke.

  • Michael Frederick

    Unless science can prove a point things are just cast aside or disbelieve and by doing so the sientific commmunities are limiting themselves to what they can prove and all others are being locked up or discredited. Take Tesla as an example if his discoveries were used as was intended things probably would have been better but unless money cannot be made it’s not worth the effort. If our intelligence were on a higher level like past civilization we would see the value of discoveries and make use of them.

  • patriot156

    Uh ya BS this is not fossil crap like the story said debunkers abound because they are protecting their ruleing power of evolution. Don’t know what it is but is certainly is something more than some damne fossil F you people for trying to undermine progress especially when your the ones who promote progress in the first place!
    But to me if true it means man kind didn’t evolve and have been here with technoolgy for many thousands of years and were about to go full circle again!

  • Balduranne

    Eh, I don’t know, it looks like like a tiny piece of carved bone.

  • hawaiiguy

    I believe the rock may have come from the sky in a flood of fire.

  • Archangel

    Obviously either time travelling hunters from the future lost the uber-SIM from their trans-temporal communicator or it’s a piece from that ancient Martian insect space ship that ended up buried below London that caused that big problem back in the 60s before Dr. Quartermass put an end to it 🙂

  • Psyclonus

    looks like a piece of a footprint in the snow and it froze to ice

  • Ric

    my Lemurian Timeline can fit with the age.

  • Lil Devil

    Help…. I’m a rock!

  • Matt

    Heaven forbid they take a very, very small sample of it to determine if it is made of a conductive material. No, no let’s just race around crazy theories about it for all of time instead.

  • andrew sparrow

    tech of some kind … possibly human … likely not however. it definitely should be being studied. hows about it ?

  • Glen Scott

    It was found beside a nokia 3310

  • Xander

    I think the word micro would therefore describe the “chip” as f**king small. That doesn’t look as small as a real microchip.
    It also looks like something someone would use to tie something together. Something plastic used for that purpose.

  • desrtrse

    does look similar to crinoid stem but not quite the same

  • Jack’O’Neil

    It is rather energy cell than a microchip

  • WhiteDragonKing

    Russia is not unique in these artifact finding I bet. If let say US had found stuff like this they would probaly hide it and if some was to show on youtube they would probably take it and say “National Security”.

  • J.

    A razor blade for a high tech shaver.

  • Ravi Bind

    This is an chip and it proves that there is person living in gallaxy which is known as alien. And they have search another way to survive because many year ago earth was destroyed and they gone to another gallaxy or planet . This is too long story my friends

    • The Man


  • Rockie

    I would say that perhaps the Russians are a bit more forthcoming than the USA? Discoveries in our country are always a secret because, we can’t handle the truth? Perhaps if the 1% admitted that yes there is intelligence beyond their private little club, they would not be able to handle that kind of truth.

  • Rogue

    I think this artifact represents the curtains of the White House.

  • Roger Spurr

    That appears to be a composite likely made of manna processing tailings and a part of a chip broke off (seen broken on end) and fell in. It is a crude but could be an electronic component. The same “processed rock” material is in cart ruts and MEGA structure and statues.

  • chirag singh
  • Could that be a piece of basalt from an ancient lava flow that picked up debris, cooled, shaped by glacier flows over the millenniums?

  • Michael Davidson

    either dating techniques are completely flawed or
    time travel equipment was lost why does it always have to be aliens?!?

    • Simon H.

      Dating techniques aren’t exactly flawless.
      All it is is looking for the percentage of certain compounds, because those compounds break down at a certain rate and depending on the decay level you can get a flawed idea of how long that living thing has been in the ground.

  • Cassie Robinson

    Reminds me of DNA

  • malalibop

    Anyone else see the numbers 82000 on this thing?

    • Simon H.

      Huh, I thought it was K2000.

  • Wm. Michael Mott

    This one is a hoax… a piece of plastic that came out of a handheld razor and was embedded in asphalt.

  • John Walker

    hoax or bioimplant that’s the question

  • John Walker

    looks like a three dimensional punch card

    • KrashKharma


      All punch cards are three dimensional.

      • John Walker

        this means its a fake

        • KrashKharma

          The fact that it’s a piece of paper means it’s a fake.
          Another good hint is that the author has absolutely no sources to back up any of his claims and goes out of his way to suggest that “the establishment doesn’t care or want you to know or something so they just ignore it”.

  • Simon H.

    Perfect blend of skepticism and bull. All bad articles should be like this.
    Still doesn’t stop this from being a hoax… And yes, our dating systems are ridiculous.

  • Absolm Flazed

    It’s BS, probably melted slag from a garment fire

  • Passiveson

    I think it’s interesting that speculation of a 250 mn year old object bearing markings of modern symbols K2000. Odds of either alien or ancient language symbology, the K and the 2, identical in form and structure to modern English K and 2 are improbable.

    The lack of citing accreditation of the Scholars and ‘Researchers’, links to the University library, or Journal’s publishing any research submissions all indicate inauthentic data.
    With nothing to corroborate the story, it’s fluff.

  • Simon Swain

    Absolutely damn-all proof, as per usual.

  • Mathusla

    I have followed months long the maddened herds of the surf Storming the reefs, mindless of the feet,The radiant feet of the Marys that constrainThe stampedes of the broken-winded Oceans.I have fouled, be it known, unspeakable Floridas, tangle of The flowers of the eyes of panthers in the skins of Men and the taut rainbows curbing,Beyond the brows of the seas, the glaucous herds.I have seen Leviathan sprawl rotting in the reedsOf the great seething swamp-nets;The calm sea disembowelled in waterslidesAnd the cataracting of the doomed horizons.Iridescent waters, glaciers, suns of silver, flagrant skies,And dark creeks’ secret ledges, horror-strewn,Where giant reptiles, pullulant with lice,Lapse with dark perfumes from the writhing trees.I would have shown to children those doradosOf the blue wave, those golden fish, those singing fish;In spumes of flowers I have risen from my anchorsAnd canticles of wind have blessed my wings.Then toward me, rocking softly on its sobbing,Weary of the torment of the poles and zones,The sea would lift its yellow polyps on flowersOf gloom and hold me—like a woman kneeling—

    A stranded sanctuary for screeching birds,Flaxen-eyed, shiteing on my trembling decks,Till down they swayed to sleep, the drowned, spreadeagled,And, sundering the fine tendrils, floated me.Now I who was wrecked in the inlets’ tangled hairAnd flung beyond birds aloft by the hurricane,Whose carcass drunk with water MonitorsAnd Hanseatic sloops could not have salved;Who, reeking and free in a fume of purple spray,Have pierced the skies that flame as a wall would flameFor a chosen poet’s rapture, and stream and flameWith solar lichen and with azure snot;Who scudded, with my escort of black sea-horses,Fury of timber, scarred with electric moons,When Sirius flogged into a drift of ashesThe furnace-cratered cobalt of the skies;I who heard in trembling across a waste of leaguesThe turgent storms and Behemoths moan their rut,I weaving for ever voids of spellbound blue,Now remember Europe and her ancient ramparts.I saw archipelagoes of stars and islands launched meAloft on the deep delirium of their skies:Are these the fathomless nights of your sleep and exile,Million of golden birds, oh Vigour to be?

    But no more tears. Dawns have broken my heart,And every moon is torment, every sun bitterness;I am bloated with the stagnant fumes of acrid loving—May I split from stern to stern and founder, ah founder!I want none of Europe’s waters unless it beThe cold black puddle where a child, full of sadness,Squatting, looses a boat as frailAs a moth into the fragrant evening.Steeped in the langours of the swell, I mayAbsorb no more the wake of the cotton-freighters,Nor breast the arrogant oriflammes and banners,Nor swim beneath the leer of the pontoons.

  • ChickenSquabble

    So that’s where I dropped my porn stash…

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