Retired US Marine claims he spent over 15 years in space and on Mars protecting five human colonies

According to claims of a retired officer know as Captain Kaye (pseudonym), not only have humans made it to Mars in the past, but we have developed a secret space program and flotilla that operates in space. It seems that there are two versions that are being filtered to society when it comes to Space, Mars, and classified files relating the two.

The first is that we have not been to Mars, there is a lot of work to be done and our technology is still very limited. The other one is the exact opposite, a version that several individuals have backed up over the last decade. The question here is, who is telling the truth? And would it be ludicrous to think we have made it to Mars and colonized the red planet thanks to secret space programs?

According to Captain Kaye, who is a former US Marine, he was posted on the red planet for years and his mission was to protect the five human colonies from indigenous life forms on Mars. According to Captain Kaye, not only did he spend years on Mars, but he also served aboard a giant space carrier for three years.

Mars Alien Human Colny Ancient Code

According to the former US Marine, he worked for the Mars Defense Force (MDF) which is owned and operated by the Mars Colony Corporation (MCC) which is basically a conglomerate of financial institutions, government and tech companies. Kaye and his team were part of a special section of the United States Marines with a highly classified mission, protect and ensure the existence of five newly-established colonies on the surface of the red planet. The Earth Defense Force, another secret military branch has military recruits from countries such as the United States, China and Russia.

Furthermore, Kaye states that his training took place on the Moon, inside a secret base called LOC or the Lunar Operations Command, on Saturn’s Moon Titan and even in deep space. Not only do we have technology to get us to Saturn and outer space, Mars is a planet crawling with life according to statements from the former Marine.

According to Captain Kaye, the space fleet has technology far superior than anything available anywhere on Earth. The various ships have different propulsion systems which allow the space fleet to reach the frontiers of our solar system with ease. According to Kaye, the propulsion systems used both fission and fusion powered thrusters, ward driver and antigravity technology, advancements that were facilitated to mankind by friendly ‘Gray Aliens’.

According to Captain Kaye, there are two indigenous species inhabiting Mars: The Reptilians and Insectoids. Both of them equally intelligent, the Reptilians are a species much more aggressive, defending their territory at all costs. The Insectoids, equally intelligent and capable are more passive.

The fact that Mars is a planet capable of sustaining life has been backed by several researchers, among them Dr. Brandenburg who even claims that alien beings waged a Nuclear War on the red planet and that we can find evidence of that today.

According to Dr Brandenburg, ancient Martians known as Cydonians and Utopians were massacred in the giant nuclear attack – and evidence of the genocide can still be seen today. According to scientists there are very large traces of Xenon-129 on Mars and the only process that we know that produces Xenon-129 is a nuclear explosion.

In a TV interview, Dr. Brandenburg stated: “Two great disasters happened on Mars,” he told Supreme Master TV, pointing to Utopia on a map. “One here, and then an asteroid impact happened here, and Cydonia was right in between them. That’s puzzling. Why would so many bad things happen in one area of mars that just so happened to have archaeology on it?”


While Captain Kaye has no physical evidence to back up his claims, he says that he is doing everything he can to obtain highly classified documents which would prove that what he is telling is true. Parts of the testimony from Captain Kaye are consistent with that of Michael Relfe, another whistleblower who claims to have served 20 years tour on the red planet. Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of former President Eisenhower claims that efforts were made to recruit here onto a human colony on Mars, led by researcher Dr. Hal Puthoff.

Having served 20 years in space, Mars, and the Moon, Captain Kaye retired with honors.

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  1. If we do or do not know about anything,how will we know or not know if we know or not know about anything.

    1. but if we know what we know , then are we not certain we know something about what we know, when we know what we know….?

      1. ‘ Secrets ‘ have always been kept from the ‘ general public ‘.The media only tell us what ‘ They ‘ want us to know.

  2. I like a good conspiracy theory like the next person but this is hard to swallow. Just too hard to keep a lid on if true. if this is possible then keeping it secret is impossible.

      1. No one is talking about supernatural crap. That is a different subject altogether. I’m talking about a man living on mars for 15 years. It is bullshit. Get a clue.

        1. That’s the exact kind of insecure reply I expected from someone like you.

          1. Someone like me? You don’t know me. It is not insecure it is logic. I’m not a moron who believes everything they read on the internet. Imbecile.

          2. No friend , there are many kinds of people in the world supporting any thing good even if you never find in your life just like any skeptic never finds supernatural event in their whole ‘useful(?)’ life but never give hope and believe in God and by the way I am here always to support persons like you and mind it supernatural exist because there should be a system of justice for whatever we do in our lives so an eternal form of life should always exist I mean spirits.
            I am sorry that this page was opened 3days ago and I could replied you now , sorry for late !!

        2. He is not talking about any crap , he is just stating the fact by giving example that how human mentality be completely against what is uncomfortable for them even if you put how many and solid evidence before them !!

          1. There is no fact stated. Just dribble. There is no PROOF, as Albert says. I think the tinfoil hats have leeched something into your brains.

  3. Xenon-129 is not produced by nuclear explosions, it’s one of only two stable isotopes of xenon, and it is produced by the beta decay of iodine-129. A higher ratio of this isotope on mars (related to the other xenon isotopes; mars has about the same amount of total xenon as earth, less than 1% by mass) is simply a consequence of mars losing most of its atmosphere very early on, in the first few hundred millions of years. The atmosphere no longer protecting the surface from radiation from space, the I-129 in the ground has a half life of ~16 million years and decays to Xe-129, and the ratio of I-129 to Xe-129 enables us from dating pretty accurately meteorites and space rocks in general. The only place in the universe where Xe-129 is produced in quantity is in supernovas through nuclear fusion.

    This is hogwash from a crazy person.

    1. Thanks for your unqualified education. I hate to break it to you, but the claims about the high levels of xenon-129 aren’t controversial and have been corroborated numerous times. Likewise, the cause of these high rates is also neither controversial or disputed – the science agrees that these levels could have only been caused by a nuclear reaction (you seem to agree with that too, yet have some maniacal need to have a dick measuring contest on the internet). The presence of xenon-129 means nothing, by itself. The inordinately high amount of xenon-129 radiating from the Mare Acidalium does mean something, and just what is still being discovered, though it’s generally agreed that it must have been caused from a nuclear reaction. The question is whether it was natural or not.

      1. FYI, I was disputing this quote from the article above: “According to scientists there are very large traces of Xenon-129 on Mars
        and the only process that we know that produces Xenon-129 is a nuclear
        explosion.”. This is false, plain and simple.

        First, the hyperabundance of Xe-129 (RELATIVE TO ALL OTHER XENON ISOTOPES) has MANY possible explanations, and the LEAST viable one is a giant bomb (which would need to be made from around 80 thousand cubic meters of fissile material, and somehow not go critical while assembling…).

        Second, as stated, the TOTAL amount of xenon isotopes on mars is about the same as on earth. While nuclear explosions (as in man-made bombs) do produce trace amounts of Xe-129, the vast majority of it in the cosmos is produced through supernovii and beta decay of iodine-129. You see, to produce any heavy element (heavier than iron) through fusion you need to put in a LOT more energy than a run of the mill explosion is capable of producing. Stars don’t even get to produce gold atoms until they explode.

        Most likely some very large and very fissile-rich asteroid exploded mid air on a collision course, or there was a natural reactor at the bottom of an ocean that stayed moderated for millions of years until some event stripped Mars of its atmosphere and oceans.

        Whichever way you put it, there is no need for any aliens in this story…

        1. And if there be in evidences what will you do with your respectable theory !!

      2. There is a kind of crystal used in Radars , science says that it can’t be made of purity more than 3.5, I don’t know what is the unit but when a professor with his students in Benaras university made the same with ‘VEDIC’ method they got a purity of 7.0 what is impossible in the eyes of science and there is an Iron pillar in Delhi with impossible purity in the eyes of science and alleged to be made with same VEDIC science , so the conclusion is you can not reject any possibility until it happens , thanks !! Google is to check any information.

      3. Never panic buddy , internet will lift-up all the conspiracy against human beings , just wait and watch with patience.

    2. You did not read the article it states that Xenon-129 is in Extremely high counts that could only be from nuclear explosion in other words a nuclear weapon that is why there is xenon-129 in the atmosphere in the 1st place .How do think that earth has trace amounts of xenon-129? It is us humans testing these weapons.. I do not know where you got your information but I think that you stand corrected on this matter. Xenon 129 is a product of nuclear fusion in the atmosphere.In other words a nuclear weapon has exploded on Mars or at least in the atmosphere that is why there is xenon-129 in high amounts and not what have posted……

      1. Until we get any photos or videos bereft of any conspiracy we can’t know.

  4. MCC now filed for Chapter 11 protection. LOC base is now closed.

      1. He is saying again there is a ghost always comes ‘conspiracy’ , ha ha ha , mainstream scientist are so fearful that they have lost the right to be called scientist , I don’t know where those days have gone of honest and humanitarian ‘classical scientist’ .

  5. As far fetched as it may seem to all of you, there have been many whistle blowers who have also backed up these claims. Also if you do a lot of research on Alien contact and the various whistle blowers you will find that each individual testimony all ties in with each other. From time travel, advance technology, remote viewing, Alien contact and various de classified documents. Do your research before debunking what is said, you will be surprised with what you find and the lies that our governments have been feeding us all these years.

    1. Yes, I agree, but you mean “disbelieving,” not “debunking.” “Debunking” is the formal act of disproving something (hence, “research” is inherent in debunking), which is not synonymous with disbelieving something, which is an informal emotion.

      1. Might be she is saying that ‘debunking’ is possible for any single unattached event but when many other so many things are tied with each other debunking is not possible and honest.

  6. In the “I Saw Humans” video, the guy “John” (I assume, Dr. John Brandenburg) who claims that it’s possible to walk on the moon without a spacesuit is a prime example of a guy just choosing to believe what he wants regardless of reality.

  7. Any person — even a layman–who spent two decades on another planet with advanced technology, would be able to give minute details about daily life and key scientific information about most aspects of the operation. Of course, you have to snicker that Captain Kaye only provides the kind of generic, clumsy descriptions that you would find in the pages of a teenage sci fi novel.

  8. I would like to believe that there is a secret space program. In a lot of ways it could make sense. But there are fundamental flaws. If there are two races on Mars, wouldn’t they have their own species names? Not earth based names such as Reptillians or insectoid? Even the ancient civilisations known as cydonians? Hang on! Isn’t the area on Mars name cydonia called that because of some earth based cartographer? Gimme a break!

  9. I see great decisions having to be made to keep our public from panicking. Our history shows our reaction to events very accurately. It is not a good depiction of humanity.
    Still, a life lived involving other intelligent species and travelling amongst the stars. That would be a terrific world to be a part of. ? I am not a soldier, I am a family man. If their a vacancy in that world? Can i apply? Perhaps a salvage job of lost alien/ancient technology or vessels? Why, some of you may ask. Simply knowing their is more to the curtain that is front of us. And to ask to join backstage.

    1. The people who would think about including you on such missions probably look for people who know the difference between “there”, “their”, “your”, “you’re”, and sadly you (along with a bulk of Engrish speaking humanity who also fail that test) would be a danger to the missions. Your inability to construct readable sentences makes reading your work tedious, and that would sap all available resources on space missions.

  10. “Alternative 3 was to exploit the alien and conventional technology in order for the select few to leave the earth and etablish colonies in outer space. […] The Moon, code-named ADAM, was the object of primary interest, followed by the planet Mars, code-named EVE.” William Cooper (Behold a pale horse, 1991)

  11. Turn off Netflix punkin and slowly back out of Mamma’s basement ???

    1. damn this trashy bitch is STILL trolling everyone? use a new comeback bitch

  12. I don’t know about a Mars colony, but many people have claimed the we have very secret technology way above faster than light travel, Mars in less than five minutes, Jupiter less than 30 minutes!! Which is the big secret behind UFOs!! To have space travel that doesn’t run on coal, oil or gas!! Imagine having free energy, that runs your house, your car, planes, boats, and none of it comes from big oil!! What would that do to our petro-economy?? It would end it, and cost 60 trillion dollars in stock market loses, world wide!! That’s why real information about UFOs is kept so secret, the information about UFO propulsion would destroy the world economy!! For a $500 ZPF generator, you could run every electrical appliance in your house and garage for ten years, you don’t need power lines, dams, nuclear, coal fired, or oil burning power plants!! Global warming stops, and people the world over have lights and electrical power!!

  13. No proof, no evidence, just a rehashed story of “Avatar” without any of the fancy SFX. Show me some PROOF of having ever been in the military, Captain Kaye, and then I’ll redirect some system resources to pay attention to you. Otherwise, you’re a delusional fuxxing nutwagon.

  14. Horseshit!! I could frame my argument but SERIOUSLY? Anyone who believes this is retarded

    1. Yep! 500 years ago, a group of buddies also called out this weird old dude named Galileo as horseshit! imagine, this crazy old dude said the earth was round and revolved around the sun. what HORSESHIT!! good thing the church came in and threatened that crazy old dude with beheading and nipped his horseshit in the bud (or butt).

        1. How so? Everything he said is historically correct. He simply used sarcasm to make his point.

  15. This might be seen as sci-fi now, but, in a hundred years or so ?

    It might be sci-fact.

  16. First, please proofread your article.
    Second, while these stories are compelling, we have zero evidence. That which is purported must be supported.

  17. This 100% real and all the comments on here are people thinking it’s a joke. One month from now The Whole World will wake up.

  18. And People being on Mars has plenty of serious Government evidence that hackers have almost gone to prison for and been extradited from other countries for.

  19. I actually met this guy on Venus while I was there on vacation. We threw back more than a few venusian mai tais while waiting for the transport back to Mars.

  20. Thank You very much Captain Kaye. My heart is full of love toward you and your country because of that announcement. May God bless you and your own and your country. And I know that among good there are always those who are poor or bad. But May God bless you still.

  21. Reptilians and insectoids! Priceless 🙂 Pity about the 100% lack of evidence.

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