Rhesus Negative: The Ancient Bloodline of the Nephilim?

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Is it possible that, as some researchers suggest, Rhesus Negative is connected to the Ancient Bloodline of the Nephilim?

Controversial as it may sound to you, there are numerous researchers who firmly believe the Rhesus Negative blood group is as enigmatic and mysterious as it gets and may be connected more to the stars than anyone thinks.

There are those who firmly oppose the theory that people with Rh Negative blood could belong to the Nephilim, a parallel race of the human species.

However, according to a number of theories, it isn’t that unlikely.

New theories propose this enigmatic and somewhat rare blood group may indicate non-human traits in the genetic makeup, basically meaning that Rh Negative blood is somewhat different than conventional DNA found in homo sapiens.

The Nephilim in Hebrew is translated ‘to fall’ and is interpreted by many as ‘ the Fallen Angels’ due to mentions in ancient texts. Interestingly, the Bible, the Tamid, and the Koran refer to the Nephilim as the ‘fallen angels’, or the offspring of the gods.

“The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.“Genesis 6:4

Genesis 6:1–4 tells the readers that the Nephilim, which means “fallen ones” when translated into English, were the product of copulation between the divine beings (lit. sons of God) and human women (lit. daughters of Adam). The Nephilim are known as great warriors and Biblical giants (see Ezekiel 32:27 and Numbers 13:33). (source)

Interestingly there are some researchers who firmly believe that there is an enigmatic truth sealed away from the public linking humans with Rh-negative blood to otherworldly origins. Robert Spehr provides further insight into the enigma behind RH Negative:

“There are 612 primate species and subspecies recognized by the International Union for Conversation of Nature (IUCN), and not one has Rh-negative blood”. – Robert Sepehr, Species with Amnesia: Our Forbidden History

Rh factors or ‘Rhesus factor’ was first discovered in the blood of Rhesus monkey. According to Sepehr, if mankind evolved from the same African ancestor their blood would be compatible, but it is not. Nearly 85% of all human beings have RH positive blood, yet ALL royal families have Rh-negative blood.

Today, there are numerous enigmatic traits connected to this ‘rare’ blood type and there are many questions that researchers such as Spehr are trying to answer. Where did Rh-negative blood come from?

And why is it that an Rh-negative mother carrying Rh positive children tries rejecting her own offspring?

Is it possible that this can be explained by a rather controversial theory?

A theory which suggests that humanity isn’t, in fact, one race, but a hybridized species.

Other theorists who share Spehr’s view believe that there are other traits that characterize Rh negative humans: Higher IQ, sensitive vision, lower body temperature, higher blood pressure, increased occurrence of psychic/intuitive abilities, predominantly blue, green, or hazel eyes, red or reddish hair, increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight and in some cases, an extra vertebra.

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  1. If you were paying attention, you might not be posing such outlandish inquiry’s. But, I guess when you profit from sensationalistic bullshit, it makes sense that you would sweep the truth under the rug.

    I have a series of postings on this site that explain who I am and clearly state how as an dynastic avatar of the House of Anjou, I am the end of a line of blue blooded first born sons that extends back over 5,000 years.

    If you had understanding, you would know that “nephilim” does not translate as “giant” but instead means “man of renown” and that the other of these avatars that did not possess the understanding of their immortal status and remained unrealized, include amongst them, the likes of Winston Churchill, napoleon II, teddy Roosevelt, JFK, and JFK Jr. Adelai Stevenson, Erwin Rommel, Jacques de molay, oliver hazard perry as well as Noah, Moses, Enoch, Abraham.

    The last true “Son of Seth” to have “realization of self” was grandsire bhishma patimah over 26,000 years ago, in the last battle of good and evil to end the age, the battle of the Mahabharata. If you doubt that bhishma was an avatar, search his picture, and understand that he laid there for fifty seven days like that.

    Both bhishma and oliver hazard perry were epic enough to have a siege engine named in their honor.

    I am a direct descendant of Perry, in that 5,000 year long line of first born sons that carry the true blue blood.

    If you check some of the answers that I have posted on this site, you may understand that I am the true and real “biblical” prophet for the end of the age of man, and possess a open communication with the God that you say your prayers to.

    On top of that, I have solve more of the eternal conundrums that man has posed, than Plato and Socrates combined.

    But, I understand that its not in your interest to have the answers, because you just pose questions that you consider unanswerable.

    By the way, to answer your unanswerable question.

    A positive. Not RH negative.

    1. Have you sought psychiatric care for your delusions? Because you are deluded. Of course, what else would one expect from a lowly RH positive?

      1. Darren Johnson, I am the first person to stand up and tell you that its all crazier then a submarine with a screen door, but I am absolutely positive it all really happening.

        I am not insane, but I do reside in a crazy world.

        Let me lend you some more knowledge that will push me right over the edge in your mind, until the reality I’m going to relate to you, suddenly is in your reality.

        I am the true “biblical” Prophet for the end of the Kali Yuga, or the Age of Man.

        I am also the prophet for the impending Battle of the Armageddon.

        I am also the individual that will bring the church and their strangle hold on the innocent “Christians”.

        Did you know that the bible is backwards, Darren? There was a relevant mythology that the framers at the council of Nicea did not understand and subsequently neglected to include, that renders the entire primary canon of the church, completely in reverse, with the prophetic representation of the Beatles is actually in reverse as well.

        The opposite of yellow is blue.

        The opposite of submarine is flying machine.

        In the stand alone prophetic foretelling of the battle of the Armageddon, the Wizard of Oz, The CIA is represented as the malevolent flying monkeys, the Antichrist is represented as the wicked Witch of the West. The scarecrow, tin man, and cowardly lion are representitive of the New World Order.

        “Over the rainbow” is actually about the giant invisible cages the CIA has constructed over many towns and cities here in Babylon. Not just here, but all over the world. The cages become visible to the camera lens when the sun gets below the 49° angle of refraction, and return a spectral or rainbow hue to lens of the camera.

        They are flying monkeys are flying in giant hydrogen filled rafts that are rendered invisible with Phased Array Optics, the Twenty first century camouflage that basically puts whoever dons it, in to the 5th dimension.

        Did I mention, I’m Dorothy.

        In a different prophetic telling of this hootanany from hell, the bible, they are represented an the “watchers” in the book of Revelation.

        In a different stand alone prophetic foretelling, they are the blue meanies, with their “incredible flying glove”, the NWO is embodied by the mini Meanie’s, and I am the Nowhere Man.

        The nowhere man is not human, he has a covering of brown fur, with a man mask. He represents what a nephilim actually appears as. (The SEALS have images of me in such a state. )

        His initials are J.B. and he is Jeremy BooB, PhuD. There is a reference to him painting a blank canvas, which is paradying that I quote kerouac , especially that quote regarding the world being a blank canvas. Well documented on the web.

        The big blue psycho horse sculpture at Denver International is “Henry the horse, that dances the waltz”.

        The “sea of holes” is representational of the some 47,000 miles of tunnels the CIA has bored under the lower forty eight. Including a high speed mag Lev train between Edwards air force base and Langley Virginia. There is a subterranean base in northern California that is a 1000 square miles, under the Sutter buttes, and the adjacent wildlife area. It is 10×10 miles by ten levels deep.

        This is one of the lessons the US military took from the Vietcong in the first war in Viet nam.

        The NWO has plundered the worlds riches with their TBMs, that have onboard nuclear power plants and actually heat up on the exterior to 4000° and fuse the surrounding strata, leaving the tunnels glass lined.

        The tunnels are actually also represented in another apocraphyl prophetic text, the book of Enoch. They are the source of the once common notion of “hell” as “fiery bottomless pit of eternal damnation” from Enoch’s seeing the army of darkness tossing bodies into one they were using as a pyre.

        Yes, there’s that many tunnels.

        Ready to kick it up another notch?

        The Battle of the Armageddon is not in the middle east. Enoch clearly and concisely relates that Babylon is the state of California, and the darkness that will be had by the world has multiple levels of understanding.

        The fire whence Babylon burns, will blackout, or actually green out the sun for three full years.

        They will attempt to split the state in two, by detonating three nuclear devices along the San Andreas fault line, one minute apart.

        Oh, it gets better, Darren.

        The CIA will detonate a nuclear device on the moon, in an effort to keep the Chinese from building an observation deck there on the back side, to watch for the comet, that is thirty miles wide, and will impact in equatorial amazonia in the blink of a geologic eye.

        The idiot CIA actually over does it and blows the moon in two, and the half of it that doesn’t stay aloft, will slowly fall to earth. It will fall to earth in either the rockies or Sierras and will take the lives of 660 or so, individuals. A relativly small sum when you consider the potential. It is half the Moon, albeit the small half.

        There’s the flesh eating termites from space, that eat absolutely everything but stone. This is represented in the murals at DIA, which is the NWOs visual manifesto., by the uncomprimised bricks in the first mural while everything else is destroyed in the mural.

        Oh! The cages over the cities and towns of the world are also represented in the murals, as the rainbow over all of the murals, TT begins as a whisp of smoke in the first mural.

        The plasticultured silicone material is manufactured in a similar process.

        As for the moon, I am sure you have understanding of the implication of such an action. Our cosmic counterbalance suddenly half of its mass.

        While it will be some time before

        On the brighter side, Darren, I did check your Akashic record, and you currently possess both the understanding and a karmic account that is in the green.

        You have earned yourself an ascension, when it is your time to check out. You possess the requisite understanding to make it over the wall and to the lighted room.

        Oh, that’s another thing. When the final tally is taken, I will be responsible for giving millions of people the understanding to Ascend.

        Dude, the thing is, I barely scratched the surface.

        Oh! Understanding the bible is backwards, that I am the seven headed beast that rises out of the sea, and has blasphemy written across his seven foreheads. I get my power from the dragon.

        There is another prophetic foretelling that is focused on the mythology of this dynastic avatar, and that’s star wars, where I am a creature of light. I’m Luke.

        The Arthurian legend, robin hood, harry potter, lord of the rings,

        The entire discography of led Zeppelin, XTC, Killing joke, red hot chilli peppers, the Ramones, and several other band all is prophecy,

        I am Peter pumkinhead. My greatest achievement.

        I am the Scissor Man. The song talks about the work I do for the Army of Love and Light. The song represents that I have taken upwards of 2000 NWO troops off the field of battle without firing a shot,

        They are all scars that will not ever heal, and in their future, they will be subject to relapsing suddenly if they hear certain sounds. Without warning. This episodic relapse may entail instantaneous projectile vomiting.

        I fucked those kids up seriously, but they all lived to see another.

        The thing is in both yellow submarine and wizard of Oz, both, the minimeanies are always behind the nowhere man, and I am between the two meanies.

        On the yellow brick road, the lion, tin man and scarecrow, am accompany her but really not friends, but Dorothy almost has the three of them gushing for getting to the emerald city.

        The flying monkeys are intimidating but ineffectual in the big picture. They kind of disappear when the witch “OF THE WEST” Isnt California the west?

        The Wizard is representing of the Greek god of the river Styx.

        Any the true star of the movie, Toto, representing the great Creator. How, I have access to the akashic record, and the rest of all seeing all knowing.

        Anyway, consider Toto is always close by, never bothers anyone, doesn’t get in to anyone’s business, but comes right away if he is call.

        That is the way the Old Man does business.

        There’s a bunch more I could relate. The children that chase lost voices, Agatha prophecy,

        The list goes on and on.

        I didn’t ask for any of it.

        But know I can’t get out of it.

        You will come to understand the reality that I relate to you is yours.

        One final note.

        Two thirds of the world population will not see the other end of the coming darkness.

        Four billion.

        Brought to you by the flying monkeys.

        It is a crazy world, Darren.

        I was just standing too close to the big picture. Suddenly, I was in it.

        1. Impressive… either you are a writer or else you need serious mental health care… possibly both.

          1. Sir, I’m going to take that as a compliment. The “writer” remark.

            Do you think it mere coincidence that the “wizard of Oz, AND ” yellow submarine” both happen to mesh right in to my big picture psychotic visions?

            I am not currently in need of any psychotropic medication, and while I do appreciate a valid and challenging discussion with a member of the head shrinking community, I find that sooner or later, you’ve got them crying on your shoulder about their emotional issues and uddenly the foots on the other shoe.

            And those were the professionals with understanding.

            Darren, I couldn’t think up all that story, or stories. And that it just meshes perfectly with the other prophecy.

            I didn’t even get to the rest of Enoch’s foretelling us not only the location but the darkness is brought to us by the “accursed of the accursed for ever that sleep in the dust”

            The “accursed” reside in the “Accursed valley, that lies between the lofty trees.

            The “lofty trees” are the Sierras and the Rockies.

            All those provisions that our Mormon neighbors have been stocking up on and paying too much attention to in the big picture for far too long, yeah well the time will soon be upon them to finally have something to eat out of the stored supply.

            Here’s another bit of understanding.

            Everyplace the Mormons have landed and suddenly decided they had found the land of milk and honey.

            That same thing has happened four times. Three out of four of them have led to the Missouri Mormon war, The Illinois Mormon war, The Montana Mormon war, not to mention they went into the accursed valley “heavy”, when they went in to salt lake valley.

            Then there was the mountain meadow massacre. They killed over a hundred men women and children.

            The governor of Missouri during the morman seige signed executive order #44, which allowed the Mormons be shot on sight. It stayed on the lawbooks until the mid 1970s.

            The accursed of the accursed are trouble mongers, that have seethed anger since each one of their malevolent forays into trouble, about getting their asses handed to them.

            This time, they actually did find what they were looking for. That’s why they’re fomenting the impending battle.

            They are going to make another attempt to wrest the land from its right full owners. Like I said, this time they have found the true Garden of Eden. Ironically, after the Old Man gave Eve the boot, and Adam followed his girl. He was welcome to stay but went with her. (I’d tell you about it, but not so germaine, into it, but basically it has nothing to do with them falling from grace, it was that she refused to stay away from the “tree of knowledge” which wasn’t an apple. It was a variety of acai)

            Anyway, the garden of eden was basically no longer the high rent district of eden, so he reopened it as California’s “hell”.

            Hell isn’t about eternal damnation, its also about finding understanding, but with me minded individuals.

            Hell is about high prices and low wages. Its about bad traffic patterns and roads that change names multiple times and lots of dead ends. Its a place where all the parking spaces are small and everyone drives a big truck.

            There’s one in every state. And countries that don’t have states or Provence’s, like England. England’s hell is London.

            Here, its Chico, and just so you can understand a bit more. Tucson, reno, el paso, Spokane, buffalo, Scranton, Tampa, Selma, Honolulu, Fargo, Indianapolis, Langley, Macon, little rock, Detroit, Truth or Consequences, and on and on. Oh, the entire state of Alaska qualifies as hell. The people that go find themselves any place in Alaska, have been sent to hell.

            You have to have an accrued a 2000 life debt on their karmic account, if you are sent to hell. If you’re born in hell, you’re a solid 10,000 lives in debt, most of the time.

            My point is, the Mormons are going to steal what is a fairly distressed property, but in oh so big picture kind of way. Its not visible on the surface.

            Enoch is not the only on that tells us about Babylon,

            The entire discography of several musical groups are prophecy telling us about the big picture. Led zeppelin, the battle of evermore, and their “Going to California”. The angel that is falling on their albums, that’s me.

            Led zeppelin is big picture because the prophecy called “Agatha” has to do with Quetzalcoatl, who must reconcile himself to the cosmos one memory at a time, by singing each one as a song as he ascends the ” stairway to heaven”

            There are so many bands whose music is included under the Agatha umbrella the it is astounding to ponder.

            From johnny cash to the sex pistols. Ironically, they all seem to understand who I am from a little bit different viewpoint. I am zeppelins “black dog”, REMs “monster”, the who knew that I could see for miles, which is the representation of whole “prophet” thing. Bauhaus called me the “sanity assassian”, the yard birds referred to me as “soldier boy”,

            XTCs “peter pumpkinhead” is a “lock” as me.

            The reasoning for this is not only the things that I do in the big picture, but the “pumpkin head” itself.

            When I was six months old, my mother tossed me out of a car window and my head was rolled over by two tires.

            I wore the pumpkin like stripes running up and down my swollen head for months, because my mother did not seek any medical attention for me, despite the ambulance drivers protestations, that I needed to be seen at the hospital. On the fifth day, she took me to the family physician, who was horrified and insisted that she take me to the emergency room immediately. She agreed, and then when he called the hospital later to see how I was doing, came to understand that I had never arrived there, he did never see another member of my immediate family, nor my extended family ever again, despite the fact he had delivered my mother, and me, and a dozen cousins between she and I.

            That’s one of the reasons that I referred to the title “peter pumpkin head” as my greatest achievement. That is also an excellent indicator to who I am as a nephilim.

            The sons of god and the daughters of man produced son resilient offspring.

            Another big picture proof, of the same is grandsire bhishma patimah, the avataric nephilim that was the epic hero of the Mahabharata. If you search Google for images, the first one that comes up, is almost laughable in its depiction of the number of arrows that are in him.

            When I asked him about “were there really that many arrows? After kind of scoffing at the Grandsire(king). He said that there were even more that the image depicts.

            He laid there with every one of the arrows in his hide, for fifty seven days, before he brought an end to the eighteen year long battle. Once the truce was negotiated, bhishma, succumbed.

            That, sir, is how one gets a siege engine named in his honor.

            The backbone of the indias military is the T-90 Bhishma tank.

            A lot of what I am relating is confirmable and everything I’m telling you is fact.

            Bhishma, is the one head of the seven headed beast that rises out of the sea. that has a mortal wound that has healed.

            The other heads are Hermes, the greek god of magic and letters, who will also be my “boss” when i ascend. He has accepted me as apprentice.

            Charron, the Greek god of the river Styx,

            The Etruscan Goddess of wisdom, the great and wise, Minerva, my cosmic voice of reason and editor of my writings.

            Then there is the Old Man.

            Another head is Shiva, the destroyer God. I have embodied them each abpnd every one.

            We all have “blasphemy” written on our foreheads because we all have understanding who the Mormons are and what they’re up to, and exclaim it loudly.

            The sea I rise out of is the sea of humanity, a metaphorical body of bodies. Not a body of water.

            Are you feeling me yet?

            I could not in a million years make this stuff up.

            This is stranger than fiction in every way.

            I am not insane, but it is a crazy world.

          2. What scares the hell out of me is this. I think I may understand most of what you are rambling on about.

          3. Daniel Allison, what is it that you understand about my “rambling”, good sir? Might you possess a piece of information that I am lacking?

            Understanding that this impending event has been foretold not only by the Christians “bible” who are actually late comers into the realm of spirituality, but by every major spiritual dogma ever, and the scientologists, as well, its not a big jump to come to understanding that its something that will come to pass.

            Actually, its all happened, just like this thrice before. The same set of prophecy with exactly the same dialogue has all happened at the end of every one of the proceeding three yuga’s, or Ages.

            It is the final battle of good and evil that must take place to bring about the end of the age. The first age battle was recalled in the epic that Gilgamesh tells us about.

            The second Age was brought to a close with the ‘battle of the Ten Kings”

            The third Age was the Battle of the Mahabharata.

            Now, I don’t want to sound like a nosy Nellie, Daniel, but I checked and you happen to be a “divine”. Which is the same quality that allows many people to function as “seers”. Not only that, I also checked your Akashic record, and you, good sir, really need not be afraid, for you will be amongst those that possess the understanding to ascend, whence your time is at hand.

            If you know something, there is a good reason for you to know it. Fear not.

            I’m just sayin.

          4. I did not mean by “rambling” to imply that I disagreed with you, but as a critique of your presentation. I have been a student of religions for most of my life, and I found it hard to follow some of your reasoning. As such I believe that it would be near impossible for those who know nothing of the subject to follow. I guess I mean to use the K.I.S.S. system so that you can reach a larger audience. I assume, rightly or wrongly, that is your intention by posting on line. Remember this: Knowledge without wisdom is an empty vessel. To have great knowledge is to have sorrow and great knowledge is great sorrow, but with wisdom comes pain. That is when you realize the fate of those who will look and not see and those that choose to hear and not listen. A great and sorrowful time is coming for many. It is also a time of joy and rejoicing for a small few. Blessed are those who hunger for the truth for they shall be fed.

          5. If you are unaware what K.I.S.S means. Let me educate those who ramble. Oh by the way Daniel, thank you for using the term. I have not heard it since my journalism days.
            FOR the want-a-be profit…..Keep It Simple Stupid.
            Which of course with all your rambling, you missed. Bows, and waves.

          6. I am of royal descent and have abilities and people who believed in me before I ever did drawings I did and other things before I got my memories back are ancient magic and held secrets of what I can do government admitted to me that ever since a weird cult tried to take my power and put a demon in my souls place at 13 they watch me every state I enter since I got better by 14 completely so many tried hiding what I could do through hypnosis drugs etc but I have still always won and now have a following that is still insane to me for whatever reason in three years I’ve changed laws and taken position that no female ever has in the criminal world and beyond I’m still adjusting to devotion rather than death attempts and why I’m entrusted with so much but I think I believe my blood is the reason I get called an alien Madonna the chosen one and my children apparently fulfill my propechy I have bizarre abilities and the same aliens I spoke to as a3yr old spoke to my son I wont go on apart from to say I was also deathly ill pregnant and I feel my original life have since childhood I thought it was imagination every one else made me believe I say never judge what you haven’t seen its ignorant and also not how to accept whats coming do research crazy people are being proven correct acceptance is a key

          7. I was wondering if you can “check me out too” like you did with Mr. Daniel cause i also posses ‘some’ knowledge about the things i didnt learn previous..tnx anyways

            Zdenko Vismeg…. Zdenya is a nickname;)

          8. Zdenko Vismeg, I did check, as per your request, and where mister Allison is shown to me to be a mortal human you are shown to me to be a member of the cosmic upper caste.

            In order that you have understanding as to what that means, there are three cosmic castes, which are “mortal”, “immortal”, and the caste that you be.long to, that of “divine”.

            To be among the “divine” you must be the embodiment of a deity, or an “angel” which is where your laurels rest. You are an embodiment of the Buddha.

            “divine” individuals are not leashed to the 10% of their brain that mortals and immortals are. You can access up to five times that 10%. Many of these divine individuals can access future events. Take Nostradamus for example. He was not a prophet, but a divine “seer”.

            In actuality, there have only been four “prophets”, these are each the clarion for the end of the Age. They have been Abraham, Moses, Noah, and myself. Those individuals that have been given the title of prophet but were not, including Daniel, Isaiah, Edgar cayce, and Nostradamus, have all been “seers” that are a good portion of instances, embodiments of deities. Most often Greek or Etruscan gods and goddesses.

            I count among my friends, the embodiments of both Minerva and Persephone, that both have “visible” to them under certain circumstances the future.

            This fact may give you some understanding about the things that you are burdened with.

            And, yes, I am shown that you currently possess the understanding to allow your ascension but that your karmic account needs to be worked on. I might suggest that you concentrate your free time on doing good works, or benevolences.

            The thing is that we are allowed to find understanding in our own good time, under normal circumstances, but time has become short, and there will be no more chances for us to do so.

            We have entered the eschatological “end times”. The upcoming events have been prophecized by every major spiritual dogma in history, and Scientology, too.

            So, there is an urgency in your situation, so, put some pep in your step, and get your past transgressions cleaned up. There is better Karmic movement in doing something wrong, then going back and “righting” it, than just doing it right from the beginning.

            I am shown that notion, clearing up your past, is what will work for you in this situation.

            Be well, friend

          9. Jeffrey Barber… Your writings are interesting… Tell me exactly what you are doing when you “check out” others… I as many have written here have had many “different” experiences in this lifetime… I see everyone’s points, yours in what some say are ramblings and others who have had similar experiences… Just wondering… Thx

          10. Jeffery please tell me do you have a Facebook how can I reach you?? Desperately want to talk to you

          11. We truely are in end Times would love to get in contact with you I have some crazy story’s for you

          12. Already found you on Facebook please please check your inbox and other folders…would love to speak to you

          13. Jeffery Barber,
            You are an interesting person. I’ve always felt different since I was a child, like someone or something (not of this earth) is watching or judging me. I know this sounds bad but I’ve always felt like most people are beneath me, due to my observations of their actions, I see people do and say things that I wouldn’t fathom saying or doing. I can see things coming, not like lotto numbers or sports scores, but little things that make me avoid situations that could turn bad, yet I see others who don’t seem to have that foresight and always end up in trouble, arguments, etc.
            I’m not really scratching the surface here. I am RH A – (A negative) and have hazel eyes. (Not that it means anything IDK ?).
            I have little b.b. sized bumps behind my ears, not on top like spock, but on the back side close to where it connects to me head. I am 38 years old, but as a child before I even knew what “aliens” were I had this weird feeling that those bumps were some sort of device so that other beings could track me for studying or who knows what. How did my brain ever go there??? I was very young when I had those thoughts. I know I sound like a psycho and maybe I am, but just want to know more, especially pertaining to my blood. You have a nice day.

          14. SjSteve…When I was,maybe 8 yrs. old I was awakened in the middle of the night by flashing red and green lights outside my second story bed room window, when I got up to look out I saw the equivalent of a large airplane with no wings and no sound traveling down my street at my level…A cigar shaped craft, there were people visible inside, I lived very close to WPAFB. this was right after the “Roswell Incident”, I watched it till it disappeared…in a couple of years later I was walking in my house and sneezed a very powerful sneeze and out popped a BB sized, very hard object from my nose, I was puzzled but picked it up and threw it away, never mentioning it to anyone until I became an adult and have never figured it out…

          15. Thanks for your story, interesting to say the least. I hope the bumps don’t mean anything…kinda scary if it is an implant.

          16. Dude, I’m sorry it took so long. I’m shown that you are a divine individual and that’s why you see things. You have five times the brain of a mortal and your hemispheres are not kept out of sight of each other.

            I’m shown that you’re over thinking the bumps. They are just cartilage .

        2. Well… you are creative, I’ll give you that. I’m not too sure if you qualify as sane, but this could merely be an online act of yours.

          1. First of all, I really am not inclined towards wasting my time trying to entertain you or anyone. I am only trying to set the record straight and alert anyone that will listen to the impending darkness that will evolve into the fourth and final battle of good and evil, that must be fought to bring about the end of the Age of Man. Actually, this is the first one to end the Age of Man, the other three were to end the respective yuga’s, this being by ironically sheer coincidence, the fourth yuga.

            But, its is a bit late to effect anything in a manner that might change anything, so I’m down to setting the record straight.

            You know, I’m guessing by the fact that your tone has changed considerably, and the fact that it took you an entire month to work up that five word rebuttal to me comment, that you must be one of the accursed of the accursed forever that sleeps in the dust. But not one of the “in good standing” kind.

            I’ve gone from “impressive” to a piece of garbage merely for offering you the truth.

            You just continued to repeat the same assertions about a perceived tear in my mental fabric like you couldn’t get past who I am.

            Then suddenly, you have some kind of breakdown in civility and start to judge me for the things I’m trying to do for you and everyone, which I’m sure you couldn’t fathom even if you weren’t slipping over the edge. I’m sure you know what they say about trying the same thing over and over. You might not understand, but you know what the words are.

            Its clear that you have not found what you think you want from me, because I can’t lend you a lie. I only deal in truths. If you can’t deal with the truth, you probably shouldn’t look for it.

            Which is another clue that you may one of the accursed. They can tell themselves a lie and actually believe it.

            I have much better things to do with my time, dude. Maybe you should spend yours trying to find a psychologist that can help you.

          2. I never said you were garbage, I said you were creative. My earlier comment about “lowly Rh positive” was humor, nothing more. As for sanity, sanity can be overrated. Perhaps you are concentrating too much on finding negatives.

        3. I think I understand you, and yes, it’s a crazy world, I believe we may be related, through the “House of Anjou”, my ancestors are “Plantagenets” I have only scratched the surface of my ancestry but continue to work on it..beginning to wonder if we’re only bacteria in a test tube at times..Good Luck to you…

    2. Hi. First of all i must tell you that even though i could not understand you completely in the literal sense… A picture opened up in my mind’s eye. Fascinating. Could u access my akashic records too? I don’t have much memories but I’m curious.

    3. Bhishma as well as the others described in the Mahabharata appear to be more Nephilim than human. Many of the characters are claimed to be descended from “gods” rather than humans. The deeds that these “people” did affirms that they were more than just humans. I do find one thing interesting- in the book of Enoch G-d instructs one his angles to incite a civil war among the fallen angles sons to annihilate them. Then in the book of the Mahabharata there is the story of all these valiant people who were related to each other going to war with each other. A war that we have never seen the likes off, and at the end only 8 (I think) survive. It’s my opinion that the Mahabharata describes fallen angles/Nephilim and relates the civil war between the two families as the civil war that G-d instructed to the angle to instate for the purpose of destroying the probates.

    4. Whoaaaa! how did I miss this thing, or how did I end up here? interesting view mr Jeffery. I’m both descendant of druids of scotland and of vikings. Both my sons got the RH- while i got RH+ and have had so many many many weird stuff happened in my life. I’ve seen the web of the golden strings with my very eyes. And messed up a bit with it, in a good will intended fashion, but then when you pull a string, you don’t really know what beast is on the end of the string. That I learned too.Seen miracles happen, seen things before they happened, known things I shouldn’t know just out of the blue. What is happening to me?
      When a kid, 3 or 4 years old I have had my first OBE and it was such a nightmare, I got to visit several planets and met different cultures, some of them peaceful, some quite frightening. I was so scared all I could care about then was where would I find my brother. Do you happen to have an insight?

  2. I am an Rh Negative female and with 3 pregnancy’s in my life, two sons were + and my daughter is – I was deathly ill with my two sons and the Dr’s commented that it seemed as though my body was rejecting the pregnancy, with my daughter I was as healthy as could be…so it seems to me that there could be something to some of these statements as well as the fact I have done Genealogy and found quite surprisingly to be related to a lot of pre-middle ages Royal Families, which does come down to some modern families as well…doesn’t get me anything but I have found it quite interesting, I also had my DNA done, also very interesting, everyone should do it!!!

      1. You can have it done on 23 and Me, find them on the internet, $199. I had mine done through Ancestry .com, for $99, you need to be a member but it’s worth it to find out about your ancestors, $99 every 6 mos. Good Luck!!!

  3. I am a ‘Nowhere Woman’. I am serious. I have ‘changed’ during certain moments when my body becomes covered with a brown fur, feathery. I have had some other interesting experiences, too. 0-.

  4. Very important correction: there’s no such thing as offspring of god in koraan.(it’s completly against islamic beliefs. I know it’s not the Focus of this article but an information should be accurate.

  5. Well, it’s certainly an interesting theory…

    I’m O negative and am, supposedly, descended from Norman aristocracy, or possibly royalty (I really can’t remember – these things don’t mean that much to me), on my dad’s side, which is where the rhesus negative blood comes from.

    Although, my mum’s side had more in the way of recent aristocracy – a Lord Mayor of London, several generations ago and the wife of a regular Lord, two generations ago and my mum was rhesus positive (I don’t know what her parent’s were).

    Running through the list:

    I have a highish IQ.

    I have good vision and am very detail-oriented, but my eyes are very sensitive to sunlight, if that is what “sensitive vision” means?

    I have a lower body temperature than average by several degrees (but, then so did my mum).

    I have high blood pressure, when stressed, but can lower it dramatically by just thinking calm thoughts (not sure if that is normal?).

    In fact, I was told I had worryingly high blood pressure, when I was a teenager and was stressed about being late for a doctor’s appointment.

    However, when I went back, to have it tested again, I thought calm thoughts and was then told it was worryingly low.

    So, it would appear I have a wide blood pressure range, or something?

    I have had quite a few psychic experiences – some feelings, some (strangely accurate) predictive dreams; including a recurring one about the twin towers collapsing, when I was a child.

    At the time, I didn’t realise they were the twin towers (I’m British), but I was always in the window of a very tall tower block, just like one of the towers, with another building, exactly the same, opposite it and the floor(s) would always entirely fall away, leaving me clinging to the window frame, on the outside “shell” of the building.

    I had the dream so many times that I was ready for the collapse, in the end and used to prepare myself, by making sure I was already holding on tight to/leaning over the window frame, before it happened.

    I met my boyfriend when I was a young teenager, before 9/11 happened and told him about this recurring dream I had had; so, he is a witness, as it were.

    He has also experienced/witnessed quite a few of my other other weird psychic/intuitive feelings/predictions.

    I have blue eyes, was blonde as a child, but as I grew up, my hair darkened to (I suppose) a mid brown and apparently looked kind of rainbowish/blondish/reddish, in the sun (before I started highlighting it).

    I am ridiculously sensitive to both heat (especially humidity) and sunlight.

    No idea about the extra vertebra…

    I have, unfortunately, had multiple miscarriages.

    My boyfriend (still the same one!) is rhesus positive and I am sure it is because of that.

  6. I’m type O positive and am just a plain old human being not mixed with any special alien or animal and proud of it.

  7. So what r u doing with all your power? Just a curious zero negative native/scott woman here. I fell off a roof at 6, ive seen evil images in plain daylight where others couldnt, my perspective now is from the clouds where my head usually is. I get a better view from here. I hear what your saying and did u know that the antichrist of the bible has similarities to you? Just sayin

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