Scientific report confirms: UFO recorded by Homeland Security is authentic

The Scientific Coalition for Ufology is a group of people who have an extensive and long background in science have teamed up and analyzed a mysterious UFO video recorded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The Unidentified Flying object was recorded on video by a thermal imaging camera on a DHS aircraft, in the sky over Aguadilla in Puerto Rico. Ufologists believe that this is the best evidence of UFOs monitoring our activity on planet Earth.

The video footage:

The researchers analyzed the video and came to the conclusion that the object in question exhibits characteristics that defy the laws of physics as we know them. It simply cannot be catalogues as a drone, military aircraft or natural phenomena.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 12.32.20

In the video, we see an unidentified flying object tracked by a DHS aircraft. The object in question moves at extremely fast speeds over land and then shoots off into the distance. The laws of physics that govern over man-made aircraft have little effect over this UFO which seems to ignore gravity completely, moving through the sky at speeds up to 120mph. But more interestingly, at one point, the UFO seems to dive into the water without slowing down. what kind of aircraft can do that?

What are we looking at here?

According to several communications from DHS employees, the video wasnt ignored and raised a lot of questions among officials. After analyzing the video, experts stated that the objects does not seem to leave behind a splash and there is not wake. What is even more mysterious is that even after analyzing each 0.01 frame, experts were not able to find traces of heat transferring to water. According to experts, the object defies the laws of physics as we know them. The median speed of the object was roughly 80mph but the speed at which the object moved through the water is what caused confusion among researchers.

Analysis of the thermal imaging video revealed irregular characteristics of an unknown object not similar to any known natural or man-made objects. The video was split into 7027 individual frames so that careful analysis could be made. Evaluation of the video frame by frame enabled detailed characterizations of the objects. The object’s size, speed, location infrared (IR) emissions, directional movement, and other properties were compared against possible explanations including state-of-the-art drone capabilities as well as the possibility of a hoax.

The results of the investigation left both witnesses and researchers perplexed.

When researchers analysed the speed, size and location of the object they were able to find out that the object in question was between three to five feet in length and its speed varied between approximately 40mph to 120mph. The media speed of the object was 80mph. One of the object’s flight characteristics the authors found to be significant was the object’s speed through water which did not vary as it impacted the water. Its speed through the water reached a high of 95 mph and averaged 82.8 mph.

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For more information check out the official report here.

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  1. Very interesting, That fact the government did not stop them from saying it’s a bird or a drone is also very interesting BUT, There is a USN base close by P.R. that does testing on water projects just like the USAF uses area 51 to test it’s projects so this could be a secret project that the Navy is working on and let us believe that this is a UFO when it is really a UFO/USO…..That the Navy is working on.

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