Scientists say time travel is possible and this is how to do it

According to a scientist, time travel is actually possible and this is what we need to do ni order to travel in time.

For countless centuries people have wondered whether or not time travel is possible. As a result, countless books, studies, and movies have come to life exploring a completely unknown territory.

Throughout the years, as science and physics have advanced, experts have explored the idea of time travel like never before, most of them agreeing upon the conclusion that traveling in time to the past is not realistic, but traveling forward to the future could become a reality.

One of the first scientists on Earth to mention the idea of traveling in time was Albert Einstein who proposed that if one were to travel at the speed of light away from Earth, time would ‘literally slow down’ for the traveler, while people on Earth would continue to experience time at a normal rate.

In addition to Einstein, many others have spoken out about traveling in time.

Brian Greene a theoretical physicist and string theorist from Columbia University, said: “You can build a spaceship, go out into space [and travel] near the speed of light, turn around and come back.

“Imagine you go out for six months and you turn around and you come back for six months.”

The theoretical physicist added: “When you step out of your ship, you’re one year older but Earth has gone through many, many years.

“It can have gone through 10,000, 100,000 or a million years depending on how close to the speed of light you traveled.”

But perhaps the most important comments regarding time travel come from world-renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking who added to this theory, explaining the feasibility of it.

Previously professor Hawking said: It would take six years at full power just to reach these speeds.

“After the first two years, it would reach half-light speed and be far outside the solar system.”After another two years, it would be traveling at 90 percent of the speed of light.”

“After another two years of full thrust, the ship would reach full speed, 98 percent of the speed of light, and each day on the ship would be a year on Earth.

“At such speeds, a trip to the edge of the galaxy would take just 80 years for those on board.”

Others agree with Greene and Hawking.

Particle physicist Brian Cox has said that time travel is possible but only in one direction. “The central question is, can you build a time machine? The answer is yes, you can go into the future.” Cox explains that traveling in time is basically possible thanks to Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

If the traveler wanted to travel hundreds, or even thousands of years into the future, this could be accomplished if he or she was traveling at an incredibly fast pace, close to the speed of light.

However, Cox warned that Coming back from the future or traveling to another point in the past is much less likely.

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14 thoughts on “Scientists say time travel is possible and this is how to do it

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      1. Narrow minded…As the bible Jesus left in a cloud 2000yrs ago….traveling into space and coming back may have passed and still the same person so idiot

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  4. Time is a measurement of duration, it is not a physical or structural component of the universe. Those that claim that time travel is possible are delusional. Time is a measurement, just as an inch is a measurement, neither cause nor affect what they measure. Einstein, Hawking’s, and other delusional physicists and cosmologist are making this stuff up, just as religion makes up gods…

  5. It should be said that what is known about time is not even close to what the realities of time truly are. The universe is billions of years a head of humanity – To claim humanity is even close to understanding time to the point of manipulation or to where we can debunk the ability to manipulate time is absurd and shows a lack of simple commonsense. Science is rewriting all that we thought we knew about the universe, etc. on a daily basis. Being able to move forward in time by traveling at 1 x the speed of light is already known to be true.

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