Scientists want to spray the skies with reflective particles to cool the planet

Should Geoengineering even be considered? Photo by James Vaughan

Scientists want to spray a fine mist of materials such as sulfur dioxide, alumina, or calcium carbonate into the stratosphere. The sensors would then measure the reflectivity of the particles, the degree to which they disperse or coalesce, and the way they interact with other compounds in the atmosphere.

Not a conspiracy theory anymore it seems. Scientists want to spray the skies with reflective particles to cool the planet

This is geoengineering on a whole new level. Experts want to spray Earth’s skies with ‘reflective’ particles in order to cool down the planet.

Scientists from the university of Harvard want to launch aerosol ‘injections’ into Earth’s stratosphere at an altitude of 20,000 meters in order study the feasibility and risks of deliberately altering the climate to stop global warming, in what is considered the framework of the largest solar geoengineering program in the history of the planet.

The $ 20 million dollar project, funded substantially by Bill Gates and other foundations, will be launched in a few weeks and will aim to establish whether the technology can safely simulate the effects of atmospheric cooling caused by a volcanic eruption.

Next year, Harvard professors David Keith and Frank Keutsch hope to launch a high-altitude balloon, tethered to a gondola equipped with propellers and sensors, from a site in Tucson, Arizona.

As reported by MIT Technology Review, “After initial engineering tests, the ‘StratoCruiser’ would spray a fine mist of materials such as sulfur dioxide, alumina, or calcium carbonate into the stratosphere. The sensors would then measure the reflectivity of the particles, the degree to which they disperse or coalesce, and the way they interact with other compounds in the atmosphere.”

Scientists believe that by spraying certain types of particles into our planet’s stratosphere, more heat would be sent back into space.

This ‘revolutionary’ project was first proposed in 2014.

“We would like to have the first flights next year,” he said at the Forum on U.S. Solar Geoengineering Research, held at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The entire idea of the project is to help our planet fight global warming.

Scientists believe that by spraying certain types of particles into our planet’s stratosphere, more heat would be sent back into space. Scientists argue that this project must surely work because it’s how Mother Nature already works.

In the distant past, large volcanic eruptions have catapulted tens of millions of tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere, which consequently contributed to lower global temperatures afterward.

In other words, scientists want to do what other nature already does.

However, scientists are still unsure as to how this technique could control temperatures around the globe, what particles to use, and what—if any—environmental side effects might appear.

Based on scientific data, experts know that—taking in count previous volcanic eruptions— there is a notable decrease in precipitation levels in certain parts of our planet, and sulfur dioxide is known to deplete Earth’s protective Ozone layer.

To combat this issue, professor Keith and his colleagues found out that by using calcite, a mineral made up of calcium carbonate, they could “cool the planet while simultaneously repairing the ozone layer.”

As noted by MIT Technology Review, Geoengineering critics are not convinced and warn that the climate systems are too complex to mess around with, and that the environmental risks are far too high, or that even talking about technological “fixes” could ease pressure to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: Harvard Scientists Moving Ahead on Plans for Atmospheric Geoengineering Experiments

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  1. In the 1980s, the fear was that we were going to enter a new ice age. Global cooling, NOT global warming, was the fear. In another 40 years, it will be something else — unless we really screw everything up with stuff like this. Harvard wants to study the risks? Oh, sure — what could POSSIBLY go wrong here?

    1. Study the risks? They’ve been spraying for decades. According to Elana Freeland, and others, the plan will make the future doubtable.

    2. Did we ever do anything about that hole in the ozone? I might have missed it,……
      We were all supposed to Die, too much radiation…..yada,yada…..I think that hole vanished once a Rich Man decided he needed money for Climate Change.

  2. Sounds a little familiar? Monotomic gold is what the Anunnaki were after to repair there atmosphere….

    1. Yes and gold is not unhealthy, but barrium strontium and aluminum and others are .

  3. This is essentially a lie because they’ve been spraying for decades. The video “Why In The World Are They Spraying” explains the impact on Mt Shasta. When it first came out, I showed this at local library. But I have been following aerosol spraying since Nick Begich’s book, Angels Don’t Play This HAARP came out in the nineties. I am disappointed in your site for spreading false info. Also, Barrium & Strontium along with other nano particles are included . It isn’t all for climate however, it is also a delivery system for the Transhumanism and Singularity movement. This pollution to our environment is probably related to the toxic overload that we breathe in. Humans are targeted to be eliminated as the nanobots make us accessible to be united with machines, computers, etc. For years I was laughed at for talking about the chem trails…it’s way beyond that now. DARPA plans to replace Nature. That’s why they are allowing the extinction of animals and the destruction of our oceans, etc. When In 1070, I testified against the building of the Savannah nuclear plant. Research at Georgia Tech revealed they were putting radioactive waste in drums that had a life of 30 years and then it was dumped in the ocean. That was 47 years ago. What do you think happened to the waste? Also, the weather is controlled…see the Air Fore paper, Weather As A Force Factor. They have weaponized the weather and, with 72 Tesla technology HAARP Heaters, they ca produce earthquakes, floods, droughts, etc. The weather is weaponized. At 81, I can’t believe how people have turned their backs on what has been happening.

  4. Playing God is not the Ansew I think it will work but there is something missing in the equation, and if it does not work we may have oxenated gases combined that can cause a chemical re action i the upper atmosphere, they should re assess it if this is true.because if they fail us humans will cop it below snd it might end humanity period.

    1. But they’ve been doing it for decades and what has it accomplished except perhaps to accomplish what Elana Freeland warns about

  5. Just a re read through there one atomic particle that is missing I am not sure what that particle is, some how there is a mis match,of ironised gases that can actually starve the oxgen, which could the ionised clouds could do reputable damage it could actually bring on an ice age.if there is to much sulfur dioxide used to cool the planet.which is the right amount to use is the question how much of it will be realeased will not only affect our climate, but it also can bring static lightening, to the north and south poles, they should do an assessment of the possibity it could go wrong, volcanoes themselves can produce static eldctricity.that can interfere with the polarsisution of planet.abd it could bring on acid rain, volcanoes have a habit doing that sometimes

  6. What… well… scientists who stick to ONE discipline are not very good scientists I think. WHY aren’t these warming people studying and thinking a lot more about the Milankovitch Cycles??? It seems we are not as thinking as we assume we are….

  7. Jet aircraft have been blocking the sun and whiting out clear blue skies for decades. The claim has been that condensation is responsible for what appears to be solar radiation management. If geoengineering programs were not implemented decades ago and the plan is to add to the astronomical amount of existing persistent trails in the sky, we’re doomed. No sun, no plants, animals or people. Geoengineering is a curse, not a cure!

    Chemtrail conspiracy theories are invented to keep the more ‘unstable’ of us occupied while others with stable mentalities can research and expose Actual things.
    Think About it……….
    They make TV shows about Blurry lights in the sky, and people who Scream in the Woods,…….But never anyone pointing to a cloud and saying “thats coming to kill us!”
    Mabey its You.

    1. That Bomber up top is actually Taking off from an Airctaft Carrier and those are ‘Booster Rockets’………….srry.

  9. Deliberate publicized spraying of chemicals into the stratosphere doesn’t require international consensus? The air currents are not a localized phenomenon that is owned by any institution, corporation or government. Who died and made them ruler of Earth?

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  13. Here’s the deal until they fix the imbalances on earth n tell the truth n do right hotter hotter no snow in Michigan predicted long ago peace

  14. So if we are going to play the who Johnson is bigger and who is Malkuth you sit n wait n get what’s coming

  15. You for one lied about who was in America n all history killed n kill animals n promote wickedness

  16. You were not to touch flesh as all blood sacrifices were taken away n your body the temple

  17. You poison waters drain the oil which makes your motor spins n lack since that it helps the earth rotate

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