Secret Mayan Artifacts, a hoax?


There has been a lot of talk since the release to the public of these alleged Mayan artifacts. We are talking about a large number of items that were held secret by the Mexican Government were supposedly released to the public a few years ago. The release of the items made headlines quickly around the world with archaeologists, researchers and conspirators debating whether they are a hoax or the real deal. According to what we have managed to research these items were actually discovered in Calakmul, Mexico. The site is located in the central/southern portion of the Yucatán Peninsula, in southern Mexico and includes the remains of the important Maya city Calakmul, set deep in the tropical forest of the Tierras Bajas. The city played a key role in the history of this region for more than twelve centuries and is characterized by well-preserved structures providing a vivid picture of life in an ancient Maya capital. 

The release of these artifacts was hand-to-hand prepared with a production company that was filming a documentary about the Mayan civilization and extraterrestrial beings, taking in count that the end of the Mayan calendar was the ideal time to release a disclosure movie, based on “archaeological” evidence. Produced by Raul Julia-Levy and directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo.

We quote the Guardian in the following text: “Mexico will release codices, artifacts and significant documents with evidence of Mayan and extraterrestrial contact, and all of their information will be corroborated by archaeologists,” This was before the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012

“Guatemala, like Mexico, home to the ancient-yet-advanced Mayan civilization … has also kept certain provocative archaeological discoveries classified, and now believes that it is time to bring forth this information in the new documentary,” Guatemala’s minister of tourism, Guillermo Novielli Quezada, said in a statement.

The first article I read when I started looking for information about these strange articles was this one from the Guardian. There is a lot of stuff that seems out of place here. The biggest mistake in the article is that they mention president “Álvaro Colom” and speak about him being Mexico’s president which is a mistake, he in fact is a Guatemalan politician who was the President of Guatemala from 2008 to 2012. From there everything went downhill and the little belief I actually had was gone (you really cannot make a mistake like that, can you?). The article also seems to mention several statements of highly ranking officials from mexico and Guatemala that discussed these artifacts, yet I have not been able to find transcripts or anything like that online. I did in fact find the images of these artifacts (at the end of the article). From what I have read about the subject, there is little to none credible information, and the archaeological discovery itself is questionable.

Now about the incredible Mayan civilization. The Mayan civilization were extremely advanced, technologically superior in many ways in comparison to other civilizations at that time, they had an incredible astronomical knowledge and were excellent mathematicians but since the release of these artifacts a lot of questions have been raised. Even though I personally would love for these artifacts to be the real thing, I am very skeptical as to their origin and purpose. I haven found any articles offering proof that the artifacts are a fake nor authentic. I guess I’ll leave it up to you to decide for yourself, like I did. There is a possibility that some of these artifacts have been discovered and are real, but we have to take in count that there is a possibility that someone, added to the collection of the authentic artifacts some items that are a hoax.

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