The Shigir Idol, A Wooden Statue Twice As Old As The Pyramids Of Egypt

Believed to be at least twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt. Image credit: Constantin Voutsen
Believed to be at least twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt. Image credit: Constantin Voutsen

Presumed to be at least twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt, samples of the Shigir Idol have been sent to Germany for further research.

Covered with Mesolithic era symbols that have not yet been deciphered, the statue of Shigr is a gold mine made of 159-year-old larch. It was discovered in January 1890 near Kirovograd and is one of the oldest examples of human creativity and ingenuity, archaeologists believe this incredible piece of history is at least 9500 years old. It is 2.8-meter high statue which according to researchers, appears to have seven faces.

Covered for years in a peat bog on site of an open-air gold mine, this precious piece of history can rewrite our history, beliefs, and ways of thinking. Archaeologists call it one of the most important discoveries in the field.

At present, the Shigir Idol is located at the Yekaterinburg History Museum, the lack of funds has prevented researchers from proper testing for the age of this historical treasure.

Pictures: V. Tolmachev,
Pictures: V. Tolmachev,

The statue represents a unique, live and very complicated example of history, it is a very rare finding, and without a doubt one of Europe’s most important findings in years. According to experts, this time capsule has coded messages that talk about the creation of the world. It is covered with encrypted information that researchers have not decoded. It will take time and patience to decipher what this statue has to tell.

Svetlana Savchenko the head of the department that studies the idol in the historical museum of Yekaterinburg, concludes that a straight line present on the surface of the Shigir idol actually represents the ground or horizon, the boundary between heaven and earth, water and sky, or boundary between the worlds. Uwe Hoysner, from Berlin Archaeological Institute, said: ‘The Idol is carved from larch, which, as we see by the annual rings, was at least 159 years old.

‘There is no such ancient sculpture in the whole of Europe. Studying this Idol is a dream come true’, said Professor Thomas Terberger, of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Lower Saxony.

‘The samples we selected contain important information about the isotopes that correspond to the time when the tree grew.’

The Seven faces of the Shigr Idol
The Seven faces of the Shigr Idol

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  1. Do the seven faces represent early mans’ view of the seven dsys of creation? (days do not represent a time frame) John

    1. Not sure about that one, what I do know is out of the seven faces only one of which is three-dimensional. The faces may represent ancient spirits – religious connection.

  2. to my recollection the last ice age ended 10,500 years ago so this slightly beats that, do we know where the glacial ice was at this time around the area it was found?

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