Shocking videos ‘show massive Alien Motherships’ near the sun claim ‘Experts’

Several videos which have been uploaded to YouTube—one of them has been watched over 1,300,000 times—promise to be the ultimate evidence proving Alien spaceships are common around our sun, and there’s something odd going on.

Ummm Is that a massive alien spaceship?

One of the videos—which according to many is beyond spectacular—depicts a mysterious massive object next to the sun that seems to be ‘refueling’.

The intriguing videos show what paranormal researchers and UFOlogists are referring to as a MASSIVE alien mothership ‘refueling’ at the sun. Skeptics disagree and suggest nothing in this video even suggests an alien presence.

An interesting comment posted on YouTube questions what if it is not an alien spaceship but something entirely different: “It could be a living creature that feeds off the stars imagine how big this would be our entire planet would be below its notice and it could destroy our solar system never realizing we were here the universe is beyond calculation so it’s quite possible there are entities of that size out there somewhere but what does that make us? Insignificant!”

In the distant past, numerous mysterious objects have been spotted around the Sun. Many ufologists claim that these objects are the ultimate proof that our Sun acts like a cosmic stargate and that extraterrestrial vehicles are anything but uncommon around it.

Some of the many objects seen near the sun include ‘angel-like’ UFOs, Massive Cube-shaped objects and even cigar-shaped UFOs.

Skeptics disagree pointing to the fact that the alleged ‘alien spaceships’ are in fact pixelation or image processing errors, and that our sun is not a GIANT ‘cosmic gas station’.

One interesting image related to the sun and strange objects is the one posted below. According to Ufologists: it clearly shows a massive alien spaceship ‘shooting’ out of the sun.

Original image:

The video features countless comments from different perspectives. Some people agree we’re are looking at a massive alien spaceshipand the truth about aliens is being hidden from the public by governmentswhile others disagree and point to more rational explanations that could end the mystery behind these ‘massive’ objects around the sun.

One user wrote: “that ship may be bigger than our planet. Such technology can only be obtained by super intelligent species that have perhaps lived for billions of years.”

Others pondered about Aliens and whether or not they were hostile: “consider this…if they were hostile (presuming we are talking about extraterrestrials) they likely would have already made a move. What would be stopping them?”

But what if they (ET of course) is using the Sun as a giant portal? One user wrote: “They are not refueling. They travel through the sun’s core. Scientists have no real idea what kind of travel means you attain when you harness the power of the core of the sun.”

Many users agreed that if aliens are really here, they are most likely peaceful: “You do realize that if they wanted to cause us harm they would have already? Think about the level of existence that these beings would be living on, they wouldn’t give a crap about us, we’re probably just one of millions of other civilizations they’ve come across…We would mean nothing to them.”

What the object really is…

Metabunk seems to prove its nothing close to alien spaceships. An article titled “Explained: Giant Black Sphere Hovering Near the Sun [Coronal Prominence Cavity]” explains what UFOlogists misinterpreted as a massive UFO.

What this is though is just something that’s unfamiliar to most people, but something that solar scientists have been aware of for some time, a transitory cavity in the solar plasma field, known as a coronal prominence cavity, or polar crown cavity. Often associated with Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs). This does appear to be a quite interesting one, with attached vortex. But that’s all it is. Not a giant space ship sucking fuel from the sun.

You see a lot of these types of “odd-thing-near-sun” things on YouTube, based off video feed from the Solar Dynamics Observatory. That’s basically because the SDO is new (just two years old), and people are not used to the amazing displays the sun puts on. Some of which will be new to science as this the the best view we’ve ever had of the sun. (Source)

What are your thoughts, do you agree with Metabunk? Or do you believe Advanced alien civilizations really exist and travel constantly through our solar system? Do you believe they even ‘stop by’ our Sun every once in a while? Or are these alleged spaceships nothing more than image processing errors and pixelations?

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  1. They have a prime directive to not interfere with inferior species such as ours. Don’t you people watch TV geode.

  2. I don’t have near enough information to form even a “definite possible maybe” opinion.

  3. That ship would be bigger than earth, you have any idear how many planets it would take to have the recources to build such a construction…?

    1. You do realize that there are planets out there that make ours look like a pindot? Who knows what resources or technologies other species could hold. Just because it seems impossible, doesn’t make it impossible. Who knows what it is though, I like to imagine there are species out there where their entire allocation of species travels around the Universe together on some behemoth of a spaceship!

  4. People need to stop paying attention to the “Area 51 2.0″channel. It’s all CGI fakery. The “About” section clearly states it’s an entertainment channel. Why would there be camera shake from a satellite feed?

  5. The Ark of the Covenant is located in an elaborate underground chamber below the waters of Table Rock Lake Missouri at Shell Nob the island.

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