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Six unexplained sounds by NOAA

The unexplained

Six unexplained sounds by NOAA

Do you remember the Summer of 1997 and the Bloop sound? Yes, it was when NOAA made a very cool discovery of a mysterious sound that they called; “The Bloop” sound. Well this is just one of the mysterious sounds that has been recorded through the years; there are a lot more of these sounds and all of them are considered to be “unexplained” by NOAA. These sounds have been picked up in over twenty years of listening to the sounds of the Pacific. The Bloop sound was believed to originate from an animal much larger than we’ve ever seen.

The Bloop sound was triangulated by researchers to 50°S 100°WCoordinates: 50°S 100°W which is a remote point in the south Pacific Ocean west of the southern tip of South America. The Bloop sound is considered as one of the most powerful noises ever recorded underwater.


It is an interesting phenomena and this is what NOAA has to say about it;! the sound rose rapidly in frequency over about one minute and was of sufficient amplitude to be detected by multiple sensors, at a range of over 5,000 km. NOAA’s Dr. Christopher Fox did not believe its origin was man-made, such as a submarine or bomb, nor familiar geological events such as volcanoes or earthquakes”. Even though other scientists believe the Bloop sound was originated by an “icequake”; the cracking of an ice shelf as it broke up from Antarctica, other scientists still believe that the origin of the Bloop sound is unknown.

Scientists have tried offering explanations to some of these sounds, and while some of them could maybe be explained by science, some of the sounds that have been recorded are truly baffling and are considered science’s great mysteries.

But the Bloop sound is not the only sound that has attracted interest, there are more sounds that are as mysterious as the Bloop sound, lets check them out.

“The Upsweep” sound was first recorded in 1991, according to researchers this sound that can be heard even today, is located deep in the South Pacific near Antarctica. “The Upsweep” sound appears to be stronger in the spring and fall. It was first believed to be sound that wales produced, but biologists agreed that given the fact that the sound does not have variation in the tone, it would be very difficult to be of biological origin. Other researchers believe that this sound is linked to the volcanic activity of the region, but no scientific evidence has been provided to know for sure what is causing it.

“The Slowdown” sound was recorded in 1997, this sound can also be heard throughout the year. At the beginning researchers pinpointed the sound in the vicinity of Peru but scientists believe its actual origin is somewhere near the Antarctic. Researchers believe that this sound can be caused by massive friction or sudden glacial movement, but these are just theories. No scientific evidence has been provided to explain this sound.

The train sound was named because of the similarity the sound has to the one a train produces in the distance. This sound was first recorded in 1997, but the exact position where this sound originated remains a mystery. Researchers believe that this sound is caused by the movement of ocean currents.

“The Julia sound” was first recorded in 1999. Researchers have no idea what caused this sound. According to researchers, the Julia sound was originated around 2400 kilometers from the coast of Peru. This sound lasted about fifteen seconds and was picked up by every sensor on the Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array. It is one of the most mysterious sounds ever recorded.

“The Whistle sound” was first recorded in 1997 it was located about 3700 km from Costa Rica, the precise origin of the Whistle sound remains a mystery as scientists have no clue what caused it. The whistle sound was detected by ONE hydrophone.

So there you have these incredibly cool yet mysterious sounds, what causes them? Well scientists are not sure, and even though there are many theories that try to explain them, no scientific evidence has been provided, so we can just speculate what causes these sounds. Are these sounds the creation of nature? Or are they caused by something else? Even though all of these sounds are really mysterious and creepy, the one that beats them all is the Bloop sound by far. The “ice” theory can easily be excluded given the location where the sound first came from, thus it is believed to have been caused by an animal, but if that were the case, this animal would be something never seen before.

The located where the Bloop sound originated happens to be the same general part of the southern Pacific Ocean as the place where H.P. Lovecraft gave in his 1928 short story called “The Call of Cthulhuç2 for the underwater, extra-dimensional city of R’lyeh. Coincidence? Well science will let us know what’s up sooner or later, until then, we can just speculate about these mysterious sounds.

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  • inconspicuous detective

    the julia sound…wow. the whistle sound is harder to hear, but that only one hydrophone caught it makes it seem more like a living entity caused it. i thought that the bloop was explained as a glacier cracking.

    • Living Tribunal


  • Nathan Togain


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