Stephen Hawking: God did not Create us, Aliens exist, and we’ll live on the moon

Stephen Hawking has made some very interesting comments regarding the future of humanity. In fact, the world-renowned researcher has spoken about God, Aliens, our place in the universe and how the 21st century will be a milestone in space exploration.

Among the numerous subjects discussed in public, Professor Hawking has spoken out about God, our place in the universe, our goals as a civilization and the general future that awaits mankind.

Interestingly, Stephen Hawking has even spoken out about aliens saying that alien life is real, and humans should refrain from making contact.

The world-renowned scientists stated that there are around 100 billion galaxies in the universe, and each one contains MILLIONS of stars. Taking this into account, it is VERY unlikely that Earth is the only place in the VAST universe where life has evolved. Making contact with Advanced Alien beings may be catastrophic for our civilization.


Speaking about God, Stephen Hawking also said that God did not create the universe and the “Big Bang” was the inevitable consequence of the laws of physics.

In “The Grand Design”, which was co-written with American physicist Leonard Mlodinow, Hawking says according to a new series of theories, it is superfluous to think of a creator of the universe.

“The universe began with the Big Bang, which simply followed the inevitable law of physics,” Hawking writes. “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist.

However, Professor Hawking also said that he expects mankind to go far in the near future.

In fact, Hawking predicts that in the next fifty years, we should be living on the Moon and by the end of this century, we are most likely going to be settling on Mars.

Professor Hawking argued that the 21st century will be a milestone in space exploration.

In 50 years we will have created bases and homes on the Moon. The same will happen on Mars by the end of the century,” says Hawking, who believes that if we fail to colonize other planets, humanity will be in danger of extinction.

Our planet is an old world that is threatened by the continued human population growth and the depletion of the Earth’s resources.”

“We must take account of these factors and make up a plan B. If we want to survive the next hundred years, even if not talking about the next thousand years, it is imperative to colonize other worlds away from Earth. If we follow this path I am sure that the next century will be characterized as a true space age,” said Hawking.

I guess it’s the right time for us to take on the moon once again, after all, technology today is far more advanced than when the Apollo missions visited the moon.

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  1. Why ? so we as humans can exploit these other planets as we have done this one ? I dont think we deserve to go any where for our carelessness of this planet . and I understand science does not need God , but perhaps humans are still a bit naive and I dont think this will ever change , at least not in my life time ….. thanks for your thoughts …..

    1. I agree! Humans are like the silly aliens in most monster movies – we use up the planet we’re on and then we want to move on to another planet whose resources we can squander, whose life forms we can poison.

      The best thing for the world, our world, is for humans to become extinct.

      1. Unscrupulous men, who use the spectre of religion to justify heinous acts.Look to any politician giving a speech to justify bombing the crap out of some country somewhere. “God this God that”. and the sheep blindly follow while in truth the only religion these men follow is money

  2. Playing devil’s advocate here, but the phrase “spontaneous creation” could be another way of saying God. I’m not an expert on physics by any definition, but the whole “something out of nothing” theory just doesn’t make sense to me. And no matter how we explain it, we can only theorize about creation and theory is NOT scientific fact. Just like with climate change, or whatever they choose to call it this week, the science is most definitely not settled just because the elites say it is. I certainly don’t see any of them giving up their massive carbon footprints to save the Earth. It’s a scam and always has been.

    1. No matter what Stepen says he most likely can’t cure himself with all his knowledge and instead of disproving God all his life, maybe he should have used his brain to find a cure for his problem …To me is he is God living example of God no one with his contiontion should be alive this long! Also, did personalty and conciseness come from gases in space??? We need science only to learn more about God! The answer is so simple yet no math needed , it is right in front if only his eyes were open!

  3. Stephen Hawking is full of crap. God did make us and all other aliens, if there are any are demons. I dont think the world is as we have been told and doubt we can even fly through the Van Allen Belt. I think the Earth is the center of the Universe and was made for man, that means US!!!!

    1. He’s full of crap? Why, because he doesn’t believe what you believe? If you honestly believe that Earth is the center of the universe, you’re seriously delusional and terribly ignorant.

      1. You’re wasting your time with magic marlio i’m afraid. He loves his van allen belt

    2. Im sorry is that suppose to be you protecting God or something. Stephen is not full of crap you are. TELL YOUR GOD TO REVEAL THE FUCKING TRUTH ABOUT HOW THE UNIVERSE CAME TO BE AND STOP THIS STUPID GAMES OF AM RIGHT YOURE WRONG. It sickens me. Feel free to choke on the bible if you want to.

  4. As a renowned scientist who dedicated his life to answering questions about the universe, the one question he cannot answer torments him, “why did you put me in a wheelchair, why did I get this insufferable condition, why”. After much contemplation and no closer to any answer he has dismissed God altogether. I believe there is a grand design and scientists can only try to decipher it and good luck to them but all roads lead to Rome.

  5. As a very clever individual Stephen is entitled to his thoughts & conclusions gained by years of study & complex working conditions. However the saying goes that “the more intelligent you become the less Common Sense you have?” God or whatever name He is called does exist as does life after death. You do not have to be of a religious persuasion to know that life goes on after the mortal coil ceases to be operational. Put quite simply – experiences I have been fortunate to have in my 70 years tells me life goes on! Just enjoy Nature & the joy of giving. All else will come as a just bonus. Leave the prospects of another life in the hands of the most powerful force in The Universe & do not worry about forces beyond your control.

    1. No disrespect intended, but your 70 years of “experiences” are no more valid an argument for god than the dirt on the bottom of your feet. Life is natural and self-generating. No big sky daddy, no Flying Spaghetti Monster.

      1. Hello Lauren
        I can agree there is no big daddy or flying spaghetti monsters. Just look around & see what mankind has made as a contribution to this planet. Then look around & see what is there without the input of man! If that is natural & self generating then who can I thank for it. I thank the Power I know because I can feel the presence when needed. Called that Power what you will, & please no religion included, as that is manufactured by man for the control of man. I suspect by your message you are much younger than me & I am pleased I have stimulated a reply to a complex but really a very simple overall answer. One day will provide the answer you find elusive & on that day you will be in for a very special surprise. Time will tell! Take care.

        1. I’m not much younger than you. Mid-60’s. I have to say your presumption is a bit insulting, but I admit I don’t think you meant it to be.

          Que sera sera.

          1. Hi Lauren
            You are right no insult meant. I am always pleased to discuss life & its meaning with people who are searching for “The Truth.” Enquiring minds make fuel for interesting conversations. When I was teaching in the mid 90’s I had a class of 25 students & not one believed in God. I did not influence one way or the other. Each to his / her own. Keep searching. All the very best in your endeavours & If you are happy & content with life that is worth more than gold. Very best wishes

  6. Stephen Hawking is my hero. He is so spot on here that he makes me smile. For believers in life after death, what then happens to other animals when they die? Are they magically reborn anew? Of course not, so why would people be reborn? People are just animals. Nonsense.

    Put your religion on hold a moment and try really hard to understand that science – natural law, if you will – explains everything, including the Big Bang. Mix certain chemicals together with water and oxygen and, yeah, you get life. Took millions of years, but life boogied out of the ooze in a swampy mud pit in Africa and that life became people. It’s not hard to understand if you just give it an honest try, and put your religious views aside. And quit calling it “something out of nothing” – it was something (life) out of an enormous bang.

    Stephen Hawking does not wonder why he was afflicted. He knows exactly why – a random and tragic mutation of some genes in his DNA, nothing more, nothing less. I imagine he got over being bitter about it decades ago, as he is a reasonable man.

    The saddest part of his comments, to me, are that we need to colonize other planets in order to survive. That sounds exactly like what the aliens were doing in Independence Day – traveling from planet to planet, using that planet’s resources to extinction, then moving on to a new planet. WE are those aliens and if we do colonize, this is exactly what we’ll do. We’ve killed the Earth; time to move on.

    1. “what then happens to other animals when they die” Nothing. They cease to exist. Humans have a soul that is rational, spiritual, and immortal, created by God and infused into the embryo at the moment of conception. This allows us to know God.

      “it was something (life) out of an enormous bang.” How, when and where did this “bang” occur and what caused it?

      1. You’re right – when we die, nothing happens. We cease to exist as anything other than a carcass. Just like ALL animals, there is no soul or immortality and there is certainly no “infusion” at conception!

        How the Big Bang happened was likely an enormous chaos that existed in nature – naturally – and when the required chemicals and properties managed to find each other, bang! When was billions of years ago, in the vastness of space. If you don’t understand that, you’re hopeless.

        Why is that so terribly hard to consider? I spent 30 years considering god and belief before I found truth. Could you spend 30 years considering there is no God?

        1. If there was an enormous chaos and chemicals, then they had to be somewhere. Where was that “somewhere”? It couldn’t have been space since that is part of the universe and the universe, according to you, was a result from the big bang so the big bang could not have originated from within itself. How do you explain that.

          1. I wish I was Stephen Hawking so I would understand this question well enough to answer you. My thought is that space is infinite and timeless. Very early on, billions of years ago, perhaps space was a chaotic whirl of matter and planetary stuff and I don’t know whatall. I’m no physicist. It existed before the Big Bang. The Bang itself created the universe. When the Bang happened, perhaps it was by a black hole which sucked everything in and at the event horizon, exploded it back out, creating planets and stars and all of life’s very early building blocks. When oxygen came into being, it began simple life. On earth and very likely more places.

            This is as close as I can describe my belief. I do not believe my theory is any more unbelievable than some creator who blinked his eyes and *poof* it all became.

          2. Your response is just a made up belief you think happened with absolutely no proof. I would rather put my faith in Jesus Christ. The fact is that this life comes to an end for all of us. If you are right, then none of us will know about it. If I am right, we will all know about it.

          3. Where is the proof?? Dont tell me the bible because that can be disproved VERY easily

          4. ??? MY response is made up? Oh, man, that’s rich! The proof of science and evolution is all around you! Open your mind and think!

            I mean no disrespect, honestly, but how can any thinking person go with nothing but faith? Faith is like chanting “I think I’m right, I think I’m right, I think I’m right” with absolutely zero substance to what you think is right. Just having faith is a blindness to all the possibility and wisdom of science. Take your blinders off.

      2. Even that ridiculous pamphlet “The Bible” says that when we die nothing happens. “From dust you came and to dust you shall return”. The only ones permitted into “Heaven” are the “Chosen” 144,000, which is why the Jews are so up themselves. They think its them. There is no God and when you guys spout off you sound crazy.

        1. You obviously haven’t read the bible since the entire new testament clearly points to life after death. The 144,000 is symbolic, not literal.

          1. It’s utter, utter nonsense. You have to be really naive to believe in that rubbish. It’s the greatest lie ever sold to mankind and the day this farce is scrapped cannot come soon enough. Religion has hindered scientific progression for generations, but that time is now ending.

          2. The bible is truth and is the greatest gift given to mankind. Christianity will never be scrapped since Jesus made the promise that it will be for all time. It is also strange that you actually think that religion has somehow hindered scientific progression. How so?

          3. The suppression of scientific discoveries by the vatican (amongst other institutions) when they were at the height of their power set us back at least 400 years. They imprisoned great minds in order to cover the great lie of religion. “Mankind will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest” Denis Diderot

  7. As far as i know, gravity is a result of bodies of mater interacting. When there is no mater there is no gravity, am i right or wrong? The question is: what existed before the Big Bang?

  8. Stephen Hawking is suffering from brain rot. he just gets sillier by the week. He’s like a wild mouth with no restraint. No common sense and no wisdom or knowledge to things explained. Don’t talk about God, unless you read the bible first, otherwise you come off like a talking head dummy.

    1. You’re full of brain rot. God does not exist and the Bible is a volume of fairy tales written by various ignorant, plaigaristic shepherds who didn’t know their assholes from their elbows. Kind of like you.

      1. You’re a bitter heathen. You come off like a talking head dummy with no common sense. I bet you believe you evolved from a Monkey because you act like one.

        1. Nah. I’m not at all bitter! I’m very at ease with my beliefs. Do tell me, though, what exactly is a “talking head dummy?”

          You’re so silly! Every thinking person knows we’re not evolved from monkeys! Apes and humans shared a common ancestor millions of years ago. Their branch evolved to monkeys, apes, chimps, etc. our branch evolved into several hominid-like beings that eventually evolved into Homo sapiens. But I’m sure you know that, right? You were listening in school biology, right? ?

          1. HAHAHAHA! It’s great when you call out these religious types and they show their true colours. Hypocrites to a man

          2. A talking head dummy is someone who talks as they have facts to the nonsense they talk about. To believe you and your group evolved from slug in evolution is incredible. You evolved. LOL! What did you evolve from? lol

        2. KA if a person slaps you on the cheek give him the other. You and your God have been slapped. Don cry like babies give the other cheek

          1. Giving the other cheek means letting the talking head dummy talk. But when the talking head dummy talks too long, their head starts to spin in circles like a Chucky doll..

  9. Wow…these bible thumpers made me log in to disqus. It is amazing to see what you come up with…NOTHING in your fairy tale book has been proven. It was written centuries ago by MEN, your so called god didn’t create anything but a world where people are at each others throats to prove that their god is better than yours. Those bible thumpers that call themselves christians (and no, I will NOT capitalize bs) are the worst. Funny that we don;t have that many in my country. Oh, might be because the braindeads went to the new continent killed off millions of natives to steal their land. And believeing that “your god” is ok with all that makes me sick to my stomach.
    *End of rant…still puking, so disgusted…*

    1. Indeed! The bible is nothing but a silly old book written by primitive people trying to make sense of alien technology, using their own world view at the time, and words such as chariots in the sky and wheels within wheels and all that.

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