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A strange phenomenon has been spotted in Argentina during a storm

The unexplained

A strange phenomenon has been spotted in Argentina during a storm

The world is full of mysteries. A strange phenomenon has been spotted in Argentina during a storm. Some people claim as if they had seen a ‘portal’ opening up.

Last Tuesday, October 24 in the afternoon, there was a strange weather phenomenon in Feliciano, a province of Entre Ríos, in Argentina.

A neighbor took the photograph that aroused great curiosity among locals but spread rapidly to international water.

What did the resident of Feliciano capture What was the mysterious light—clearly visible—that stretches as if it if goes all the way into space.

It appeared out of nowhere as if someone placed a massive tube that leads into the sky.

Images of the mysterious phenomenon rapidly spread across social networks. People were confused. Some of them believe a portal to another world opened. Others claimed that what residents of Feliciano witnessed was in fact a time-traveling portal that opened up, while others weren’t taken over by conspiracy and said the phenomenon was easily explained.

If we look at this scientifically, the mysterious phenomenon that occurred in Feliciano could have been the result of two fronts of both cold and warm air, which generate large amounts of rain in a short period and a very short distance, making it appear as if there was some sort of  “tube” in the sky, reported the local news agency Realidad Regional.

What made the event look even more spectacular is that the eye witness apparently took the photograph while a lightning strike occurred, due to the fact that the collision of both fronts generates a great amount of pressure and therefore many electric currents.

Amazing what mother nature can do right?

(H/T Realidad Regional)


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