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Temehea Tohua, an Alien race depicted?

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Temehea Tohua, an Alien race depicted?

Temehea Tohua, an Alien race depicted?

Temehea Tohua, an Alien race depicted?. Carved statue at Temehea Tohua. Notice the enormous eyes and huge mouth. Could this statue be the depiction of an Alien Race?

Temehea Tohua, an Alien race depicted

There are some mysterious places out there, and even though we know a lot of points of interest, there are still many more mysterious places that few people know about. In this article, we discuss Temehea Tohua located in Nucu Hiva,  the largest of the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia. This beautiful yet unique island is home to some of the strangest statues that we have come across in some time. Several statues seem to represent beings that do not appear to be from this world, but what are they really? Artists imagination or something that was seen at a certain period of time on the island?

At first glance they seem just seem like “big statues” but upon closer inspection, interesting details are revealed; Big eyes, large elongated heads, small bodies/huge bodies, and other several strange looking features that make you wonder what could have inspired the artist to carve such non-human features?

Temehea Tohua, an Alien race depicted, the evidence presented says yes.

According to researchers, the Reptilians originate from the Draco constellation, but today they have spread out throughout the whole galaxy. The Reptilians or “the Lizard People” have been subjected to numerous conspiracy theories and they are said to be a manipulative and controlling race. They are evil by nature and according to stories, this alien race is one of the most advanced extraterrestrial races out there. Could the statues at Temehea Tohua depict some form of Reptilian Aliens? If so could it be possible that these Aliens were considered as gods by the natives?

Temehea Tohua, an Alien race depicted?

But we can find more strange statues at Temehea Tohua that perhaps depict another alien race, this time, the grey aliens? In the statue below we see several beings with extremely strange aspects. Smaller bodies with huge elongated heads that have strange, over-sized eyes. When looking at this from a certain archaeological view, it would be logical to assume that whoever carved those statues would have followed certain patterns when carving the statues, so how could it be possible that at the same location we find two types of statues that are not very similar.

Going from huge bodies with over-sized heads and mouths we find other statues with different aspects such as small bodies with over-sized eyes, relatively normal mouths but have totally different aspects when it comes to the nose. While at the bigger statues the nose seems elongated and straight, at the smaller statues we find the nose to resemble a human nose. So what are these statues? Depictions of alien races that have visited this island at some point in the past? But is that suggestion going to far? Could there be another perhaps more logical explanation to these strange statues?

Is there a connection between these statues?

What we find incredibly interesting is the fact that we appear to have two types of “Alien Races” at Temehea Tohua, the Reptilian Alien Race and the Grey aliens, but here is where it becomes interesting. According to researchers, the Grey Aliens are a product of the Reptilians. The Reptilians created the Grey Aliens as a slave force. Reports of Grey Aliens suggest that these beings are between 3.5 feet to 6 feet tall with big heads and huge oval eyes and that fits the description of the statue in the image below.

Temehea Tohua, an Alien race depicted

Is there a possibility that it is not a coincidence that we find statues that seem to depict the Reptilian and Grey Alien race at Temehea Tohua? One thing is sure, the statues found at this beautiful island do not depict humans so the question we need to ask here is, are these statues the product of Temehea Tohua’s artists imagination? Or is there an otherworldly explanation to them? One that involves several Alien Races.

You decide what these strange statues are and don’t forget to post your comments below.

  • chorpi

    Its Ultraman’s Race

  • Jay McNicholas

    The Reptilians and Greys are said to operate together. There are 2 types of “Grey” allegedly under the control of the Reptilians. One is the typical short version, 3.5′-4′ tall. These are the workers or drones. The other type is the taller version, 5′-6′ tall, and perform advanced tasks, like conducting medical examinations upon humans and other earth creatures. The Reptilians themselves are said to be extremely evil, highly advanced technologically, and are capable of shape-shifting. That is, to alter their form at will and can appear quite human when doing so. Now a word about the “Greys”; According the “Blue Planet Project” book, which allegedly was written by the Top Secret US-Military-Industrial Complex, there are at least 5 different species of Greys. Conflicting reports say the Greys are evil, or they are kind, or they are ambivalent towards humans. The reason is this, according the BP book….2 of these species are clones, under direct control of the Reptilians, the other Greys are natural biological entities, with no affiliation to the Reptilians or their clones, and are almost indistinguishable from the evil clones. Hope this was helpful….

  • Major_Domo

    Yes, our benevolent overlords are kind.

  • Lightworker

    It would appear the amphibian/reptilian looking one has the grey head in his in a victory pose….

    • HAMMER

      I noticed that too!

  • Lightworker

    And the greys…look scared on the last picture

  • Rogoraeck

    Don’t have to go to Temehea Tohua. Just go to Washington DC & visit the White House, Congress & Senate & you will see all the reptilian aliens that are there!

    • hawaiiguy

      man I just can’t formulate an argument against your comment. They are THE most EVIL people on the planet aren’t they? If alligators tore though the fence and ate every last one of them I would throw a massive block party!

  • shan

    It is very strange to note that you guys go out searching everywhere! even out of the universe for answers for the Alien beings and conclude reptilian etc. But you dont need to go anywhere to unfold these mysteries. All these mysteries has got answers in the holy book of Quraan. In that the almighty says apart from humans & Angels there is one more race he has created much prior to human creation and they are called the JINN.

    The Quran says “ And I created the Jinn and men, only for them to serve ME”. “And We have created man from a clay hardened and shaped. And the Jinn, We created him before that from the fire of the fierce hot winds.” (15:26-27)The JINN are beings with free will, living on Earth in a world parallel to mankind. The Arabic word means to conceal. In short, these beings are created before mankind and living with us totally hidden or with a few signs just to show their existence in the form of Gods & Goddesses Ghosts, Ascended Masters, Aliens, Reptilian, Daemons, Nephilim and you name it etc etc….Refer the below links for more insight.

    • Mak Existenceismostexcellent

      Yes. Check our simon parkes on the jinn.
      The jinn are used to attack people by the dark magicians of the illuminati.
      The jinn are not bad per se but are disincarnate beings that were released when atlantis fell and it tore holes in space time and everyone got sick and possessed by demons.
      There are many multidimensional beings, extraterrestrials, angels, demons, So so much. We are surrounded by beings all the time. As we believe time to exist. One moment.

  • Kris Taylor

    Look up the hollow earth theory, there is many who believe in underground bases under the earth inhabited by reptilians, mostly in deserts

    • Mak Existenceismostexcellent

      Dulce. for one. genetics testing.
      The reptilian dracos have abandoned their human slaves (the 1% of the human control Cabal families). The pyramid dollar bill empire is based on their system.
      It will all fall and humanity will reclaim its freedom.
      The age of enlightenment. And the secret military programs will be exposed and eventually we will get the space craft we already have for civilian use and as our hearts catch up with out technology and we become integrated and enlightened we will travel the stars and mentor other races in their evolutionary progress. We are angels. We are Bodhisattvas.
      We are the ones we have been waiting for. Disclosure is near.


    start, I see nothing here that can convince me that these statues,
    either set, represent either reptilians Or greys. Second, there are
    several different species of Both. and they should not be lumped into
    any generic category. 3-4 diff species of
    reptilians, 4 maybe 5 species of greys. All distinguishable from
    their own other species types. Thus, One can-NOT say that the origins
    of reptilians is the draco constellation. As at least One reptilian
    race originated Here on earth. What the above statues depict is Likely a
    real thing. not imaginary or artists notion. as they are repeated
    accurately over hundreds and in some cases thousands of years, and in
    different cultures. there are far more pics than These. What species
    these actually depict if that is the case, i do not care to comment
    upon. Lastly, more than one of the grey races is an artificial race. They are a form of servitor race. Some are used like avatars to house the consciousness of others not unlike a space suit that we may use, so that they may interact physically in potentially hazardous or hostile environments. They are considered expendable.

  • Setepi

    I thought that supposedly the Annunaki created the greys? I could be wrong but I remember reading that.

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