Terrifying! Here’s what the world will look like once all the Ice melted

Throughout the years, we have learned that mankind has drastically changed planet Earth. If all the ice melted on Earth, it would DRAMATICALLY reshape our planet’s continents and would result in the flooding of major cities around the globe.

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Scientists estimate that there are more than 5 million CUBIC miles of ice on Earth. Many researchers agree that it would take around 5,000 years for all the ice to melt.

If this were to occur, it would DRAMATICALLY reshape our planet’s continents and would result in the flooding of major cities around the globe.

However, if we continue to add the amount of carbon to the atmosphere, we could easily create and ICE-FREE planet. As National Geographic reports, this would result in an average temperature of perhaps 80 degrees Fahrenheit instead of the current 58.

According to reports, sea levels have drastically risen in the last decade and at an even greater rate in recent years. Estimates by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believes that sea levels could rise at an alarming rate of one or more meters by the end of the century.

All of this was intricately shown by National Geographic in 2013, and that sea levels can rise by 216 feet if all the land ice on our planet were to melt.

The consequences are terrifying. It would mean that the ENTIRE Atlantic seaboard could vanish, including Florida and the Gulf Coast. Check out the below image:

In South America the same would happen as the Amazon Basin in the north and the Paraguay River Basin in the south would become Atlantic inlets, wiping out Buenos Aires, coastal Uruguay, and most of Paraguay.

The same thing would happen across Europe, Africa, Asia and even Antarctica.

Recently, scientists discovered alarming things on Antarctica. According to reports, a MASSIVE crack in the Antarctic ice shelf Larsen C, will soon give away, becoming one of the largest icebergs on the planet. In fact, it might be an iceberg twice the size of the SMALLEST European country.

As it turns out, Larsen C is the FOURTH largest ice shelf in Antarctica and according to reports from Nature, since early this year, its crack has moved at least 10 kilometers more. Currently, the crack is already 175 kilometers long. When the iceberg finally separates from the ice shelf, it will be one of the largest ever recorded, although it is difficult to predict when it will happen.

To get an idea at what would happen if all the land ice melted, the Business Insider has created a video which perfectly illustrates it.

Video by BI Science


Reference: What the World Would Look Like if All the Ice Melted

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  1. Very bad science. Fill up your bathtub and dump in a bag of ice. Mark the water line. Wait for the ice to melt. Check the waterline. It will be the exact same. Just because the ice melts doesn’t mean the waterline moves. IF ALL the ice in the world melted at both poles the watermark of each nation would remain exactly the same. Stop falling for the BS of democrats and their fake “global warming” tax scam.

    1. false equivalent. Put water in a glass mark the waterline.
      Add more water and check the waterline. ice doesn’t float on top of the water.

      1. And you just failed basic physics. “Add more water???” “ice doesn’t float on top of the water???” You going to go to another planet to get that water? All the ice that is currently here on this planet is creating the watermark. There is no more water and no more ice dumbass.

        1. Ken I totally understand what your saying can u please explain so I understand . What about the ice that is above sea level meaning Himalayas , Mt Everest .

    2. If you fill up your bathtub to the very top and then add ice then yes, it’s going to spill over the sides so I suggest you leave some room for the ice so you don’t have to grab a mop for the experiment. The ice at the north is floating up there on water. The ice at the south sits mostly on a continent that is itself floating on magma. And all of that mass is already factored in to create a watermark. If the ice melted guess what would happen? It’d refreeze again! The poles are not going to melt completely unless the sun suddenly heats up rapidly from an influx of cosmic rays and there’s something like a 200 year lag because of how much heat the oceans absorb. The earth’s temperature is what it is because of the sun and it’s pretty consistent in human terms with cycles that go up and down in thousands and thousands of years. So unless you’re an immortal I wouldn’t worry about anything any of the global warmers suggest.

      1. But the water displacement ratio is lessened as a result of melting ice. I will add, water is creeping inland. However, I don’t endorse the whole global warming theory…
        Want to know what I think? We’re coming due for another ice age. Maybe no soon, but inevitable.

      2. You captured the one constant that everyone misses:
        The land on top of the magma.
        Consider the land to be the sub “ice” in all of this. Once the top layer of ice melts, the sub ‘ice’ or land will rise on the magma causing more land to be exposed.
        I’m with you Ken…melting ice will not submerge a thing….the planet is elastic in that regard. The lessening of the weight of top ice adds water, but the land “rising’ decreases it’s effects.

        1. Not to forget: the gulf stream. All that melting ice would stop the gulf stream, inducing an ice age on the northern hemisphere.

    3. The frootloopery and basic scientific misunderstanding is strong in this one.

    4. Right
      If only the majority of the ice was in the ocean and not on LAND. Duh.

    5. Sorry, ken, the bad science is yours. You are right, if you put a bag of ice in a bathtub then the actual level won’t rise when the ice melts. That’s because the ice is displacing the exact same volume of water. However, not all ice in the world is floating. Antarctic ice sits on top of land, the snow and ice in glaciers, etc. all sit on top of land. When this ice melts, it melts into the sea and the sea level rises. Basic science, which sadly the current pretend President of the United States and many of his ilk don’t understand. This isn’t political, it’s science, read up on it and don’t just discount it because a non-scientist says it’s rubbish. Even better, take a basic science course in a proper institution, not the University of Internet Bullshit or the College of Politician Idiot.

  2. One of my jobs is making maps for a living and I find this article and its maps very un-accurate. They are not even close to being right. Again Ancient Code has put out junk science as a fact. The truth is much better and in most cases more interesting than the fake one. So Sad.

  3. These people think we have ice sheets reaching half way to the moon. In their Physics 10 million cubic meters of ice turns into 500 million cubic meters of water LOL Not to mention they have locations 100 feet above sea level not affected while places 300 feet above sea level supposedly are covered by ocean. Me thinks they need to put away the pretend factor and focus more on raw data and real world physics. All this imagination is wasted, you could be playing with Lego’s instead. . . . .

  4. I call BS!!!
    I’ve never seen full glasses of iced tea overflow when the ice melted…

    Come to think of it, isn’t Ice less dense and 1/3rd bigger, than water in it’s liquid state?

    If so, then how the hel* can the oceans rise when the ice melts? Ever seen a glass of iced tea overflow when the ice melted?

    Thought so… You’re being duped into believing that drivel…

    All right, how about this… Has Lake superior ever overflowed it’s banks when the ice melted?

    Bueller? Bueller? Anybody?

    1. Sorry dude, you have the incorrect analogy. If we stick with your theme, the sea ice is adequately explained by the ice in the glass. However, there’s also land ice – which extending your analogy would be the wine not yet out of the bottle that is nevertheless hanging over the side of your glass, ready to pour if only it wasn’t frozen. QED

    2. A glass has a defined rim. The water can only overflow from all sides. The Earth, however, has coast lines that are below sea level (lower than the rim of your tea glass). Once the water comes in, it seeks the path of least resistance.

      Read a science book

  5. An smart guy would buy cheap terrains in what will become “The new Beaches” of the World, and yeah move far away form the current coast may be a good idea.

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