Check Out 5 Phenomena That Science Can’t Explain

Despite the extraordinary progress of science in all areas and especially during the last decade, there are phenomena that have not yet found an accurate explanation, scientists have been scratching their heads when it comes to some of these mysteria and they are not able to offer a scientific explanation, and in some cases it appears that they will probably never manage to accurately explain them.

Progress in science will continue to grow each year, technology will allow science to break through barriers that have been imposed in the past, and maybe one day mysteries like the ones we show you below will be solved in a rational way thanks to science. Until then, this is a list of phenomena that science has yet, to explain.

Bigfoot. Hundreds of testimonies assert the existence of a shaggy being with big feet, it does not correspond to any animal species, but no one has ever found any evidence to contradict nor support it. Despite the lack of hard evidence, stories of people who swear to have seen Bigfoot are generally in a remote stretch of woods and as in the past, these “sightings” continue to repeat themselves. Since it is logically impossible to prove a negative, science will never be able to prove that creatures like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster do or not exist.

Taos Hum. The inhabitants of the small town called Taos in New Mexico, have spent years listening to a disturbing and mysterious low-frequency hum, coming from the desert air. Some have described it as “a diesel engine with crystal sounds.” The numerous expeditions that have come to Taos and investigate the buzz have never been able to explain where it comes from and what it might actually be. Some theories are that it is produced by a secret underground base somewhere in the vicinity of the town. But that is just a theory.

The Mind/Body connection. The mind influences the body in ways still not explained by medical science. The placebo effect, for example, shows that people can sometimes feel relief in the symptoms of their illnesses by taking a “believed-to-be” medication, the mind makes the body think it just received a medication that will make it feel better and it does. So remember to place your thoughts highly, you can achieve many positive things through positive thinking.

Mysterious Disappearances. Just as in the Bermuda triangle for example, or in the Asian Bermuda triangle, there are numerous places on Earth were things literally vanish out of thin air. A number of disappearances have occurred throughout the centuries that have never been solved, people, planes, ships vanishing without a trace, and science has never solved the riddles of places like the Bermuda Triangle. Mysterious vortexes, aliens? Let’s see if science comes up with a rational explanation.

Intuition. The so-called sixth sense is still a mystery to science. Some psychologists say that people subconsciously pick up information about the world around them, and are surprised when they actually make use of this information. Even though it is an interesting opinion, it is not sufficient to explain the moments where an absolutely impossible-to-know feeling appears in the mind or body of a person. That feeling, that intuition is a mystery to science.

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