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Our Planet is unique,  (so far) Earth is the only planet capable of sustaining life in our Solar System and so far in the universe, but what makes it more unique is the megalithic monuments that are scattered across the globe.

Places connected with straight lines, where advanced forms of geometry are found, mathematical equations carved into stone in several sites around the Planet, these are just some of the phenomena that are being discovered even today.

Why were the Pyramids of Egypt built? How did the Ancient Egyptians manage to place the Great Pyramid of Giza at the exact center of all land mass on Earth? The east/west parallel that crosses the most land and the north/south meridian that crosses the most land intersect in two places on the earth, one in the ocean and the other at the Great Pyramid.

How was this possible without the ability to fly? Without the ability to know how the world’s land mass looked at that time? The Pyramids, specifically at Giza, are an amazing achievement of several sciences together, geometry, physics, and mathematics combined. For example, the weight of the great Pyramid of Giza is estimated at 5,955,000 tons. Multiplied by 10^8 gives a reasonable estimate of the earth’s mass. Mankind today would have difficulties in recreating the Pyramid construction with our knowledge and machinery and it is a mystery how this marvel of ancient construction was achieved, we don’t want to take away credit to ancient man who built incredible structures like the Pyramids, but did they really manage this with sticks and stones?

Cultures all over the world were connected in a global phenomena, so many religious sites that look a like as if it was a construction process on a global scale as if every single culture on our planet felt the need to place monuments such as the Pyramids, the Stonehenge, Teotihuacan and other incredible places in specific locations. What these ancient civilizations did was create a pattern, a pattern that we today are identifying and connecting.

We believe that these monuments were not placed randomly. Today researchers believe that embedded in these megalithic constructions hides a secret code that can explain how, why and who built and organized these incredible monuments that are scattered across the planet.

We know that the Ancient Egyptians did not place the Pyramids randomly, we know that they marked that specific geographic location and like the Egyptians other civilizations in the Americas and Asia did the same. Researchers have discovered connections between sacred structures and powerfully charged areas of the globe where the Earth’s electromagnetic energy accumulates. These locations were important and held meaning to the ancients, and it is up to us to understand why.

Ancient astronaut theorists called it “the world grid” or “The Earth Grid” they believe our ancestors purposely constructed their monuments on energy lines that when mapped and connected create a significant pattern, some sort of energy web. The whole idea of the “world grid” is that the Earth is like a huge crystal where the energy flows around it at little nodules. Energy paths intersect and move all over the world. Makes us think of Tesla and his idea of free energy?

Plato was one of the first to propose the basic structure of the Earth evolved from geometric shapes now known as Platonic Solids. What Plato did was really interesting because he described the Earth as being created from 12 pentagonal faces, and 20 vortexes, on the surface. When you take all of them, join them and go on the map and mark them you realize that there are geometrical formations that seem between them.


Plato wrote that there was a world soul and he described it as a sphere that was composed of 120 equal identical triangles and some researchers and scientists today believe that this could be applied to the Earth. Is it possible that hidden in these patterns is a secret energy source? A form of technology that could have helped the ancient civilizations build their monuments? Proof that the Earth Grid actually exists and that we can harness energy from it?

Today thanks to our advanced science and technology we know of the electromagnetic field, but how could ancient man have known of this? It is as if ancient civilizations knew that if they placed their monuments in specific locations they could connect to an energy grid, they believed that everything would come into flow if they placed their monuments in these locations. And this was practiced by almost all ancient cultures we know of. From the Mayas, Ancient Egyptians and civilizations in ancient Asia.

Some arguments could be made about the knowledge ancient mankind had thousand years ago and the knowledge we have today, our knowledge of the universe is still limited even though we have powerful satellites and super computers, the Mayas for example had an excellent knowledge of astronomy even though they did not have the technology we have today, so the question is how? Did they know of the Energy Grid?

Is there even a slight possibility that ancient mankind learned a way to harness free energy? Energy that they used to achieve amazing accomplishments such as the construction of the Pyramids? Teotihuacan? Puma Punku? Can all of this be connected to extraterrestrial visitors like the Ancient alien theory suggests? How else did ancient mankind achieve this “boom” in science and technology? Can this “Energy Grid” be used as a form of free energy? Free inexhaustible energy that flows naturally around our planet?

What is really interesting is the fact that all of these locations where and still are associated with a large number of UFO sightings, these “visitors” seem to understand the importance of these places and often visit them, as if they feed off of these locations, obtain energy from them.

“Ancient Flight Plans”


Ley Lines in the United Kingdom.

In Herefordshire England, we have what Ancient Alien theorists call the Ancient Flight Plans. Discovered by amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins while horseback riding, Watkins noticed that the structures across the landscape appeared to be arranged in straight lines. Four years after that, in 1925 Watkins published his book “The old straight tracks” where he proposed that ancient mankind built monuments and megaliths and that these were connected by a network of straight lines. Referred to as ley lines.

These so-called ley lines are mostly found in England and in France. They are  geographic markings of a number of places of geographical and historical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths, natural ridge-tops and so on.

According to Linda Moulton Howe,  The Michael Line in England is a straight line and it is measurable. It’s a magnetic field line that you can measure and it will be higher than other areas around it geographically. 

In his book, “The old straight tracks“, Watkins proposed that ancient monuments were deliberately placed along these lines for line of sight navigation and were used as trade routes, but this theory does not seem to hold due to the fact that these lines cross terrains that were difficult to access and to identify so there had to be another purpose to this geometric and precise pattern, some sort of ancient code?

Today there are several researchers that believe that these Ley lines are magnetic in nature and that they delineate the lines of Earth’s unseen energy fields.

More of these geometrical patterns can be found in Denmark, along the northern reaches of the European continent we find the archaeological ruins of a once prospering and mighty Viking fortress dating to 900 A.D. It was Preben Hansson who first discovered a direct line of flight from Trelleborg to other three Viking fortresses, which are also same in design.

What you have here is a direct line that connects four Viking Forts in Denmark, now this is strange, why? Because the Vikings were seafaring people, known as might warriors and sailors, so these forts in land, aligned precisely do not make much sense, you would believe that Vikings would have constructed forts near water and perhaps in a different pattern.

Researchers have been baffled by the precise design of Trelleborg with courtyard’s divided into four zones, each with four longhouses and gateways open precisely to the four cardinal directions: north, south, east, and west. It is clear that the construction and design of Trelleborg would have required great knowledge of engineering.

What is perhaps even mores interesting is the fact that if you draw a straight line and cross the Alps in Europe, you will eventually reach Delphi in Greece, known as the Oracle of Delphi and to the God Apollo. According to Greek mythology, every once in a while, Apollo took his “heavenly chariot” and disappeared heading north.

Could all of these patterns and lay lines be ancient flight patterns as the Ancient Aliens theory suggests? How would you explain that the ancient Viking forts in Denmark point to the Oracle of Delphi which leads to the Pyramids of Egypt? It is not a coincidence. It would make sense if these constructions and monuments are long straight lines across our planets grids, perhaps these grids were navigational markers that visitors from outer space used, to navigate in straight lines.

If you look the way that our modern-day aircraft fly, they do it in straight lines, avoiding turns if possible, pilots also guide themselves by landmarks to establish locations and to orient themselves. If our pilots navigate this way and use these spots as orientational marks, could have extraterrestrials visiting us in the past, and even today, also have guided themselves by these locations and grids?

Is there a code encrypted in the location of the monuments around the world, like the pyramids of Egypt? Teotihuacan in Mexico? The Oracle of Delphi? Forming The Earth grid?

The perfect alignment of these locations to the stars and to other monuments around the world is something that was not done randomly. The lay lines, the Earth Grid and the electromagnetic field anomalies that are present in locations around the world are not something random. It is something planned, something elaborate, something that truly seems, out of this world.

  • Konstantin Jankulis

    the answer is within the buildings.

    if you apply mathematical formulas witch you can get by looking at the buildings, you will find those buildings explain their own position or the position of another ancient building.

    the mission is for us to understand the language of the building.

    if you have a round shaped building with 3 terrasses and each is in a kind of proportional dimension to the basement / you can find easy equations and you will find your answers.

    the building it self answers the question by the way it is build.

    Go on youtube and type in Carl Munck… he found that a long time ago, but our scientists tend to fully ignore this and they want to find the same answers by them selfes. so… it will take some years until they will found Carl Munck and his answers with interesting simplicity.

  • Joseph Mason

    Also see —

    Code of the Ancients




    • charlie

      Actually all ths stuff connects to working with the frequency of WATER

  • gilcarlson

    Similar fascinating info can also be found in the “Blue Planet Project Book”

    Blue Planet Project is allegedly the notebook
    of a scientist who worked on a top secret United States government program
    involving alien research. The document contains notes and drawings supposedly
    made by the scientist.

    The scientist visited various UFO crash sites,
    and the notes and drawings were allegedly made from those visits.

    Book based on notebook of scientist working on
    secret government alien research program, Contains notes and drawings of aliens
    and UFOs at crash sites made before he disappeared.

  • Actually they COULD fly,,,they mined helium + thats how they moved the stones, mapped earth + explored deep sea….WHY? because of global warming partially…IF you stand back + look at the sites they actually READ like pictionary…its volcanology with 3d technical details.ENTIRE Easter island volcano STATUE ring mimics visually *even some red erupting tops*the REAL volcano ring of the ring of fire.ADD faces to the real volcanoes + they are twins..easy + teaches u how to read them…..GIZA pyramids is another ideogram,,,,restore the pyramids reflective casing then stand back + LOOK ,you SEE smaller volcanic buildings + a super volcanic mirror REBUS…VOLCANIC MIRROR is the descriptive archaic term 4 a real aerosol*acid rain*phenomena that happens with large volcanoes, the highly reflective acid drops surround earth completely in the stratosphere, reflect away sun so earth cools….Happens EVERY super volcano + ALWAYS cools earth….the ONLY reason to send a visual super volcanic mirror visual communication it being ONLY 1 thing in nature ….is to instruct how to stop earths end by warming…there are more….oh and our solution is logical, its written in their language,,,EVERY person of any nation SEES the SAME super volcanic mirror visual + it SAVES a world + its ALREADY proven to work on a smaller scale by PINATUBO 1991 see NASA langley “volcanic aerosols reflect sun and cool earth*

  • David Owen

    I am LOVE, a thought plasma form floating free, it is the link between you and me, as we think in the plasma sea.

  • chirag singh

    So the conclusion is that at the time of Pluto , humanity knew thoroughly that Earth is a sphere though today’s mainstream science is in their dogma that they concluded that Earth is round !!

  • chirag singh

    So the conclusion is that at the time of Pluto , humanity knew thoroughly that Earth is a sphere though today’s mainstream science is in their dogma that they concluded that Earth is round .!!

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