There’s A Megalithic Monument Under The Sea of Galilee

The giant Stone structure beneath the Sea of Galilee: Remnants of an ancient civilization?

This giant stone structure is located beneath the waters of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Archaeologists are puzzled because they do not know what is its purpose, when it was built nor how was it built.

The mysterious cone-shaped structure is made of “basalt stones and uncut boulders”, with a weight of around 60,000 tons according to researchers. This makes it heavier than most modern warships. This incredible structure is around 10 meters high and has a diameters of around 230 feet, around 70 meters. It’s impossible to put into perspective, but if we try, the outer stone circle of Stonehenge has a diameter just half as big as this one. This structure was first detected in 2003 thanks to sonar studies of the southwestern portion of the sea.

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The location of the mysterious structure of the Sea of Galilee, aka Lake Titeriade could be the key component to determine the purpose of the structure which is located 500 meters from the prehistoric site Ohalo and about 1.2 kilometers north of archaeological Yerah Bet. since its discovery in 2003, researchers have found another stone structure.

Scientists believe that in order to build a structure like this, its creators had to invest a lot of hours of work in an organized community effort. How they managed to transport the megalithic blocks of stone is a question that no one has been able to explain.

Archaeologists argue that judging by what they have been able to see, its builders belonged to a “complex and well-organized society” with “skills in economic planning.” In addition, they say that the structure was probably built on land, after which water levels rose and it was covered by the Sea of Galilee. Even though all of this information is wonderful, researchers have still no idea how it was built. According to recent studies, the structure is at least 12.000 years old. The submergence could have occurred either because of tectonic movement or because of rising water levels. Earthquake-related sudden submergence of the lake margins was inferred from the Ohalo II, 23,000-year-old Upper Palaeolithic site (Nadel et al., 1995; Nadel et al., 2001), where in situ brush-hut floors, a grave, hearths and other installations were covered with lake sediments. Given the proximity to the marginal faults of the basin, we consider tectonic submergence of the structure plausible, but as this monumental structure is very robust it could also withstand slow, gradual, climatically induced submergence.

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Researchers firmly believe it is an artificial construction and list several examples of megalithic structures which are also found near the Sea of Galilee; the age of these structures is over 5000 years. A monumental construction of “similar” magnitude is located around 30 kilometers to the east and consists of three stone circles with the largest one having 56 meters in diameter.

Yitzhak Paz from the Ben-Gurion University, believes that the structure is well over 4000 years old. “the most logical possibility is that “it” belongs to the third millennium BC, since there are other similar megalithic structures of that time that are very similar to the one that is located beneath the Sea of Galilee.

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This structure might very well prove to be, the remains of a complex ancient societies that has been left in the cold by mainstream history books.

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