Researchers Claims The Remains of a 200,000 year old advanced civilization Discovered In Africa

The incredible discovery was made in South Africa, around 150 km west of port Maputo.

There, we find the remains of a huge metropolis that measures, according to tests, around 1500 square kilometers.

This ancient city is, according to researchers, part of an even larger community with about 10,000 square kilometers and is believed to have been constructed 160,000 to 200,000 years before Christ.

The region is somewhat remote and the “circles” have often been encountered by local farmers who assumed they were made by some indigenous people in the past. But, oddly, no one ever bothered to inquire about who could have made them or how old they were.

This changed when researcher and author, Michael Tellinger, in association with Johan Heine, a local fireman and pilot who had looked at these ruins for years, decided to investigate them. Heine had the unique opportunity to see these incredible structures from the air and knew that their significance was not appreciated.


“When Johan first introduced me to the ancient stone ruins of southern Africa, he had no idea of the incredible discoveries we would make in the following years. The photographs, artifacts and evidence we accumulated, point towards a lost civilization that has never before been and precedes all others – not for a few hundred years, or a few thousand years … but many thousands of years.” – Tellinger

According to Tellinger, these discoveries are so incredible that It will need a complete paradigm shift in how we view our human history.

The surrounding geology is interesting due to the numerous gold mines located in the vicinity. Researchers have proposed that a vanished civilization from the distant past, could have lived and proposed in that part of the world while mining gold. They point to the Ancient Anunnaki:

The Anunnaki Timeline – Coming to Earth: (According to Sitchin)

450,000 B.C.
After long wars, the atmosphere of Nibiru began to deteriorate and became a hostile place for life, The Anunnaki needed gold to repair their atmosphere. According to researchers, we can use gold nanoparticles to repair our damaged ozone layer.

445,000 A.C.
The Anunnaki aliens landed on Earth and established their base in Eridu, wanting to extract gold from the Persian Gulf. They were led by Enki, son of Anu.

416,000 B.C.
Gold production fell, which made Anu come to Earth. Beside him, his other son Enlil arrived. Anu decided that mining would take place in Africa and promoted Enlil in charge of the Terran mission.

400,000 A. C.
In southern Mesopotamia were seven developed nations. Among the most important were:  “Sipar”, “Nippur” and “Shuruppak”. After the metal was refined, the ore was transported from Africa with ‘ships’ and sent into orbit.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.07.46

You can take look at these incredible structures with Google Earth using the following coordinates:

Carolina: 25 55 ‘53.28? S / 30 16 ‘13.13? E

Badplaas: 25 47 ‘33.45? S / 30 40 ‘38.76? E

Waterval: 25 38 ‘07.82? S / 30 21 ‘18.79? E

Machadodorp: 25 39 ‘22.42? S / 30 17 ‘03.25? E

These incredible ruins mostly consist of stone circles, most have been buried in the sand and are only observable by plane or satellites. Some have been exposed to climate change that has removed the sand, revealing the walls and foundations.

“I see myself as someone quite open-minded but I admit that it took me over a year to figure it out, and I realized that we are actually dealing with the oldest structures ever built by man on Earth.
The main reason for this is that we have been taught that nothing of significance has ever come from South Africa. Powerful civilizations all emerged in Sumeria and Egypt and other places. “- Tellinger

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.07.15

According to Telling: It shows that the Sumerians and even the Egyptians inherited all their knowledge from an earlier advanced civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa more than 200,000 years ago… mining gold.

These were also the people who carved the first Horus bird, the first Sphinx, built the first pyramids and built an exact stone calendar right in the heart of it all. Adam’s Calendar is the flagship among millions of circular stone ruins, ancient roads, agricultural terraces and thousands of ancient mines, left behind by a vanished civilization which they now call the FIRST PEOPLE. These were the ancestors of all humans today with an advanced knowledge of energy fields through planet Earth.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.06.50

They carved detailed images into the hardest rock, worshipped the sun, and are the first to carve an image of the Egyptian Ankh – key of life and universal knowledge, 200,000 years before the Egyptians came to light. Tellinger presents this groundbreaking new evidence in which is released in his latest book Temples Of The African Gods. It graphically exposes these discoveries and will undoubtedly be the catalyst for rewriting our ancient human history.

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  1. As much as I believe this is true, good luck on changing peoples acceptance. Hostoric teaching wont change for a very long time. But again I beleive these to be pre flood era findings and may contain Giants or Giant artifacts.

  2. How do we know it is that Old ? and what are they using to determine the dates of these structures ? we can date rocks , but how does one determine the age of structures ? questionable indeed ….

  3. Been reading your articles Ivan, I must say if i was a white supremacist I’d be calling you a traitor for writing things like this-which make people think Blacks were faaaar more advanced than colonial minded Europeans want the world to believe…keep up the good work

  4. Amazing find ! But to be honest even IF the ruins date to 75,000 BCE- 200,000 BCE, that doesn’t mean that Africans as we know them were responsible.

    Everyone wants us to believe that there were migrations OUT OF AFRICA.
    OK….. so it could be that those who knew how to construct such complex structures LEFT Africa…..and started other Civilizations in many other places. Leaving the “other” Africans to do what they do. And eventually those who left merged with the Neaderthals and created even higher forms of Culture and civilization.
    Because there certainly isn’t much development in the Black African population AFTER that 75,000 year thresh-hold.
    We might be looking at the “ur”.civilization of what became the White race and/or Mideastern/Asian race.

    Subsequent history would seem to back this up as the entire world outside of Africa had many forms of higher Culture and building ongoing …. Africa on the other hand stagnated culturally and developmentally, with virtually NO science or engineering to speak of….til the Europeans, Arabs and Asians arrived in historical times.

    1. The only thing worse than a stupid racist is an intelligent racist. I hope one day your life is saved by a man with a Bantu name and face, and that as you look into his eyes with gratitude, you vomit in disgust at the thought of the time you have spent carefully safeguarding your fear of the other with rationalization.

      1. Hate speech doesn’t become you. What I said is Factual and True based on thousands of years of Data and history.

        I haven’t seen many “Bantu” saving much of anything actually. They did migrate down the entire African Continent destroying very old cultures along the way. They were only stopped by Dutch and English settlers at the tip of Africa. Also it was these morally upstanding Bantu kingdoms which enslaved Blacks and with muslim help sold them to the Portugese thus starting the transatlantic slave trade. Which STILL goes on today as documented by Prof Gates of Harvard ( an African Amertican BTW).

        But ….. please do show me the accomplishments of any African civilization, After this so called 200,000 year find. And show me some data which show it is of “African ” origin at all. Other than locale of course. And finally please show me conclusively that this find was NOT built by non-negroid peoples who then migrated “out of Africa”.
        You can’t have it both ways. Saying that we all migrated “out of Africa” but that all greatness came from Africa.

        The overwhelming preponderance of evidence shows that Non-African people’s built and refined Civilizations ALL OVER the Planet. Whereas Black Africa did not….. does not. Showing actual history and trends is not racist.

        1. You dumb ass, your people lie to you more than us. You high and mighty ass come from black men. Check the world genome findings. If you did any study of real history, you would know that your people didn’t start shit. They borrowed and stole everything they have, including this country. You are inferior, this is why your culture seek to hold everyone else back, because that is the only way you can ever be on top. But nothing last forever.

          1. Actually we have checked. And it is known that non-Black genome has Neanderthal genes mixed in.
            So there is now real genetic evidence, as well as historical evidence, as well as archaeological evidence, as well as current evidence in the Black community WORLD-WIDE that blacks are substandard in social and intellectual achievement. In fact that would be an understatement.

            Your black liberation theology is nothing but a Marxist re-writing of history. It is exactly like kwanza……a created myth to make all you black folk feel better about yo-selves because the evidence is overwhelmingly shows your cultural deficits.

            In short your claims are nothing but racist lies. And Affirmative Action proves it. Black “achievement”, even with a head start proves to be an illusion. But we all know why don’t we.

            You say nothing lasts forever….. except of course Black hatred, Black racism and continued Black under-achievement. You people do excel at violence and thuggery though.

          2. you are in complete denial you know good and well that they are attached evidence showing the time frame the area and trace back all races back to back to African bloodline so while you are hating on African history you are hating on your own history whether you like it or not.

          3. You obviously don’t even know what a genome is. Which proves my point. There is a PC move toward uni-genesis ( called monogenism). But in fact there is a huge amount of evidence for multiple areas of human beginning called Polygenism. In fact this theory was part of investigation before the Politically Correct agenda to focus on monogenism.

            Some of the greatest anthropologists of the 20th Century such as Roland Dixon, Franz Weidenreich and Carleton Coon were polygenists. And Others recently have come to this conclusion also based on the evidence : Susana Martinez, Prof Patrick Nunn, George Stuart, Harold Gladwin, Arthur Keith, Jeffry Goodman, Daniel Porter, Richard Dewhurts and William Corliss to name but a few.

            Nothing hating but from you. I merely state the recent record of Blacks as well as the historical record. It is highly likly that the history of other racisl groups is NOT your history….whether you like it or not.

          4. 1 A.P. Abourne Refining of coconut oil. July 27, 1980

            2 A. B. Blackburn Spring seat for chairs. Patent# 380,420 April 3, 1888

            3 A.C. Richardson Casket-Lowering Device. Patent# 529,311 November 13, 1894

            4 A.C. Richardson Churn. Patent # 466,470 February 17, 1891

            5 A.E. Long and A.A. Jones — Caps For Bottles And Jars 1898

            6 A.L. Lewis Window Cleaner 1892

            7 A.L. Rickman Galoshes 1898

            8 Anna M. Mangin Pastry fork March 1, 1892

            9 Alexander P. Ashbourne Biscuit Cutter November, 1875

            10 Alexander Miles Elevator and also safety device for elevators. Patent No. 371,207 October 11, 1887

            11 Alfred L. Cralle Ice Cream Scooper. Patent # 576,395 February 2,1897

            12 Alice Parker Heating Furnace 1918

            13 Andrew Beard Automatic Car Coupling Device 1897

            14 Augustus Jackson Ice cream 1832

            15 B. F. Cargill Invalid cot. Patent# 629,658 July 25, 1899

            16 B.F. Jackson Gas Burner

            17 Benjamin Banneker Clock, Prints for Wash. DC 1st Almanac

            18 Bessie V. Griffin Portable Receptacle 1951

            19 C.B. Brook Street Sweeper 1896

            20 C.V. Richey Fire Escape Bracket. Patent # 596,427 December 28, 1897

            21 C. W. Allen Self Leveling table. Patent # 613,436 November 1, 1898

            22 D. McCree Portable Fire Escape. Patent # 440,322 November 11, 1890

            23 Darryl Thomas Cattle Roping Apparatus

            24 Dr. Charles Drew Invented Blood Banks And Established Them Around The World 1940

            25 Dr. Daniel Hale Williams Performed First Open Heart Surgery 1893

            26 Edmond Berger Spark Plug

            27 Elbert R. Robinson Electric Railway Trolley

            28 Ellen Elgin Clothes Wringer 1880s

            29 Elijah Mccoy Automatic Lubrication System (For Railroad And Heavy Machinery) 1892 July 2, 1872

            30 Folarin Sosan Package-Park (Solves Package Delivery Dilemma) 1997

            31 Frederick Jones Ticket Dispensing Machine. Patent # 2163754 June 27, 1939

            32 Frederick Jones Starter Generator. Patent # 2475842 July 12, 1949

            33 Frederick Jones Two-Cycle gasoline Engine. Patent # 2523273 November 28, 1950

            34 Frederick Jones Air Condition. Patent # 2475841 July 12, 1949

            35 Frederick Jones Portable X-Ray Machine
            I’m sorry if your lack of education prevents you from knowing that your history is not as superior as you believe, but that’s because you only listen to white people.

          5. Egypt is and always has been in Africa BTW. Oh and I did take Western civilization my first semester. BTW and my professor actually backs much of the new finds stating that it will take a decade for things like this to because well known. Just like the fact that the government already knows how longthe oil will last and are working with China on thorium reactors. Not they need you to buy oil til then to stabilize the economy.

          6. one last thing all of my professors Business Economics political and history American government agreed that there is no developed nation that got that way without the advent of slavery so while you trumpet your you should be thanking African for providing all of the effort to build and maintain it all. You even stole Christianity from the Hebrews. So tell yourself what you want. We know better.

          7. Like I mentioned the PC movement to push everything into monogenism is Strong in the Popular press and Media. BBC is pushing this agenda. The same media who pushes Black Crimes Matter and Affirmative Action and thest of the Black mythology.

            Try reading REAL science …. the preponderance of Neanderthal genes are in NON-Africans….red hair green and blue eyes combos etc…


          8. In one of your posts you say that you know of some “true” ancient African achievements that the Black Liberation Thoelology never mentions. Can you please tell me what those are?

          9. FGor one. The discovery of the binary star system of the Sirius Dog star by the Dogon of West Africa. Long before any evidence of telescopes.

            I’ll leave others for your own discovery.

          10. Egyptians weren’t African.

            Thank you for once again proving my point. Oh….And btw …. Meroe was a copy and a satellite of the Great Egyptian Culture to the North…..and they faded quickly.

            The list is ridiculous none the less. Anybody who knows true history knows this. Sumeria 2,500 years before the beginning of Egypt already had many of these. And so did Mersin 1500 years before that….and so did Catal Huyuk about the same time. None of them were African either BTW.

            As I said your Black Liberation Theology is a false BS history created by political activists.

            REAL History is quite interesting and Fun,,,, I would highly suggest you start looking at it.

          11. http://www.dailymail. co. uk/sciencetech/article-3027873/How-white-skin-evolved-Europeans-Pale-complexions-developed-region-8-000-years-ago-study-claims.html
            A meat ball whitey pale skin was developed Only in Europe 6 to 8000 years ago lololololo

          12. Many Egyptian Mummies have red hair. Northern Chinese mummies have red hair white skin and tartans and go back many thousands of years. Investigations have pushed their origin back 5200 years to at least 3200 BC…..the same time the Red headed Egyptians were starting the Dynasties. At 6000 years ago that would be 4000 BC. Thus a very unlikely dispersion over half of the globe in only 800 years. Plus it doesn’t explain the Native American / Asian genome and skin change.

            Viracocha who arrived around the time of the great flood ( 12,000 years ago) and brought civilization to the Andes peoples ( according to their own tradition) was White skinned along with his followers. Notice that….brought civilization to the re-Columbrian peoples .

            daily mail is the same as BBC…. a pseudo news source pushing the agenda.

            Sorry Uncle Drew but your stuck with your own history. I suggest you embrace it and stop reading lies.

          13. This was just found out in 2015 so there are other sources than daily mail, They were African lol their Culture was African They used red dye and elongated their heads, They had afro picks, braids, they had harps(musical instrument) that were founded in west Africa. Head stands that are founded all over Africa and im sure you heard of greek Herodotus who visited Egypt in 4 B.C said black skinned and wolly haired. Plus Africa’s and Africans Diversity in looks

          14. No. The mummies were natural hair….hair that grew after death in fact….just like the Chinese mummies. Hair and Nails grow a bit after we die.

            The references you are noting werwe from Meroe…it was a LATER Satellite Kingdom…INFLUENCED by Egypt…..but it went into decline as soon as the Egyptian Kingdom was not dominant.

            Herodotus is merely reporting wolly haired people with very dark skin.

            There is no doubting the diversity of Negroid looks….but then this is true with Caucasians and asians too. Most of my family is Blond or red headed. My childred are all Blond, my wife Strawberry blond…whereas I am boring Brown. My mother was dark and curly my father auburn/browm. but all my sibling were blond. And there’s height differences too. Diversity within groups is a norm.

          15. Lmao they were not white people stfu they were African black you desperate Peckerwood, they used red dye and stfu about Caucasian there is White or black skinned and the people in Egypt today are arabs and are not native to Africa

          16. No. Some are arabs but not the fellahin who carry ancient Egyptian genome within them.

          17. And BTW….according to you….everyone is “native” to Africa.

            Can’t have it both ways.

          18. So then you DON’T believe in the “out of Africa” theory. And you believe we developed separately…..Blacks and Whites?

          19. Whites are part Neanderthal mixed with Monkeys because they are pale skinned and monkey liped

          20. HAHA. The entire WORLD know that Blacks are thick lipped….you should HEAR what the Chinese and Japanses call you all…. let alone the muslims Arabs !!!!

          21. Herodotus seen them and you didn’t and there were blacks in greece as greece learned from Egypt

          22. No evidence there were Blacks in Greece…except as curiosities. Herodotus was in Egypt so of course he saw some Africans. Many were slaves at the Court. It’s painted on their Temple walls for all to see. Painted there for 3,800 years BTW.

            Herodotus talked about lots of people and lots of things. You obviously have read Herodotus, because he NEVER claimed Blacks were in any positions of power or were anything but slaves in Egypt.

          23. Lmao “The Ethiopians are the oldest and Most beautiful of the human races” he said tho lol

          24. He hadn’t had the opportunity to “meet the Kardashians”….so he can be excused.

          25. He actually said longest lived and most beautiful of the human races so obviously he admired them and they helped them out and they copied Africana

          26. No. The Greeks copied some aspects of the Egyptians, Myceneans and the Minoans. There is no cross-cultural influences between Greeks an Black Africans.

          27. I love debating you because you swear you have an answer for everything …lol
            “The black doesn’t fit there”

          28. Uh Huh.

            Think about what you just said……. You give me a declarative statement saying in Essence “This is Truth”. I give you evidence, and some opinion back in ANSWER to your Statement. Yet I am the one who has an answer for everything ?

            In what may be an odd metaphor given the context of this discussion….You sayingthat is an example of ” The Pot calling the Kettle Black “…. ;- )).

          29. He was talking about Meroe as their wasn’t an Ethiopia. Meroe was Sudan but its influence extended into what is today Ethiopia.

          30. They went. But didn’t copy so much as learn deep secrets fron the Preists of ON….about the VERY old history…..The BenBen stone and sacred Island….Atlantis and BEFORE….the Kehmet culture etc. Greek painting mirrored Egyptian temple and Wall paiting and the earliest statues were very similar to the Egyptian royal artists. But Greek art QUICKLY diverged from Egyptian becoming more lifelife and emotive……it’s own thing entirely.

          31. Nah, they wouldn’t have had the civilization they had without Egyptian and Ethiopians just like Euro would still be in the dark ages with out black moors from Africa

          32. The renaissance Started AFTER the moors were kicked out. Moors were African lackies of the Arab masters….you know that right ?

          33. Herodotus said they were black skinned and wolly haired along with other ancient greek historians

            Who should i believe the Ancient greeks or you white northern European supremacists lol

          34. Once again. No he said that about the Meroe.

            The Ancient Greeks were white Europeans.

            And the only supremacists..LOL….are the Black Liberation Theology liars trying to re-write history and “own” the entire Western opus as their work.

          35. HaHaHa….you really are a funny guy. I know you are reaching for that Brass ring…… It almost hurts to watch.

            There were any number of travelers there and there were slaves. But the only “races” in their world were caucasians and negroid….asiatics and amer-indians weren’t even on the radar screen. So Blacks introduced as slaves were a part of their world…..just as the Trireme was, and the Pantheon and any number of things. That doesn’t mean ALL Greeks were sailors or that GODS lived in haciendas in Down-town Athens……

          36. Well the Ethiopians are tall. As to the most beautiful…that is the great Historian’s opinion. My opinion : when it comes to women folk…they’re all beautiful…….meh, who cartes.

          37. Yeah they borrowed from the Egyptian artistic style. That doesn’t prove anything….a lot of cultures do. The Romans pulled directly from Etruscan and Greek styles. That says nothing about race. The Egyptian looks Middle Eastern. Besides it was one caucasian Culture borrowing from another. The Artists of the late renaissence rediscovered the Greeks too !

            And the Greeks also borrowed the flowing painting and color schemes of the Minoans. Which BTW the Egyptians never did….too rigid. The Greeks learned and adapted and then adopted other forms….moving on soon to new ones. Two hundred years after the Kroisos figure the lifelike and graceful Statuary we all recognize as greek had been developed….but the Egyptians were still stuck in the same motifs and styles. Which actually supports my point below that the SubSaharan africans borrowed from the Egyptians, NOT the other way around.

          38. Egyptian said they came from the land of Punt – a place they drew as having elephants and giraffes.



            “Characterized by its long legs, long neck, and distinctive spotted pattern, many people first believed the giraffe was a cross between a leopard and a camel, which is reflected in its scientific name, Giraffa camelopardalis . Giraffes live primarily in savanna areas in the sub-Saharan region of Africa.”

          39. No. Meroe did.

            Just because you say they were the same doesn’t make it so. Egypt was not Meroe.

          40. You know elongated heads are found in the Americas right ? In both South American and Incan as well as it the North American Indian lines….around Hopewell.

          41. There’s head binding too. And neck elongation. The indian in the Middle shows elongation. Some South American traditions show this and skulls in Meso America……Maya, Mixtec, Totec….those areas.

            But once again you focus on sudanese tradition rather than Delta tradition . Which doesn’t prove anything about ancient Egyptian antecedents. Again it’s like saying look at Obama…no white here !…. And yet the REAL truth is it is as close as as his Mother. Or in the future finding photos of Nairobi kids wearing jeans and i-pods and concluding that Levis and Apple computer were African inventions.

            A Style adopted doesn’t mean the style in indigenous, just like the Greek statue doesn’t mean the Egyptians borrowed from the Greeks. There are Statues and Paintings of Queens and Princesses without elongated heads too and White/light Brown skin… fact many more of those.

          42. Yeah.

            See I was right you Black Liberation Theology Liars want to own the Indians culture too.

          43. You are WAAY too easy …LOL !! I don’t know where you got this prepubescent video guy ? Because neither of you know history, youboth wallow in ignorance. Him because he was taught some weird version of Grammar school hokem which focuses mostly on “feelings” and who is and isn’t politically correct. And you because……well you probably weren’t taught anything except racial politics and animus….so you gravitated towards a snake-oil outfit which sells primarily self-esteem disguised as Scholarship and history.

            Be that as it may. Every body who has studied the area we have been discussing africa, Egypt and the Middle East, Especially its ancient history, Knows that there was a Flourishing trade between Ancient Sumeria and the Harappan Civilization in what is now Pakistan from about 2700-2200 BC. And that ships also went to Egyptian ports. Therefore there is NO surprise in finding observances of those travels on the Hindu temple walls. Just as the Scottish Saint Claires went to America in the 1300s and put their observances on the inner Walls of Roslyn Chappel …..Corn and Alloe Vera. The Phoenicians took gorillas back with them as curiosities from their Travels down the West Coast of Africa proving they had contact with people in the interior Rain Forests of what later became the Congo.

            What is curious….once again……is why the Indians kept this information and transmitted it to their Newer and even MORE expansive Hindu civilization as it spread throughout India and once again…..Africans Didn’t. And this is ESPECIALLY so it was africans who may have found a way to build a boat and travel to India. Nothing about the Great Indian Culture and Civilization inspired the africans to….well to do jack all actually. This is the ESSENCE of the “african dilemma”…..All this supposed “greatness”….and yet at every turn, it all led to nothing. Even being objective about it. It’s hard to get one’s head around it. As if the “culture” of sub-saharan Africa has been frozen in time at 20,000 BC.


            Full Text (268 words)

            Copyright International Communications Oct 2006

            Ancient Egypt is the first major civilisation in Africa for which records are abundant. It was not, however, Africa’s first kingdom. On 1 March 1979, The New York Times carried an article on its front page, written by Boyce Rensberger, with the headline: Nubian Monarchy called Oldest. In the article, Rensberger told the world that: “Evidence of the oldest recognisable monarchy in human history, preceding the rise of the earliest Egyptian kings by several generations, has been discovered in artifacts from ancient Nubia… The discovery is expected to stimulate a new appraisal of the origins of civilisations in Africa, raising the question of ‘to what extent later Egyptian culture derived its advanced political structure from the Nubians?’.”

            This ancient kingdom, generally called Ta-Seti, encompassed the territory of the northern Sudan and the southern portion of Egypt. It has sometimes been referred to as Ancient Ethiopia in some of the literature, and as Cush (or Kush) in other literature. The first kings of Ta-Seti may well have ruled about 5900 BC. During the time of the fifth generation of their rulers, Upper (ie, southern) Egypt may have united and became a greater threat to Ta-Seti.

            In Kush (or Ta-Seti), a number of women had the title Kentake, which means Queen Mother, and was recorded in Roman sources as Candace. Some of the women were heads of state. Kentake Qalhata (c.639 BC) had her own pyramid built at Al Kurru, as other Kushite kings did (above photo). Pseudo-Callisthenes mentions that Alexander the Great visited “Candace, the black Queen of Meroe” in the 4th century. She was apparently a “wondrous beauty”.
            The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion […] but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact; non-Westerners never do.”


            The Tamahu peoples, where the root word Tama means “people created” and the root word Hu means “white, or ivory” were said to routinely come south to Egypt and attempt to rob the Egyptians.


          45. Sumerian Tablets predate Egypt by almost 2000 years.

            Black Liberation Theology is a lie at every turn.

          46. And BTW…… the Greeks mixed with the Mycenean and Minoan Civilizations. And once again Egyptians were not African.

          47. LOL. You’re Funny. Ptolemy was Alexanders General from Macedonia…..followed him on mant Campaign’s.

            The African/Egypt hybrids you put up are From Meroe already talked about…..that was in the Sudan BTW…not Egypt.

            And again one of the people you put up with the natty dregs is from a people who SAY they are from Yemen….Ie Arab. So they are Arab/African mix within later historical times.

            The how do you get to this picture I think is a Good rendition….given the Consistently light brown to olive skin coloring of the Statue….as well as the same skin coloring on virtually ALL Egyptian Friezes…the exception being their vassal state Meroe.

            The Problem with the Movie ( other than the guy who played in 300….bad choice IMHO ) is that there weren’t any Olive skinned Mediterranean actors. Whites were there too mind you. And a African Meroe subject or two would have added to the accuracy. However if the Movie was REALLY about Egyptian “Gods”….the earliest coming in the ship Drty Falcon….the original bringers of civilization to Egypt….then they were fairly accurate, with maybe Phoenician olive skin or two added.

          48. Some say that Egypt sent settlers or that the Pelasgians, the people who were in Greece before the Indo-European Greeks arrived, were from Africa. According to one DNA testing company Greeks are 5% black.

          49. The Egyptians told Solon ( Plato’s Great Grandfather) that they thought their ancestors came from Atlantis beyond the Pillars of Hercules, which is beyond the Strait of Gibraltar….. The Prehistoric glyphs are somewhat unrevealing as to race.

            All races today( or parts of them) share some DNA because of the Travel started in earnest during the 1600s and increasing to a fever pitch in the 19th and 20th/21st Centuries. Plus in the Mediterranean there had been travel for thousands of years. So 5% doesn’t mean much in this Context. Similar ratios would be found in Coastal Africa for instance.

            One of the purest and least diluted and VERY ANCIENT haploid groups is the Celltic. Their mtdna is likewise very old and uniform. This points to a VERY old origin with almost no mixing. Thus supporting the Polygenism. While East Indians and Celts are both Indo-Europeans….the same Root if you will, their genome diverges significantly. So this indicates that there was a VERY long term process of these two Indo-European “tribes” become different from their common root. There are countless other examples.

          50. Well, greece has been under the thumb of muslims many times over the past 1400 yr……………including north african muslims………………and we all know how muslims treat ‘infidel’ women.

          51. The whole point from you was that no blacks could have built this city, but there were not whites around then. So your own science calls you a lying fool. Your history tells you that your people, to establish itself, sought the knowledge of both Africa and Asia (library of Alexandria) to become educated on all matters of civilization. It’s destruction was one of the first major atrocities of your kind, and the start of their attempt to steal our knowledge and call it your own. Now, with the internet, your losing your grip and people are learning on their own. How long will it take become you way of thinking is obsolete?

          52. My point is that the Evidence of subsequent history does not support the Africans as progenitors of this city ( if indeed it was a city…perhaps it is a religious area). And that we don’t know who built it. It could have been one of the ancient peoples who historically PROVED that they had the capacity to think and build on this scale. Those people are found in Europe, the Mid East, Asia and even Meso-America ( basically Asian mix ancestry).

            Now if one believes that all humans came “out of Africa”….then those groups I just listed would have been in Africa and could have built this ( as their subsequent history has shown thousands of time by the Civilizations they ALL created). Africans on the other hand have VERY few….almost none. Therefore the probability is on the side of Non-African ancients having built it.

            If on the other hand Whites, Asians etc DIDN’T originate in Africa which polygenism says…..then given the timeframe it is possible that some NonAfricans migrated down and built it and eventually died out or left.

            If Africans DID build it….then their subsequent history shows conclusively that this tendency died out VERY early on.

          53. Whereas MY point is that no ‘city’ would have survived the 3 intervening glacial periods.

          54. Yes they did. Impressive….not many know that.
            Ever wonder why they self identified that way ? It would be like Sicilians calling themselves “the Black headed people”….or the Marsh Arabs….or any number of African Tribes. Calling themselves that to distinguish between their neighbors…….. EXCEPT…. everybody else also had Black Hair who they lived around !!!!

            Sumerians are obviously caucasians…. their reliefs, Statuary and what painting remains shows this beyond a shadow of a doubt. And they DID in fact appear to have Black Hair…..just like Iranians…just like Africans….just like Arabs and other Semitic peoples.

            The most likely answer is that they were originally surrounded by neighbors who DID NOT have Black Hair, and they used that phrase as a distinguishing feature. Thus the proto-Sumerians probaly migrated from the Steppes in areas next to proto-Hittites….proto-Scythians…and the Red-Headed ones who later came to Egypt.

          55. Actually you are….and Your Black Liberation Theology.

            Be that as it may. Your Black people have been given, Science, Technology, money, Liberation, Affirmative Action, Democratic Gov’t, Bureaucratic organization in business…….and you not only have accomplished nothing new in africa…….you’ve accomplished nothing in the Western Countries either except violence, hate and social decay. You claim everything was “stolen” from you ( of which there is absolutely no evidence….just the opposite). You are given it all back…..and you accomplish NOTHING.

            Because your capacity is wanting……it’s just genetics. As the saying goes…. “You shall know them by their words and their acts”.

          56. Stop being desperate cracker, Europe was Civilized Twice From The black moors and Egyptians in Africa

          57. You wanna debate cracker, Ta seti predates Egypt so Nubia predates Egypt

          58. Yes agree, she is beautiful…. but not as beautiful as Nefertiti. Besides the one you show is from Meroe….a Satellite Kingdom subservient to Egypt.

          59. Lasted 100 yrs, included 3 pharoahs………..and ended up with Egypt being conquered by the Assyrians.

          60. The bottom one is a well known statute of the pharoh’s daughter….the Africand copied their Overlords…..happened in Meso America too.

          61. Same can be found in early Lebanon. it was a cultural thing.
            Marco Polo mentioned it in his ‘Travels’

          62. Interesting !
            The desecration of tombs often happened during religious Orthodoxy changes…when on supreme God was supplanted for another….Osiris for Horus….Or as the Various incarnations and attributes of Amen-Ra were worshipped by one set of Priests to the exclusion of others.

          63. The real Egyptians are the Afar people Beja and other Africans white skin has only been around 6 to 8000 years

          64. That’s not true . The article is speculation and horseSt. Even a cursory knowledge of genetics and mutation rates shows this to be far short a time to change a genome…..even 40,000 is far to short. Thus the standard model is largely political without any real evidence…or inconclusive evidence.

            Real Egyptians haveancient and somewhat mysterious roots…..some connection to Naqada and Baderian cultures with an overlord class that originally came from the Sea and went on to analolia and came back to start the Dynastic periods. These are the Red Headed Sea Farers that became the Pharaohs. Later some mideastern elements from the Levant came in ( Nautufians ) and intermingled with the population.

            The Egyptian’s were NOT Afar….NOT from Ethiopia …Nor from Sudan…..the Afar say they are descended from Yemeni arabs….which is MUCH later in history.

          65. The same study that set the age for your people being formed from crossbreeding, showed that before mating with the monkeys, Africans had started to lose pigment from a genetic mutation and that Neanderthals were darker than them. In the bible it shows we had many colors, but it’s the crossbreeding that made you different not the color.

          66. White bearded Viracoacha was grafted onto the Native American Sun God Viracoacha by Spanish Missionaries and catholicised, PERIOD! Just like they did to the Aztec Feathered Serpent God. Just like they did to the Irish, Germans, and all others who were disposed and forced to Christianity by the sword. Don’t be so gullible! The Incas and Aztecs never for on second did they think that the spaniards were their returning gods! Lol!!

          67. Nope. The Legends were told to the Spaniards by the locals. And in fact explain why they at first gave no resistance to the Europeans.

            The Spanish did not force Christianity on the Irish and Germans etc like you wrote. LOLOLOL

            You are re-writing not only the history of early America…..but the ancient history of the indian cultures themselves.

          68. Yeah just like The Native American history is NOT YOURS! Practice what you preach dude!

          69. You are correct. And our history is not defined by YOU either. Disaffected and angry indians do not a monopoly on Truth have. As has been proven over and over again.

            I am terribly sorry that you have a heritage so devoid of accomplishment. I feel for you….truly.

          70. Will,
            The libraries of egypt were well known even during the time of the myceneans (roughly 800 yrs BEFORE Alexander).
            As well as were the destruction causes by invading armies,re; see Assyrian invasion of Egypt, Invasion of the Sea Peoples.
            Even in the Illiad egyptian libraries are mentioned.

          71. Your people got their knowledge from us. Originally there were two section of the Great Library of Alexandria
            which was started by Ptlomey I and greatley built up by Ptolomey II. The
            SEPHORIUM(the arts, history and literally section)containing 400,000
            volumes and the BOCCHORIUM(the scientific and technical
            section)containing 300,000 volumes. All told 700,000 volumes which made
            it the greatest library up till the zenith of the Roman Empire and was
            not matched, except for this, until the middle of the nineteenth

            The first burning was accidental. When Caesar was fighting the Egyptian
            fleet, to preserve his two legions and fulfill Rome’s contract with
            Egypt-a ship caught fire, fell on the shore and spread the fire to
            amonst other things, the great library. However Caesar orginised fire
            fighters who saved almost all of it. The second burning was in the in
            the fifth century under the likes of fanatical christians as Cyril of
            Alexandria and Peter the Reader(who led a band to murder the scholar
            Hypatia). This destroyed most of it. The second was in the seventh
            century when the Arabs conquered the country. When asked if they should
            spared the contents(that which was left) the reply was either they were
            of the Koran- and having the Koran-there was no need of them OR they
            were not of the Koran-therfore they were an abomination and had to be
            burnt. What was left of the contents of the great library after the
            first deliberat burning fueled the bath houses of Alexandria for months.
            Hence barbarians-one religous and one political-religous destroyed a
            great legacy.

            In the arts/history section there were books (scrolled volumes) of the
            early history of Mespotamia and the history before the flood(the
            Mespotamians had a legend of the flood too). In the scientific section
            there were lost books on machines invented and theorised in the ancient
            world-machines that could have added much more development. There were
            scientific discourses and blueprints for such things as the steam
            engine. Yes, much was lost on a technical and scientific nature which
            could have improved development and given society much more advancement
            in the comming dark age after the fall of the roman empire. Much much
            more was lost in the history/arts cateorgory. Knowledge that we would
            have had about very ancient history. A wealth of knowledge. Also the
            wealth of plans and ideas of a technical and scientific nature was an
            invaluelbe and tragic loss to humanity as a whole. The east, after the
            fall of Rome, kept what it could and monks in the west faithfully copied
            what they could. However the knowledge(both scientific and literal)
            that has been lost ensured centuries of lost time

          72. The Original library was a collection of Books copied from Sea Captains coming to Alexandria from all over the world. Possibly predating the flood and Last Ice age…the Younger Dryas. The Ptolemies were Macedonian and Greek.

            Some of the mathematical equations saved from the library appear complete without precedent …. hinting to some of a great knowledge from long ago preserved beyond the Mediterranean, Leading some to believe the Preists of ON that told of the Altantis myth.

            There’s a fairly accurate movie about the Hypatia incident. It was a Great loss to loose the Library.

            The history of the Library shows that its source material in fact came from outside Africa.

          73. This is an example of Bullst Black Liberation Theology re-writing of History.
            Kemet was not African…there is no evidence for it. The BLP just say itwas.

            The Egyptian Kings they list are not African….as some of their mummies show.

            Of course the Greeks came to study. They went Everywhere to study. You know why ? Because they had established schools for a thousand years before this, starting with the Mycenaeans and Minoans. BLP then says because they came to study means Africans taught them everything…..a logical fallacy almost beyond even mentioning.

            They came to study because they were interested in Differences. End of story. And besides….If they had gained all this “knowledge” as your BLP liars claim….it still doesn’t answer why all those African geniuses didn’t apply all that “knowledge” from 600-500 BC to say 1450 AD when Europeans found them…… relatively primitive still.

          74. I already addressed this type of PC propaganda that pushes monogenism. There are countless such pointless articles with some professor or other re-telling the party line.

            I gave you quite a long list of alternatives to look up and research. Science is not consensus…religion is and Propaganda is. I know the monogenism story because I have researched it….and I researched its alternatives. A true and honest intellect searches for truth….not info and others who will support your a priori already formed opinions.

            The fact is Homo Erectus and even australopithecine traits have been found in fossil specimens as far afield as Micronesia, Australia and China as well as Africa……thus hinting at Poly-genism.

          75. Yes, your link states that modern humans left Africa and mated with Neanderthal in Europe. The first white people came from Europe by intermixing with non-humans. If you want some Neanderthal DNA so your children will be more intelligent, I can send your wife a sample and a turkey baster to apply it. However, black genes usually are dominant and the black dumbass gene is liable to prevail.

          76. whites didnt come from you ,we came from noah who was white,and i really dont care if you like it or not, i seek the truth you seek a throne. you’re race has never and will never add to culture,well,except caanite crap. you need to wake up and realize were all brothers in the spirit,this is what Jesus came to tell us and tht God is all our Father,peace,quit fighting and start helping out for once.

          77. if you guys were so smart, you would be running the world.You would have taken it away from us whites by now.

          78. This conversation is ridiculous. All humans are ONE species. The human race. There is no “white” gene, no black gene, no “oriental” gene. We all have the same DNA. The diversity is due to geographical distance as people migrated and evolved different features due to climate and environmental adaptation. And as time went by there groups did not have contact with other groups due to distance and regional traits emerged. Basically due to inbreeding.

        2. If you need an example of a vibrant african nation in the ancient world look up the empire of Axum and Sheba.
          (although greek legend has it that that may have been started by the phoneceans)

          1. Yes. You are correct.
            But as you say Phoenician inception is illustrative….as is the Legend of White Lawgivers and technology transfers to the “indians” at Lake Titicaca ….. Viracocha and his people Bringing the “art” of Civilization to the area….many 10s of thousands of years ago. This seem to be a distinct possibility at this site as well.

            But again Axum is from 100 BC- 650 AD. And Sheba’s time was aroubd 900 BC……. WELL after the 200,000 years postulated for this site. And as such bear no relation to it any more than Stonehenge does.

          2. There were no whites in America , what’s pathetic a out white people is anything they think of as worthy , or advanced, in the Americas ie. mound builders, they try to steal it for their race. Maybe the Phoenicians were genetically Mediterranean, they were probably closer to the Egyptians, but there is NO genetic evidence that puts any so called “white lawgivers” anywhere in America. Or Meso America! The Bearded White Gods or White Mound builders Lies or Myths, were perpetrated against the Advanced Societies of North and South American Natives as a ploy to justify the theft of both continents and perpetrated by the British Colonials and the Spanish government and the Catholic Church. You could dream and wish all you want to but the Genetic and Archealogical record is not wanting for any of the 20, 000 or more years that the 2 continents were settled, you whites or black Americans do not have a history here that goes back more the a few hundred years. Stop trying to colonize the pre-Columbus history of the homeland and accomplishments of the most isolated people in the world at that time, the Native Americans.

          3. Sure there were. It’s been covered up for decades.
            The Solutreans were in North America going back 20,000 years. And before that Stone implements have been found off the Coast of Maryland and Virginia 5,000 years before that which strongly hint at a Mediterranean origin.
            There were burials found in mounds throughout the Southern States and Ohio with Mummies in baskests with Red hair and White skin. In Florida there have been found wells which have preserved bodies that were thrown in for burial Thoudands of years ago. The DNA confirms Haploid groups from Northern Europe.

            Calalina Island had a Culture ( Kingdom) in Pre-Historic times of which the skeletons are Caucasian.

            There are stone monuments throughout New England and New York and Conn which have the exact same structure and orientation as sites like Skara Brae in Scotland: North Salem, New York….Poughkeepsie, New York…..Putman County , NY….Fairfield County, Conn…..the 24 acre site of Mystery Hill in New Hampshire……….. And sophisticated dating techniques have shown the site was occupied during the 2000-1500 BC timeframe. The EXACT timeframe of their counterparts in Scotland and the Atlantic coast of France. Connecticut has a 20+ acre site too called Gungywamp….also dated to about 2000 BC.

            And there were continuous settlements too going all the way to the 1300s voyage of Christian Vikings to Minnesota, as told in the Kensington Runestone. Even older is the 1000 AD evidence of Vikings in Oklahoma from the Heavener Runstone. Which by the way called the area the Valley of the Gnomes( A reference to all them “noble” indians” you mention ).

            Speaking of which The Aztec Quetzalcoatl and the MUCH Older Tradition as tols by the pre-Incas of Viracochas and Manco Capac were Indigenous indian legends TOLD to the Spanish !!!
            As to the accomplishments of the N A indians……. are you referring to the Cannibalism practiced and witnessed by Columbus and his men….the Cannibalism of the Texas coast Indians….the Cannibalism practiced by those indians who destroyed the Anasazi……or the cannibalism practiced by the indians in Canada and witnessed by Champlain and chronicled by Charlevoix in 1610 , As practiced between the Iroquois and Hurons ??

            DNA….archeological ….. and Burial evidence is confirming that White people were in the new world LONG before the asiatic nomads wandered into the NA Continent. In Fact evidence in South America shows that the EARLIEST inhabitants may have been aboriginal….similar to Australia, and not indian at all.

            I am sorry for your people’s lack of accomplishment. Human sacrifice at temples in the Meso America doesn’t really count. But especially in N America the accomplishments approach the null set. Let’s remember that the great Plains indians didn’t even have horses until the Spanish ship wrecks provided them with some. And as to theft….the ensuing Lakota Sioux annihilation of hundreds of tribes before the white traders even got there, counts as one of the greatest Thefts and genocide in human history.

          4. yeah the oldest phoenecian dna evidence proves european ancestry,he looked like todays jew,btw the black race wont even pick up a hammer if something is broken in their neighborhoods,thats why they end up slums waiting for the whites to clean up their shit as usual. Finally everyone is starting to get sick of your lazy asses,finally,know this weve always survived,God is with us,you’re people still worship demons.

  5. I hate the fact that they claim 200,000 years old with no evidence. Sounds like they’re jumping the gun, here. Until they’ve gotten actual dating, I’m not going to buy it. Maybe really, really old. But not 200,000 until I see proof.

    1. The world has gone through 3 MAJOR glacation periods in the past 200,000 yrs. That a few stone circles would survive TRILLION ton glaciers in south africa isn’t a believable scenario,
      Remember, this is SOUTH africa we’re talking about: just as subject to glacial movement during those periods as the northern hemisphere was.

      1. South Africa was not covered in ice during those glacial periods. The last time south Africa was covered in ice was about 250mil years ago.

        According to scientists what happened 200 000 years ago was this:” Professor Curtis Marean, of the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University discovered ancient human artifacts in the isolated caves around an area known as Pinnacle Point, South Africa.

        ‘Shortly after Homo sapiens first evolved, the harsh climate conditions nearly extinguished our species,’ said Professor Marean.

        ‘Recent finds suggest the small population that gave rise to all humans alive today survived by exploiting a unique combination of resources along the southern coast of Africa.’

    1. You know, I’d give you a great big rant, but it wouldn’t help. Whatever has happened in your life to harden your heart, I’m sorry. Whoever came to you with dark skin and hurt you when you were young, I’m sure they didn’t know what they did. Whatever you were told about some humans who looked different from you was wrong. I hope you come to a place of peace and love in your life before you are so driven to use a word which is soul cousin to the sound of a whip cracking across a human back that you have to circumvent an obscenity filter again.

    2. Why are you commenting in this forum? Find one that suits your intellectual level. Sesame Street or sex with Animals. Maybe how to stop the family history of brothers marrying sisters. I have given you what you wanted. I’ve acknowledged your existence, Now go away.

      1. This is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever read in my life. How the hell could you know the history of europeans and still say some nonsensical shit like this?

  6. Interesting until it mentioned Sitchen and the Nibiru. Everything after that was bullshit. Not even good science fiction.

      1. Exactly, the pyramids would be in far better shape if their outer casing stones weren’t strippe off for building other things.

  7. i alway was thinking there would be highly advanced people in the past highly advanced doesn’t necessarily mean flying cars elevator etc etc but relative to the time they lived in advanced but i wonder if they where too live alongside dinosaurs in that time period and maybe used them
    i mean you can let every creature obey you if you take good care of it why not dinosaurs too
    like using a brontosaurus for carrying stuff or carrying a mobile platform
    possibilities are endless with that in mind
    we still not sure which species in the specific time period so may be still alive around that time we only have estimates
    this may sound weird but play game where such scenario is projected but if you look at that keep that i mind it doesn’t look too farfetched to actually happend in the past except for the high tech stuff in the game and the obelisks floating in the air

  8. The real question is whether the ruling Elite will let the information come out if it is found to contradict the Politically Correct paradigm.

    What if it is found that the builders were very ancient Celts ? Do you think THAT will be allowed in the Public Sphere ??

    1. Screw you idiot, I’m NOT a negro, I’m NOT brown I am White and feel sorry for anybody that isn’t.

      1. No one likes to be a Crackkker/peckerscum who has by far the most recessive weakest faggotary genetics in the world. 🙂

        1. Speaking of “faggotry” is that why all you brothas wear your pants down to your knees? Is it because you want it in the ass or because your daddy’s weren’t around to teach you how to use a belt? You do know the most confusing day of the year for a black child is Father’s day right?

        2. Gee that’s pretty bad.and who’s in charge of everything? Guess that makes you less than all those things you just said.

  9. Originally there were two section of the Great Library of Alexandria
    which was started by Ptlomey I and greatley built up by Ptolomey II. The
    SEPHORIUM(the arts, history and literally section)containing 400,000
    volumes and the BOCCHORIUM(the scientific and technical
    section)containing 300,000 volumes. All told 700,000 volumes which made
    it the greatest library up till the zenith of the Roman Empire and was
    not matched, except for this, until the middle of the nineteenth

    The first burning was accidental. When Caesar was fighting the Egyptian
    fleet, to preserve his two legions and fulfill Rome’s contract with
    Egypt-a ship caught fire, fell on the shore and spread the fire to
    amonst other things, the great library. However Caesar orginised fire
    fighters who saved almost all of it. The second burning was in the in
    the fifth century under the likes of fanatical christians as Cyril of
    Alexandria and Peter the Reader(who led a band to murder the scholar
    Hypatia). This destroyed most of it. The second was in the seventh
    century when the Arabs conquered the country. When asked if they should
    spared the contents(that which was left) the reply was either they were
    of the Koran- and having the Koran-there was no need of them OR they
    were not of the Koran-therfore they were an abomination and had to be
    burnt. What was left of the contents of the great library after the
    first deliberat burning fueled the bath houses of Alexandria for months.
    Hence barbarians-one religous and one political-religous destroyed a
    great legacy.

    In the arts/history section there were books (scrolled volumes) of the
    early history of Mespotamia and the history before the flood(the
    Mespotamians had a legend of the flood too). In the scientific section
    there were lost books on machines invented and theorised in the ancient
    world-machines that could have added much more development. There were
    scientific discourses and blueprints for such things as the steam
    engine. Yes, much was lost on a technical and scientific nature which
    could have improved development and given society much more advancement
    in the comming dark age after the fall of the roman empire. Much much
    more was lost in the history/arts cateorgory. Knowledge that we would
    have had about very ancient history. A wealth of knowledge. Also the
    wealth of plans and ideas of a technical and scientific nature was an
    invaluelbe and tragic loss to humanity as a whole. The east, after the
    fall of Rome, kept what it could and monks in the west faithfully copied
    what they could. However the knowledge(both scientific and literal)
    that has been lost ensured centuries of lost time

    1. You seem to have missed the first library burnings in egypt…when alexander’s armies destroyed them.
      And you made no mention of the damage caused by Assyrian armies

        1. This is clearly the white scumbags way of saying to us “you will not know your history because of our miserable government”.

      1. Omg SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY, do your realise how bloody stupid you look right now. You’re embarrassing yourself.

    1. Also their is proof in south America pre-Columbian that Africans had already sailed to the Americas and shared dancing tattoos and piercing and jewelery with indigenous people. Unlike Europeans the sorry about your history here is a bible and a bag of rice, tyrants who came here and indoctrinated and enslaved and wrote lies about Native Americans basically just saying they did what in truth the Europeans have done over and over. Archeologists in south America have found no proof of the savagery they claim the Aztecs and Mayans practiced religiously. There are no mass graves and the bodies they find have not been mutilated in any way to prove they were how the Spanish catholics portray them in history. Its sick and sad that so much destruction and demonization has come out of the roman catholic christian empire. Star Wars tells us the truth that the empire conquered Europe but could not sway the Jews/Jedi into bowing to their Josephus traitor new testament pieced together by copying exactly the passages and symbolism from the old testament and fulfilling the prophecies by re writing them into a new testament and then trying to present it as their father like darth vader a half them half drone for the empire. It never worked to this day Jews don’t bow to the empire. Anyone who believes a history passed down by the Cesar’s and the British empire you live a total lie. There is also proof that African Egyptians traveled to Australia and the petroglyphs they drew remind me of these ancient stone cities in Africa check it out and see what you think. To me it looks like a map of one of these African cities. Does anybody know what Jenkem is it’s peeing and crapping in a plastic bag then letting it marinate so you can huff it and get high off the fumes. Oh and in Egypt there are lions everywhere lions only found in Africa nobody brings that up. And there is a new theory called out of Australia where some researchers believe we started as Black peoples from Australia and sailed to India and settled in Africa? It’s interesting but definitely needs more research.

  10. Not true pale skin is way newer than that. Pale skin first appeared like 6,000 years ago. These are facts. They’re tricks with that dna stuff don’t be fooled. They even call Ethiopians Caucasian which we know isn’t true. The first Europeans weren’t pale they were dark so they’re probably trading them back to the first Europeans but it’s a fact that pale skin has not been around that long.

    1. Exactly moron. We evolved from you monkeys. Read a book. Read what Darwin wrote about YOU. Time to stop feeding the critters.

      1. I guess that’s why white’s have no pigment to protect them from the sun, the white woman’s eggs resting in her body are dried up scientists found out because of a lack of melanin…. Surely you’re the moron here.

      2. On record, the brain size issue has been debunked, but most white people have short legs and longer torsos, hairy bodies and thin skin like shaved dogs and monkeys… Small penises like monkeys, and flat butts like monkeys and other animals, most animals have flat asses because they walk on all fours, ass mussels as constructed in the human being as is because we walk up right.. That’s why monkeys have asses like white people..

          1. No! Bot Blacks and Whites are humans and neither is closer to the apes we evolved from and that species of apes does not exist now as 12 million years of evolution has changed the apes that exist today.
            But, in general, we are different in many aspects. It is just the recent need for a high intellect to design, build and utilize advanced technology that has highlighted the differences between Blacks and the other races. Blacks are better ate physical tasks and Whites and Orientals are better at intellectual tasks. The engineering departments of major defense contractors are filled with Whites and Orientals while the NFL and NBA are filled with Blacks. If affirmative action was demanded of the sports teams nobody would watch the broadcast games because the level of play would be so poor.

        1. But, our BETTER brains and less violent nature makes it so we can become civilized while Blacks can only ACT civilized when under the domination of Whites who use hoards of police and military to control them. When in control of an entire country they revert to a tribal mentality and are in a constant state of war and will rape and murder whenever the opportunity presents itself.

      3. You really make me laugh with your stupidity, fucking uneducated losers like you really give your people a bad image 🙂 you clearly have an inferiority complex lmao

        1. Is that any way to show how intelligent you are? Your posts would be more in line with a convicted criminal’s rant about why his parole was denied.

      4. Your wrong, africans are the only true humans on earth/scientifically proven whites are sub human. The Europeans carry caveman RH monkey blood which is scientifically proven. Africans do not carry the RH blood type. You didn’t evolve from my people. You evolved from monkeys. So your correct in that but not from my people. On top of that your the last of many races to learn language and writing. You took stories from many cultures and more.

        1. Einstein is a subhuman? What does that make OJ Simpson? OJ more symbolizes the Black race than Einstein. Look at the crime shows for a true picture of what being Black means and it holds true no matter where you go. Blacks are the least intelligent, least motivated, laziest, most violent race of creatures on Earth. If they didn’t look human they would have been hunted for their meat.
          I can’t find the article but these exact sentiments were expressed by a Black Phd who was lamenting these sad truths about the Black race. He was unable to understand why Blacks are the way they are. He wondered why NO Black controlled country was able to be a stable democracy that was also non-violent and was able to have a thriving economy since many of the countries in Africa have fantastic amounts of mineral wealth that other countries would utilize to become world powers. But, Blacks seem to only be able to have dictatorships that murder millions of their own people and squander all the wealth they were blessed with.

      5. Actually, all humans evolved from ape-like creatures beginning 12 million years ago. When a small number of humans left Africa and moved across the world to settle Europe and China and all other places outside of Africa humans began to differentiate the species. The Blacks that stayed in Africa remained as they were white those humans that left Africa became different intellectually and physically. We increased our use of our brains and had less need of superior athletic abilities. Blacks make fantastic athletes while Whites and Orientals make fantastic physicists and doctors. Some Whites can compete with Blacks athletically and some Blacks can compete with Whites and Orientals intellectually. But, in general, Blacks are better suited for athletics and Whites and Orientals are better suited for intellectual pursuits.

    2. i suggest you do a little reading up about the white race on the north west coast… blonde blue eyes…

  11. Bwahaha, that’s the DUMBEST Negro-Centric BS I’ve ever heard. Nice how the moron fit “climate change” and “FIRST PEOPLE” into its inane, ignorant rant. That’s almost as retarded as Moochelle Obama’s Princeton Thesis Statement. Which is a HALARIOUS plunge into the mind of a 70ish IQ Princeton Master’s Degree awardee. Basically making a Princeton Masters Degree worthless, to those seeking an ubër educated applicant. I know I’d never hire one.

      1. And you get 6 likes for such a rude comment. And we wonder why the world is like it is.

        1. All the “likes” are by racist Blacks. They still feel inferior and need any comment such as those made by Dwight to fell better about their lot in life. I feel sorry fro Blacks. They have the horrible condition of being a very telling color so that all humanity recognizes them as the race that is the most violent, laziest and least intelligent race on Earth. Those Blacks that work hard in school, get married, love their children and teach them how to behave are stuck with the color of their skin as a signal to others that they are most likely exactly the opposite of their true nature.

          1. Noone is liking ur comments because ur extremely ignorant. Seems like u can’t take a hint. U seriously need to forget everything u think you know and re learn everything. With such a simple undeveloped mind ur extremely easy to manipulate and that’s why u believe what u think u know. Nothing ur saying offends me so I’m not just saying this to try to offend u in some way. I truly want to help u. Ur soul is at stake u need to seriously contemplate on ur entire belief system because u might as well b screaming the earth is flat and the sun rides across the sky on a boat. That’s how completely fucked up backwards ur mind is and I actually feel bad for u
            Ur life must really suck hard bit u can change it bro leave the dark side and step into the light

      2. Refresh our memory on black history and the great advancements made to the civilized world.

    1. Your comment shows how primitive the human race still is, and how far we need to grow spiritually. There is one race here.. the human race.. who builds war machines to destroy other called advanced technology that is destroying our planet. Look at the bigger picture my friend. We are all primitive.

      1. Maybe scientists believe there is but one race but anyone with any sense at all knows different. There are major differences between the races which cannot be blamed on culture. Intelligences are vastly different as are the ability to behave in a civilized manner (in general). There will always be those that far surpass the average. But for Blacks that group will generally rise only to the level of above average for Whites. People blame economics for the disparity between Blacks and Whites but in the Middle Ages the wealth of Whites and Blacks was comparable. That Blacks never got out of their Middle Ages is telling. Without Whites there would be not Black civilizations, just mud huts.

  12. 1st of all there were no white people on Africa 200,000 years ago because of your pale skin. Pale skin people are the result of albinos mating & being ran out of Africa to live in the caves because of the sun. The moors had to teach pale people to bathe & use soap & be clean. While living in the caves other civilizations flourished. You came out the cave & decided to take everything from everyone & call it yours. Pale people are headed for exstiction & will rot in hell. Keep doing what u do your days r numbered

    1. Really? You have to do your research all over again. You will be amaised to know where white people really came from.

    2. After the second to last Ice Age, black skin would not have been a Darwinian requirement and all humans would have been Aryian white.This same tribe that has also built and designed every significant feature concerning man’s social evolution up to this present era. The Nagas, however, have been there since the beginning (Tiamat v Marduk)…raping and slaughtering and burning the white man’s creation. Animal-minded scum like yourself.

      1. Jeff you sound stupid. We’re is your information coming from. Once again you & your animal minded kind are making up things.?

        1. For you to call someone animal minded, shows you have one. It’s primitive to insult a person becuz you dont agree with them.

      2. Damn I feel good about myself. This intellectual, (sarcasm) here Mr. Smith make me feel so smart I might walk on water today.

      3. You stupid ass.., the ice age never covered Africa so Darwinism was not even relevant to black people as it pertains to skin pigmentation. This is why you have to question numb asses like Jeffery Smith. This idiot thinks the entire planet was subjected to the ice age and thus his entire white pigmentation theory hinges on that fabrication. Do your research and learn your history cottonface.

    3. LOL that is funny. For spending our lives in caves we came out pretty smart if we started taking everything for those of you who had been living and thriving in society. Couldn’t have been to advanced. But I don’t believe this at all. Plus how racist of you to talk about extinction and rotting in hell. The extinction part, well, that will be all of us. And only a few hateful people rotting in hell.

      1. Not smart try evil. So don’t be so proud of yourself. You also sound stupid.

      2. I really do hope that the comments I am reading in this thread are not representative of all people, because if they are, it is proof positive that racism is alive and thriving in all the races. Blacks hate whites; whites hate blacks; browns (black/white mixed) must hate everyone.

    4. Without “pale” skinned people the world would still be living in grass huts. Even China would have lost all its technology as it was far ahead of the White race until they suddenly stopped all technological development around 1300 AD. So far China has not caught up. They steal most of the advanced technology they have.

      1. John stop repeating these lies you’ve learned in your pale supremacy meetings. This is what your bred to do. It’s in your blood…so I’m not mad at you but you sound stupid.

      2. Stealing sounds very familiar with you people…Please make a list of what pale faces have stolen & maybe you’ll rethink your comment.

  13. What is it with white and black, or black and white, after reading some of the comments, I am disgusted with the attitudes of the people posting these comments. One of the things that is glaringly obvious is the fact that you make a lot of very uneducated comments that are race related. Please be advised that In the future this will be totally unacceptable, more in line with smoking, excessive alcohol use and the taking of un necessary drugs. The Law of the Universe will prevail. This is more in line with the thought that if it looks wrong and feels wrong, then the odds are that it is wrong. Peace be with you all.

    1. So you have decided to be the arbiter of all the comments here and will decide which ones have merit? What an idiot!

      1. I think you are taking my comment out of the context it was meant to be, I am only an idiot in your mind. I am not the arbiter of any comments and I try to be nice, if this offends you I am sure you will learn to live with it. Peace and Harmony be with you.

  14. I see division. Everywheeeeere. He says in a sarcastic tone. Mind blowing. Surely this discovery, if directed at anything, should be into the face of the religious lies that plague us? Particularly Christianity.

    1. I guess you must therefore be a supporter of the Muslims. Why else pick on Christianity, but no other religion.

      A more likely explanation is that you are a conspiracist buffoon.

      1. Well, up until Abraham, Christian, Jew and Muslim religions were identical

        1. That is not true,The Jewish religion has been around a lot longer than either Christian or Muslim. The christian religion has been around since the death of Jesus and the Muslim religion has been around since the 6th century

      2. I have to smile when I hear others make fun of conspiracies. I don’t believe everything I read, but I do try to keep an open mind. So that would include conspiracies, which the government made a nasty word. Its either that or believe what they tell us or the media. Both have been known to lie. Where conspiracies people, have spent years doing research on certain topics. So who you gonna believe, our gov and media or someone who has done years of research? Not that they tell all of the truth, but I use it to at least bounce other info off of.

        1. How superior your petty little post attempts to be. I have found that in people who are innumerate and illogical.

          Each event and circumstances are evaluated not as to whether they are or are not conspiracies, but on the balance of probabilities.

          The probability that some rock circles are made by an ancient civilization is extremely low. Not impossible, but low.

          The balance of probabilities that a God exists? Possible, but with no evidence, extremely low.

          The balance of probabilities that ‘anonitachi’ is making a sensible comment about Christianity that does not apply to all other major religions? Possible, but very low especially as all non-Asian world religions are rooted in the same foundation.

          The probability ginas504 is not a doofus? Possible, but very low.

          1. Wow, ok, well, my comment was made out of conversation, nothing more. Was just giving my thoughts. Sorry you took it otherwise. Your view of my comment is your perspective, coming from how you would answer or respond, meaning, you are looking for an argument or perhaps you now want me to insult you or call you names? I find it sad that so many response to each other in angry and rude comments. It’s part of what is wrong with the world. So many angry and fearful people.
            All I was doing is sharing my opinion. I’m sorry you feel the need to go out of your way to insult someone for no reason.
            Oh well, you have a good day!
            My name with a few numbers.

      3. Conspiracy theorists are just critical thinkers. They just theorize, just as Newton did with gravity (and for some reason that explanation for our world’s “density and bouyancy” became accepted, even when nobody really understood it or was able to prove it.)

        We need critical thinkers, questioning and all that. A human will start lying at the age of 2 on average. Just imagine what the grown-ups can do.

  15. I thought is was interesting until I realized this site was for playing the Game of Make-Believe, Ancient Alien Version. I have already watch the Christians play their Game of Make-Believe, Christian Version, and am amazed at their ignorance since they believe in Bronze Age nonsense. Both are the type of games of “Pretend” where in the imagination the impossible becomes possible. That’s why aliens fly over to Earth to core cattle butts or make pretty crop-circles as a worthwhile expenditure of the interstellar travels.

  16. The Annunaki were white. They came here and did not want to do the work. So Enki created a worker race. It was a Hybrid of the primitive being already ready here on the Planet which was dark skinned it was basically a Yeti.

    He mixed in his own DNA and copper and earth and artificially inseminated and Anuunaki female and first man was created the Adamu. A Hybrid. Then they continued to interbreed with the with Adamu. Those that had the most Annunaki are what we call the Royal Bloodlines.

    The first man probably was black, but the more of the Anuunaki blood/DNA where lighter. Then over time the human race has been upgraded by other ETs. Apparently were are very special and the Prime Creator (GOD) wants us around. As he instructed Enki to save mankind from the flood. When the other Annunaki wanted them to die.

    People need to get over all of the race bullshit. Black Vs. White. However you can see some factual evidence in this mentality of dark people still of being more of a slave race more than whites.

    Look at Islam’s submission to a Tyrant god. The god that actually wanted to wipe man out in the flood. So deluded and slave like that many do evil in his name and call it good and merciful and have to say his name all day long. The follow strange rules out of fear of punishment. If that’s not being a slave I don’t know what is.

    Look around world. The blacks and dark skinned people are very often in great numbers but are controlled. Not so much by others but by their own lack of changing their lives, of blaming others, of acting primitive and killing each other and believe “The White Man” is holding them back. Yet many of their people are at the top of success who have let go of that way of thinking and taken personal responsibility for their lives.

    The past is the past, we are what we are black, white, Asian, mixed… Time to let go of the hate, the Vs. Mentality and all work together as in harmony and evolve to stop being a slave no matter what color you are. And connect with that part of you inside that is the God Presence mentioned in all of the Esoteric Religions and to follow the one rule that has been taught in all religions that everyone is ignoring. “Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated” It’s in all of the major religions (in different wording of course)

    1. Please take your med’s and shit will clear up for you. Your statements here are embarrassing. Have you listened to the phonetics of words? EMBARRASSING. In Bare Assing, bro yo ass is out.

    2. The Anuunaki were not white, they were an entirely other race of beings. They are the mother race of humans, and the father race are the Sirians. Thus, the reason the Dogan tribes of africa speaks of a being that came from the Orion belt and told them things about our solar system that we dont even know about today. So the fact that you called them white shows that you still have the superior mentality that you say you are so against. The reason the people of darker skin act the way they do is due to the social engineering of their communities. You have to understand everything the European knows they learned from the people of ancient Khem, and the people from Khem learned their stuff the the people of ancient Kush. If you take politics out of history racism would not exist, because we will see all creeds have helped with civilization. On top of that, our entire race is primitive. WE… are destroying our planet. WE.. have militaries to fight other human beings. So to target the black community and call them primitive shows you dont see the bigger picture. WE.. are primitive. WE, pit chemicals in food and give it to the masses. WE exploit the planet and the people of it. WE cut down trees by the thousands to read the sunday paper when we could use hemp. So instead of pointing the finger at the black community, look at the mistakes of the entire race.

      1. I don’t know about you, but I am not doing those things. the corrupt politicians, perhaps are being run by some other force. To me, as crazy as that sounds, I can’t believe man is destroying everything when they too have to live here. I know the almighty dollar is powerful, but to destroy where you live because of it. There has to be another reason this is going on. And the only thing that makes sense to me, is another force controlling those that are in power.

      2. Name me ONE Black country that has made anything if itself without the intervention of Whites. Even after Whites create a civilization out of a group of warring tribes the Blacks can’t keep it going if the Whites leave. That is just plain SAD!

        1. The stupidity of some of These comments is astonishing. The intervention of “whites” is exactly what is destroying all the countries and the world itself. What’s sad is how ignorant you are

          1. Intervention of whites is destroying these countries? No-one forced natives into the industrial world. They had the right to continue to live in their original villages, but chose instead to advance themselves, as they have now done and are doing. Jealousy seems to be underlying
            your comment. Once the whites left, Africa is not doing so well

    3. You know sadly most Caucasians usually make the same insensitive comments that you made which really highlights the words of the late great Michael Jackson, “they don’t really care about us.” The AmeriKKKan white man has proven himself to be the biggest murderer, rapist and robber throughout the his-tory of mankind that the evidence speaks volumes that he just can’t be trusted…He came crawled out the hills and caves of Europe to accumulate enormous wealth by nearly killing off all the Natives, enslaved Africans and even today he goes into foreign lands leaving paths of destruction wherever his foot treads….See people like you simply refuse to do any research whatsoever about what the white man have done so u can willfully be ignorant…You claim the past is the past ok we don’t have to go back 400 years… How about we go back just within my lifetime in the last 52 years…Did you know that the United Snakes Government has admitted to assassinating Dr Martin Luther King??? You ever heard of the Tuskegee experiment???? Probably NOT….Well the Tuskegee experiment was when the government intentionally affected black men with syphilis left it untreated to see how it would affect them…Doing the Ronald Reagan administration this terrorist declared a “war on drugs” but this same terrorist was putting dope in black neighborhoods via the CIA….Under Bill Clinton, whom black people loved and dubbed as the “first black president” this tyranny swelled up the prisons with black men for “non-violent offenses…Get caught with a bag of weed and get 30 years was the norm…Lol…And his Bitch of a wife wants the black vote now??? Why to implement the same policies that destroyed black families all over the country…I know I won’t be voting for her….Sir even today in the wake of police murders of UNARMED black people NOT one officer has been convicted and in some cases predominately white grand juries refuse to even indict and it’s a damn shame….So u have to excuse us the descendants of slave if we are not buying that the AmeriKKKan white man is our friend….The evidence speaks loud and clear that he has done everything he can to destroy non whites not just here in AmeriKKKa but all over the globe….

      1. Truly your comments are a load of BS. Illiterate, conspiratorial and emotional. Not rooted in fact.

        Exactly why should I – a white man – care about you Dwayne? We have given you enough already (even the ability to read and write and the wheel). And you have not done anything with it except complain.

        I refuse to give you any more.

        1. Wow are you seriously this ignorant? I highly doubt that you – a moron – has given anything worth while to this world. It’s people just like you who are fucking everything up simply because ur stupid. U must think just being born ur a blessing to this world or something. Your stupidity is a curse. I really hope you overcome it for ur sake and anyone who comes in contact with you. I can sense your spirit rotting at its core

          1. And that’s the best answer you can come up with? Really? Anyone who disagrees with this nonsense is ignorant. Really?

        2. I think it’s just a theory, just as gravity is. HEHA. You shouldn’t be offended by it, but you are. Why? Is it the same as arguments between 2 religions, “My god is better” – “No! Mine is!”

          It sure sounds something like it.

          We know NOTHING about our real past. All we get is “hi(s)-story” which is written and told by the victors only. And theorizing cool stuff just stimulates your brain and it’s healthy for it. You should try it. Maybe you’ll become more intelligent than you are now. At least your primitivity will go away, more or less.

      2. Dwayne, when obvious facts are shown by the government itself , there’s no debate that most of what you’re saying is definitely truth. But when someone refuses to face the truth and rather continue to “slay” every sensible point given…What does that tell you? What it tells me is that they are either racist (you can’t change their views; Only God above can)…Either they have mental issues (possibly haven’t had their meds for the day)…Or they are kids simply playing online with nothing better to do. I just can’t picture sensible grown-ups of great character carrying on with some of the senseless remarks I’ve read, like really who does that? .A group of “low lives or social retards” and yes they come in every race/color, just saying. Oh, and trust that this is the first and last comment I’ll make on this thread, no offense but I refuse to stoop down low, Love and will pray for you guys and I’m not a racist. I don’t feel hate I feel love and pity for the wounded souls.

      3. The jews are the masterminds behind these murderers. The ones that does the actual killing are just brainwashed and trained to do so.

      4. All i need say about this. Check the slave history of the irish people. Then go boohoo. And the irish were white. What was done to the irish was far worse then most done to others.

        1. Your ignorance is astounding the Irish were indentured servants and were paid and given land upon completion of the servitude . There is a difference between chattel slavery and servitude . You excuse givers and denials of white astrocities worldwide are quite laughable . I could go on and on regarding the mutiliations, castrations and inherently wicked and natural evil of the Europeans . But truth telling would make me branded a racist by those who refuse to except the destructive character of the European .

        2. We have more slavery on this planet then ever before and the slaves are of all colors. They keep it hidden. But you can see it everywhere if you open up your awareness.

      5. You stupid fuck if whites wanted you destroyed you would be dead.
        What an absolute wagon load of steaming horse shit.Obama did blacks real good hmm? Moslems and black have been the masters of the slave trade for thousands of years.some one get puddin a tissue.

        1. This is exactly what they want you to feel and they don’t care what color you are. Brother against Brother. These people 1% riches people feed off someone like you they love the negetivity you give off. It makes them stronger.

        1. So during the course of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade a total of 12 million Africans were sold to Porteguese slave traders by … Africans themselves… delivered to the Caribbean and distributed. An estimated 400k out of the 12 million enslaved went to North America. To put that in perspective South America at that time had 4 million African slaves…

          Most people who complain about how someone does something and then turns around and does it themselves would be called a…. Hypocrite correct!

          William Ellison was a very wealthy black plantation owner and cotton gin manufacturer who lived in South Carolina. According to the 1860 census (in which his surname was listed as “Ellerson”), he owned 63 black slaves, making him the largest of the 171 blackslaveholders in South Carolina.

          Even Native Americans owned black slaves during this time period. So everyone, including blacks owned black slaves.

          In summary, maybe instead of blaming “whites” for all your problems maybe you should blame your own ancestors for providing the western world with enslaved men women and children. Then blame your even more immediate ancestors for owning yourselves even though they should have surely known (being once slaves themselves) that it was wrong… bit alas many didnt… weird.

    4. I think I read this book. The Dark Regiment, about a planet that had no

      but soldiers

    1. I will certainly check into the hydrogen fender…looks interesting….I always thought Woman came from Womb Man…

      1. Untrue.

        Woman come from Bloomingdales…….and we all have the Credit Card bills to prove it. … ;- )

  17. Sine white people say black people are Monkeys.Monkeys cant build beautiful civilizations like that

    1. Not all “White” people say that. And it’s because of people like you, the stereotype keeps getting perpetrated!

      1. haha… that’s not true… he’s not perpetuating a thing…. and you’re arrogant in your reply…. haha…

    2. I’m white I don’t say that.speak for yourself.if you are black then it’s black people saying it.

  18. So Prothean, Reapers and Collectors really exist… someone should stop playing mass effect… :p

  19. This is the worst comments section one ever read. I’m laughing and crying at the same time. Well, at least it was refreshing to read, compared to the chemtrailtrolls and flatearthnonsenepeople I usually battle on YouTube.

    1. Suspected that it was complete tripe when I saw Michael Tellinger’s name, knew that it was complete tripe as soon as I saw “according to Sitchin.”

  20. An author and a fireman ? Wow so I should get my archaeological evidence from a novelist and a fireman – who publish non peer reviewed articles on non reputable sites !!

  21. Most people are intellectually slow, primarily primitive in thought, and ridiculously ignorant of their place in the galaxy, not to mention the universe.

    1. That’s only your hope Ignorant… I just suggest you to leave your place in Europe or somewhere else and come to West Africa and meet people who can teach you a lot

  22. You telling me they came all this way ,in spaceships,with major technology and they have little mines like this.nope .not buying it.

    1. I would say it is plausible that a life form from another planet came to earth and enslaved us to extract their alien material (gold) for them.

      We don’t know, if these lifeforms exist, what the extent of their technology is. For all we know we are right on track with our excavation.

      Can it be simple coincidence that our world revolves around an alien metal? (Currency aka gold = root of all evil)

      Also maybe “all this way in spaceships” may not be that far for said lifeforms. Food for thought.

  23. MUHAHAHHHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAAHAH That really is al I have to say on the matter.

      1. If you think this story is in anyway legitimate you are clearly both and likely require mental health intervention ?

  24. 11newworld45 can you please tel us how to manufacture gold? and can you tell us why all countries gather gold by the ton’s and store it away?

    1. This gold is very valueable. The Annunaki used it in their bread it is call monotonic gold it is refined down. They used it to remain young on our planet. You can still buy this on Amazon. They also use it secure their planet atmosphere because of damage from a glalactic war that damage their atmosphere The rotation of our planet is only 365 days. Their planet rotate around the sun 3600 year which make them live longer. As for why they horde gold now because the Rothchild (Federal REserve) this is not a goverment agency this is privately own and they got the world by the balls expecially the US. I believe there are 7 families who run this planet in a negetive way. The dollar bill is just a note it is really worthless without the backing of gold. That is why they horde it.. To beat the bastards the world needs to fight back with positive enery. Kindness love understanding forgiveness even to these bastards they can’t survive on positive energy. that is why they keep us in fear with wars. It is a myth that there is not enought for every one It is not a mistake that we have 7 billion souls on this planet. But if we keep raping this planet and killing each other, the earth itself will start fight back. It is a living organic enity just as we are. It is a part of us. These storms and strange weather pattern are the result. It is starting to fight back. But we can change this. If we come together and acknowledge we are one with our planet and each other. Michael Tellinger has some great books and youtube videos. Also read some of Zecharia Sitchin books. This is some of the information I have came acrossed. Also Michael Tellinger has started Ubuntu in South Africa. Ubuntu is a different way of life the way it should be through contributionism. Simple way of saying money does build bridges, homes etc, PEOPLE DO.

  25. This architecture is similar but less advanced than the Puebla civilization 36° 3’38.66″N 107°57’47.67″W

  26. This information came from 30,000 clay tablets found in a ancient city which

    found under a city that was built on top found near Bagdad. The Sumerian Culture.

  27. Nonsense if these ruins were that old they would be under hundreds of feet of top soil not right on the surface like that.

    1. That’s right because it rains at least 6 inches of top soil every year. I’m all the time having to go on my roof and shovel the top soil off. Even the snow plows get used after a good mud downpour you freakin goof. Hundreds of feet of top soil just rains from the sky huh moron.

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