Ancient Aliens: Is There A Secret Space Program built with Reverse-Engineered Alien Tech?

In 1993, during a lecture at the UCLA Alumini Center, Ben Rich, former CEO of Lockheed Martin held a very interesting speech about technological advancements in space engineering in a period of forty years. He concluded his speech with the following quote: We now have the technology to take ET home.” – Ben Rich, CEO of Lockheed Skunk Works, 1993

While talking about ET the last image of the slide showed a mysterious black disk-shaped object flying into outer space.

What was Mr Richj telling us with the quote? With the image?

Lockheed has designed and built a series of incredible aircraft including the SR-71 Blackbird, the F-22 Raptor and the F-117 Nighthawk, all of them with state of the art technology that no one else had in their possession. Their aircrafts were unique, fast, and lethal.

Many people believe that Lockheed Martin definitely came into possession of advanced alien technology that they managed to re-engineer creating the next generation fighters. Is it possible that Lockheed is responsible for the manned flying saucers?  Is it possible that Lockheed combined Tesla’s inventions with re-engineered alien technology which allowed them to create unprecedented aerial vehicles and even spacecraft? Vehicles that have been kept far away from the prying eyes of the public.


As of 2000, if not a bit earlier, people started to think differently, interest in alien life and extraterrestrial technology, governments could keep up with the high interest of the public in those subjects which has probably led to the numerous declassified UFO files made available to the public in recent years.

In an interview with BBC British system administrator Gary McKinnon, the person who hacked his way into 97 U.S. military and NASA computers, said that he had been motivated by the Disclosure Project since “there are some very credible, relied-upon people, all saying yes, there is UFO technology, there’s anti-gravity, there’s free energy, and it’s extraterrestrial in origin and they’ve captured spacecraft and reverse engineered them.”

According to McKinnon, he uncovered numerous files, among them a spreadsheet containing names and details about extraterrestrial officers and fleet logs. McKinnon searched for the ‘extraterrestrial officers’ in the database of the U.S Military and Navy and concluded that those officers were nowhere to be found. He concluded that these mysterious ‘officers’ had to be Space Marines.

McKinnon saw countless UFO images stored in NASA’s computers at the Johnson Space Center’s Building 8 among other highly classified documents. McKinnon was caught in 2002 facing over 50 years in prison and millions of dollars in fines. Luckily, McKinnon who fled to the U.K. was never extradited to the US and managed to avoid prison. McKinnon firmly believes that extraterrestrial vehicles have been captured by governments around the world, and he also believes that mankind was able to reverse engineer that technology creating highly advanced spacecraft which are today fully functional.

Alien Technology? Reverse Engineered Alien Technology
Alien Technology? Reverse Engineered Alien Technology


Solar Warden: The Highly Secret Space Program

According to ufologists and other individuals who have come across classified material during their function in space and governmental agencies there is a secret space program called Solar Warden: Solar Warden maintains a number of fleets which operate in our solar system: their objective… from Earth Defense to Space Exploration. Solar Warden takes advantage of reverse engineered alien technology: utilizing elements and material only available in space, this program has been in function for years, and everything is happening in secrecy, in space.

Does this sound like a Hollywood movie script? Well it might sound just like that but just imagine the amount of technology and funds that agencies around the world have… Not everything you see is true, but this can be interpreted the other way around as well. There are so many things that most of us have no idea about.

Let’s remember Tesla for a minute, and Tesla’s countless inventions which were clearly way ahead of his time. From UFO’s to advanced propulsion systems Tesla was a man that had envisioned the future before all of us.

Do you think Solar Warden does exist? Is it possible that we reverse engineered alien technology and use it in our advantage? Many people believe we have reverse engineered alien tech and that Solar Warden is just a small piece of the truth hidden from the public.

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  1. That photo of the black triangle on the tarmac looks more like tarp over some kind of new war plane.

  2. Get your facts right. Gary mckinnon did not see “countless images of ufos”. using an adsl connection he managed to pull one image in low definition from one computer file marked raw images which showed an image of a ufo without rivets. He did not”flee to the UK”, he done his hacking from here in the UK. Home secretary Theresa May blocked his extradition. Interestingly, the media completely ignored the ufo elements of his case during its reporting which I found very suspicious, but please get your facts right before publishing there is too much disinformation in ufology and a site dedicated to exposing the truth should be more careful.

  3. The shadows cast by the triangular “ship” are opposite to all the shadows from the men and other equipment. A clear fake !!

    1. Just as the boarding platform does meet up with the craft as it should – and no military craft is towed with a crane and a strap… that right there was the dead give-away the image was a poorly done Photoshop collage. Also – where are the tarmac FIRE Extinguisher’s, the power generators, and all of the other support equipment that is always present when an aircraft is on the flight line? A super secret stealth aircraft would NEVER be out in the bright daylight where it could be photographed by satellites or some boob nearby with a cell phone camera.

  4. First sentence of this article shows the lack of professionalism. “In 1933…” 1933? You all do have editors around?

    1. We don’t all have a compulsive need to methodically analyze and articulate proper grammar. Sometimes you just have to a fucking typo go man.

    1. U rly have to investigate that picture to see its fake?? lol, look at the shadows^^

  5. First of all let me stress this: I do believe in life outside the Earth. Now do I believe that the Earth has been intentionally visited by extraterrestrial life: No!

    Now I stated ‘intentionally visited’ on purpose because I can believe in a scenario where alien technology fell to Earth without the aliens knowing about it. Lets take for example the Voyager spacecrafts. Let say that after leaving the solar system we lose track of both of them. We have absolutely no idea where they are located. Now lets say that one of the Voyager spacecrafts fell onto Planet X whose technology is at the level of 1950 Earth. From our point of view we still do not know if life exist outside of our solar system however from Planet X’s point of view there is alien life somewhere else in the universe. The people of Planet X would have to assume that their location is known and the government of Planet X would have to decide how to handle the news.

    Now the real reason for my rant is that I do not believe we, on Earth, reverse-engineered alien technology to enhance our current technology. Lets say that the alien technology is at least 100 years in advance of ours, at the time of the supposed crash, to enable interstellar travel though I believe it would have to be a lot more. That would be the same as sending an iPad back in time to 1915 Earth. Assuming that the iPad wasn’t damaged during the transit, the scientist there would still have to open it without damaging the connections inside. Then what they would see would be a green board with black and silver shapes on it.

    Provided they didn’t damaged the individual ‘coated’ components through the use of probing with crude voltage meters, by not being properly grounded, they could probably deduce which components were a resistor, an inductor and a capacitor through the possible symbols on the circuit board. However the concept of a power transistor and integrated circuit would be totally foreign. The symbol for the integrated circuit is ‘IC’ however the symbol for the transistor is ‘Q’.

    Probing the voltage level on the leads of discrete components is straightforward however probing the leads of transistors and ICs would lead to a 0 volts reading because these level are rapidly changing at a certain clock speed which voltage meters can not measure. They would need a gigahertz oscilloscope which does not exist in 1915. They would need a gigahertz logic analyzer, to analyze a gigahertz timed circuit, which does not exist in 1915.

    Now they could remove the components and shave down the individual coating to see whats inside however, except for the resistor, inductors and capacitors, they don’t have a grinding tool with a fine enough precision to NOT destroy the parts in the process. And even if they had a precision shaving device all they would see is a silver film because they do not have an electron microscope or any microscope of sufficient resolution to see the actual electrical pattern embedded inside.

    We don’t have the right equipment to probe advanced alien technology. Their computers would probably need petahertz logic analyzers to resolve the signals they are generating. The aliens could probably buy a gravity wave detector from their local electronic store for 10,000 alien currencies while our current gravity wave detector is a huge device stuck underground to prevent interference.

    Technology is not stagnant. To believe we have the technology to understand the computers, electrical components and materials of a complex (and I really mean unknown) device from an alien world more than 100 years in advance is the height of arrogance on our part.

    1. What about fiber optics. This tech is so fucking advanced for the time of its conception, its not implausible that we at the very least got the idea from crashed spacecraft. There are simply too many people coming forward, too many witnesses and participants in cover ups to discredit them all. Sure some might be wacko’s but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. If the government had a secret space program, we assuredly would never know about it if they didn’t want us too. Hell, we still can’t definitively figure out who killed Kennedy, how ridiculous is that power?

      1. I will give you credit for fiber optics (without conceding my point) as an argument. It is a simple technology to understand, passing a signal through glass. It is also scale-able: you don’t have to start with a high data rate to experiment with it. The size and the data rate of the repeaters can decrease in size and grow in speed with each revision of optical purity. However I would need more examples to reconsider my position.

        1. Sadly, if alien tech existed at all the government would never allow the public to knowledge of it. Its just a little theory I had, no actual proof to back it up though, so it will probably stay a theory. Wikileaks def. needs to get up on that government shit again, we need real answers to questions that only they have. Whether the existence of such things is true or completely false. Statistically, we do have A LOT more people who have worked in government/military branches that are coming forward as whistle blowers. It comes to a point where logic would dictate that if there was, in fact, nothing to hide, then why are they still keeping some of these strange events locked up and highly redacted. We will probably never get a straight answer, even if someone finally comes forward with a smoking gun. Like I’ve said, we still don’t know who killed president Kennedy and thats really pathetic.

    2. Your points here are well taken and I think you are right on in your analysis of this possibility. I believe there are people within this subject that are to quick to jump on statements from a man who may be intentionally spreading false information for whatever reasons.

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