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This proves giant skeletons have been excavated around the world

The unexplained

This proves giant skeletons have been excavated around the world

This is the ultimate evidence that Giants existed on Earth in the past

If you are looking for evidence supporting the existence of giant beings, look no further. In this article, we have compiled over 15 reports –some of them dating back up to a hundred years– where newspapers write about giant skeletons that could alter the course of history. 


You would think that discoveries like that of giant skeletons would be something extremely well controlled and not allowed to end up in the newspapers, mainly because the idea that giants walked on earth in the past is something that scholars today firmly oppose.

Call it forbidden history or what you want, in the 21st century; mainstream scholars believe that tales and ancient texts about giants are a pure myth and that there is no evidence to back these claims up. However, if we look back a couple of decades, we will find that newspapers like the New York times, San Antonio Express, The Sun and even Popular Science have reported discoveries of mysterious skeletons that are not human in origin. Where these mystery skeletons ended up is a mystery, and it is even a greater mystery why mainstream scholars have decided to ignore such findings.

Legends and ancient writings speak of gigantic beings inhabiting Earth in the distant past. Interestingly, these stories occur in almost all ancient cultures and civilizations. We can find stories in many mythologies of the ancient world: Greek, Norse, Germanic, Indian, Indo-European, and also in the new world as in the traditions of the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas; but most importantly in almost all major sacred books of antiquity: the Lebhar Gabhale, the Hindu Ramayana and even in the Bible.

Giant skeletal remains have been found in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and New York, but that’s only in the United States, the truth is that all around the world, from Europe, Asia, and Africa, discoveries are made that contradict everything we have been taught about in school.

Forbidden archeology or not. Every time someone mentions the possible discovery of ‘giant skeletons’ the notion of Forbidden History and Archaeology pops up. However, not everything is forbidden, and not everything is fake when it comes to the existence of giant beings.

We looked for reports of the existence of Giant skeletons and to our surprise, we find quite a lot of articles speaking of giant skeletons.





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