UFO Appears Over Buenos Aires During Morning Weather Forecast (Video)

The truth is out there. Or at least so they say.

A new UFO sighting has just been reported in Argentina.

An alleged UFO apparently ‘crashed’ a morning weather forecast, which was being broadcasted live on Argentina’s News C5n.

While the hosts of a News C5n woke the viewers in a new broadcast of ‘Mañanas Argentina’s’, a strange and luminous object crossed the screen as the TV hosts were left baffled by the object.

C5n’s presenter, Mariela Fernandez, was minding her own business, speaking about the weather, the sky and the pollution seen above Buenos Aires, when her colleague, meteorologist Diego Ángeli noticed a strange blip on the giant screen, showing a beautiful live feed of the Argentine capital.

Both Fernandez and Ángeli were left impressed by the object which in a matter of seconds crossed the sky above the capital of the country.

“It’s not an airplane, it’s moving very fast,” exclaims Fernandez. To which the meteorologist replies: “Of course, it’s making strange turns, and if you cannot identify it, it’s a UFO.”

The video of the UFO was posted online by C5N YouTube’s channel.

You can watch the video here:

Interestingly, the amount of UFO’s reported in the last few years has grown exponentially.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center (Yeah that’s a real Institution with headquarters in Davenport, Washington), since the 1980s, UFO sightings have grown at an unimaginable fast rate.

Sam Monfort used data from the National UFO Reporting Center and posted a resourceful chart where we can see how UFO sightings have incremented across the years.

Sam Manfort explains that since the years 2000, UFO sightings top 45,000 a year around the world.

Image Credit: Sam Manfort.

This graph, also created by Manfort, shows a map of the work with UFO sightings per 10 Million people.