The Great Pyramid of China: The Largest and oldest Pyramid on the planet?

The story behind the Great Pyramid of China is beyond fascinating. For years, the government has not allowed proper studies to be performed on the numerous pyramids near the city of Xi'an. Excursions that managed to sneak into the area where the pyramids are discovered numerous anomalies like a metallic...

The Lost Civilization of Atlantis: Buried beneath the Ice of Antarctica

Using the dating method of Dr. W.D. Urry. from the Carnegie Institution in Washington D.C., scientists discovered that Antarctica’s rivers, sources of fine-dispersed deposits, were flowing as depicted on The Orontius Finaeus map, about 6,000 years ago. About 4000 years B. C., glacial sediments started to accumulate. Is it possible...

What happened to Puma Punku? Did a cataclysmic event destroy the ancient complex?

While everyone talks about the fascinating precision of the builders of Puma Punku created this megalithic complex, and how they managed to transport megalithic stones weighing hundreds of tons, no one has asked what happened to Puma Punku thousands of years ago that caused a mass-displacement of the megalithic stones? What...

Did the Lost Pyramid of Egypt ‘explode’ 12,000 years ago?

YouTube Video Here: Did The Lost Pyramid of Egypt —believed to have been the highest pyramid ever built at 722 feet, around 240 feet taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza— explode tens of thousands of years ago? Researchers agree that the most noteworthy detail about the Pyramid is the fact...

2 Ancient Alien Civilizations that helped forge the human civilization

Is the human civilization the result of natural evolution? How is it possible that at one point in history, people are living in caves, and all of a sudden ancient cultures started building complex cities and massive monuments around the globe? What can be attributed to this gigantic technological leap...

3 ‘Forbidden Archaeology’ Discoveries that PROVE history is Wrong

YouTube Video Here: The number of artifacts that have been discovered in the last couple of decades, contradicting history are countless. Each discovery proves how ingenious ancient civilizations were thousands of years ago, and that history as we have been taught in history books is full of missing parts. We...

5 Ancient Petroglyphs & Cave Paintings that depict “Ancient Aliens”

YouTube Video Here: Thousands of years ago, ancient people around the globe created a number of petroglyphs and cave paintings. Why ancient man depicted strange beings with 5 or 6 fingers, helmets, sandals, and what appear to be space suits is a mystery no one has been able to...

‘Impossible’ Ancient Engineering: The Megalithic Stones of Baalbek

YouTube Video Here: There are some ancient sites on our planet that simply put, should not have been possible to construct thousands of years ago. Some refer to these ancient sites as the result of 'Impossible' Ancient Engineering. One of the most fascinating enigmas for archaeologists in the 21st century...

3 highly advanced ancient sites built over 10,000 years ago

Over 10,000 years ago, extremely advanced civilizations inhabited our planet and left behind incredible ancient sites that are considered archaeological mysteries in the twenty-first century.  History is wrong and we know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. Just look at our history books. As a matter of a fact, even...

Meet Armenia’s Stonehenge: Predating the Pyramids of Egypt by three thousand years

Not only does the enigmatic 'Armenian Stonehenge' predate the pyramids and its more famous counterpart in England by thousands of years, some of the rocks on the site depict curious beings with elongated heads and almond shaped eyes. Located in modern-day Armenia, in Karahunj also known as Zorats Karer or Armenia’s...

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