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  1. hello from Ukraine=)

    Please look on my notebook screenshots i include in this message.

    Do you see the same i see – bullethole maded by something, named Takla-makan desert?

    As for me, i see that Himalai – the lower edge of the wound. And it was so hot, that it leaked into the ocean, to make an Indonesia and New Zealand, and produce so much steam, that let Dinos to be alive until now, but evolutionate into the crocs, horses, birds etc…
    Australia – the only one that cannot be inserted on the visible ground puzzle… it appears ’cause of a random changing of the degree of an axises after impact, and in one long enough period Australia becomes the south pole of the Earth….
    In the same time i see the outgoing hole of that bullet – Mariana Trench National Wildlife Refuge region.. right now i understand why the Marian hole is so deep…
    While that something passing in the instant very speedy shoot, it lift up the whole platform, we call the Pacific Ocean bottom, and gravity magnet it back, but on the lower level, i believe… Scientists sad that they found the water, three times more than we can calculate on the Earth sureface, on the 700 km deep…
    So maybe we know why we have so much of it on the side of our rock… In the same time, scientists sad that we not know 90% of a ocean bottom, that means that we not know what we have underwater on the 3/4 of the planet…
    It seems to me, the Moon was that bullet=) The dark side of it is a side of impact – thats why there is no craters overthere…
    By the way – the craters are not the craters, but the bottom of giant hot bubbles that appear on some period of “new Moon” visual for us…
    And the Moon show us only one side cause of moving its weight center as result of impact…=)

    That impact i think change the turning speed of a planet and the degree of an Earth axis… thats why ocean kreatures still living now but smaller then was before…

    So maybe Atlants was so big ’cause of other gravity, that changes and assuming the sauna environment kill them all or make them change to us…=)

    I think if understand the whole fisic of that impact it becomes more clear to KNOW directly where the mineral deposits are exist for sure….Oil,Gas, Coal, Diamonds and so on….

    the Gobi desert and the whole China and Mongolia territory appears ’cause of a consequencies of that bullet impact, i think… Just imagine, how much of weneedtoremember was buried under ground that move near by the same way, that visible when you throu stone into sand….

    I not even speak about the humanity history, that seems was rewritten and forgotten by us…..

  2. Try to imagine if to be GODs. its to boring cause each one is perfect,no gender,no faces but full of powers tired of living trillion years maybe.tired of creating earth many times,cuz humans are only vessel of GODs. blah blah blah if im a GOD who wants to feel not to be perfect is to be born in human for, and i will reset my mind.blah blah they always wokeup after ther vessels die or the planet crush.and make another earth.make another humans. less humans intellege,strenght,agility. &*(%#$&!%(%_*@$! if im GOD i only give 17% brain that functions on humans only so that earth will last long.i love the grass the mountains,sea,tree so be satisfy u cant find them cause u only see/hear/smell/walk/talk 17%. stop wasting on searching clues and enjoy life.. blah blah im just drunk and dnt know what im saying hahaha maybe they restore earth 70 times.. hahaha whats the point on finding clues so u could be immortals? if humans are vessel and im the GOD ill create a spirit to let humans dream on what to fear and let them dream way back on ther child days.lolz

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