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NASA has captured something HUGE escaping a supermassive black hole


NASA has captured something HUGE escaping a supermassive black hole

Two NASA telescopes managed to capture the moment a Supermassive Black Hole’s Corona launched out of the cosmic devourer. The corona associated with Mrk 335 ejected from the black hole traveling at about 20 percent the speed of light.

Just when you thought things at NASA couldn’t get more exciting bam… they capture a mysterious ‘huge’ mass of energy somehow escaping a ‘supermassive black hole’. Alien you say? Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, it is a possibility but it’s quite likely that it’s just another super rare cosmic phenomenon.

Fiona Harrison, the principal investigator of NuSTAR at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, said: ‘The nature of the energetic source of X-rays we call the corona is mysterious, but now with the ability to see dramatic changes like this we are getting clues about its size and structure.’


According to writing on NASA’s website:

Astronomers think coronas have one of two likely configurations. The “lamppost” model says they are compact sources of light, similar to light bulbs, that sit above and below the black hole, along its rotation axis. The other model proposes that the coronas are spread out more diffusely, either as a larger cloud around the black hole or as a “sandwich” that envelops the surrounding disk of material like slices of bread. In fact, it’s possible that coronas switch between both the lamppost and sandwich configurations.

The Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array telescope (NuSTAR) and Swift telescope managed to capture the rare phenomenon in a black hole called Markarian 355, which is located just 324 million light years from Earth. This new observation helps astronomers understand how these flashes are formed and could aid in solving some of the mysteries about celestial bodies.

Astronomers say it is the first time that where it is possible to relate the ejection of the crown with a flare. This helps explain how black holes give energy to some of the brightest objects in the universe.

Astronomer’s stat that the mysterious emission was caused by ejection of its corona, which is a source of energetic particles.

‘This is the first time we have been able to link the launching of the corona to a flare,’ said Dan Wilkins of Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada.

‘This will help us understand how supermassive black holes power some of the brightest objects in the universe.’

Researchers state that supermassive black holes don’t give off any light by themselves.

Strangely, according to astronomers this supermassive black hole, located at the center of our galaxy was once one of the brightest X-ray sources in the galaxy but something very strange happened 8 years ago when MRL 335 faded by a factor of 30 said Luigi Gallo an astronomer and investigator of the project.

Featured image credit NASA – Source NASA

  • Girish K Sawhney


  • Allan Stark

    Considering the vastness of the universe – effectively infinite – the chance of observing this if it was an isolated single event is as good as zero. So the conclusion remaining is that it probably is a normal common occurrence associated with black holes.

    • lolyyy

      soo… no ufo? 🙁

  • ionut

    May be materia, pressed at maximum and ejected back into space?

  • Debbon Cross

    well at least it isn’t aiming at us just a few light years away

  • Wesley Renfroe

    to keep it short it is common knowledge the sun, black holes and much more are just stargates from other dimensions. many alien races are here now. the demonic races are now in control. why do you think all of humanity and earth is under attack- multiple wars that never stop. assainasion squads, chemtrails, all food is toxic as well as shampoo, detergent, EVERYTHING DAMN THING, GMO,S vaccines our toxic, nano-particle mind control chips which 80% of humanity give off a frequency. and on and on.they do not want us to know humans have vast powers that are blocked and we our co-creators and immortal spiritual beings.there are now ships the size of Neptune in the kipler belt.

    • Everhard Smith

      Wow! Great imagination! No doubt that there are SPIRITUAL beings i.e demons but nano particle mind control? Spaceships the size of Neptune? Look I have no doubt that there might be and I say might be, life somewhere else in the universe, The universe is vast…an understatement yes, we all know that it is bigger than any of us can imagine, but why would any alien species really want to come to earth? It will take any species, in the closest solar system -yet again if there is life out there- thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years to reach earth, even if they could travel at the speed of light. That means that they will have to get very…very old, be immortal or plan ahead in an astronomical scale so that they can have thousands of generations travel on one spaceship, maybe the size as neptune, throughout the millennia just to come to earth so that they can explore, settle or conquer earth!?? Unless Einstein’s Einstein-Rosen Bridge theory is not a theory but an actuality, then yes, I can see that alien visitation to earth can be possible and then we can maybe visit other worlds too.

      • Wesley Renfroe

        fu—- idiot. sorry but many humans are nothing but dumbed down sheep as dumb as a box of rocks. i refuse to right a lenthy article explaining it to you. RESEARCH IT, RESEARCH IT. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. go to u-tube. look up project mockingbird— project sigma— look up solar wardens, the 13 satanic illuminati bloodlines, the kazarian mafia. the reptilians–the draconians and on and on. our news is part of a criminal network . the main stream news is owned by six corporations and by fake jews, look up the book of enoch and the nag hammadi by the gnostics. texts thousands of years old found in clay jugs in a cave in the middle east before the bible yet untampered with like all other texts. both speak of interaction with aliens

  • Dwight Huth

    Life returning to the Universe from the absolute depths of death itself.

  • yamcha sama


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