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Writer’s Guidelines for Ancient Code

Ancient Code is one of the first and largest publications in the world to exclusively report and investigate the Ancient Astronaut theory. Since 2012, more than one million readers follow our research each month.

Here at Ancient Code, we offer the opportunity to publish your research and writing.

However, having that said, it is mandatory for the subject matter of the article and material to be published on our website to remain within our field of study or segment such as the Ancient Astronaut theory: the search for evidence of extraterrestrial visits to Earth in the distant past, History, Archaeology, Human Origins.

As you may have already noticed, ample, well-authenticated material is already available on Ancient Code in various categories.

However, we intend to further develop this subject, helping turn the Ancient Astronaut Theory it into a serious branch of science. This means that we will do our best to further develop it. The branch needs to be extrapolated, critically reconsidered, and improved. With your help, we can achieve all of this.

Please note that each article you submit to Ancient Code must be accompanied with a list of references and sources, so our editors and our readers can follow through on backup checks. This is important as unfortunately, there are many of those who will invent a story for personal fame. The websites owner, authors, and editors have strict policies against fake news.

We encourage you to include photographs and/or videos to expand your article(s). If you do not possess any images for a specific subject or article, please contact us and let us know, and we will do our best to find adequate material for you to use.

Each article submitted to Ancient Code must not exceed 2,000 words.

Please note that Ancient Code reserves the right to abbreviate any articles if necessary. Furthermore, content published on Ancient Code may also be edited for purposes of clarity. We do not accept articles published previously on other websites, and/or magazines. All content must remain original to ancient code.

Please submit all articles to contact (@) ancient-code dot com