The Wandjina cave paintings: Depictions of sky-beings?

According to some researchers that challenge conventional theories about the mysterious Wandjina cave paintings: These depictions could be, over 100,000 years old. In Kimberley, Australia, in 1838, numerous cave paintings were discovered that shuck the archaeological community. Some of the paintings that are called the Wandjina are surprisingly large, reaching up...

20 things you should know about Nibiru – Planet X

Zecharia Sitchin described Nibiru according to Sumerian cosmology as the 12th planet. Nibiru is home to an alien race called the Anunnaki an extreme advanced extraterrestrial civilization. Researchers have talked about the possibility of a giant planet that has an extreme strange orbit around our sun. In 2008, Japanese researchers...

Does Nibiru – Planet X really exist?

There are countless articles on the internet talking about this mysterious planet, some of these refer to it as possible 'murderer' of Earth. All kinds of dreadful gravitational phenomena are connected with Nibiru and some even argue that Planet X or Nibiru poses a threat to Earth, and that one...

The mysterious descriptions of Noah’s Ark

Having a very unusual design, Noah's ark is usually depicted in ancient illustrations as an ancient ship with a round hull, with a detailed prow and stern, having a keel running through the entire length of the ship. The top part of the ship has an unusual cabin that...

Megaliths of Baalbek: A Colossal Mystery of stones weighing over 1600 tons

Baalbek is the name of an archaeological site in Lebanon. It is a gigantic megalithic platform, and its true age remains a mystery to archaeologists and researchers who can only speculate about the true origin of this ancient megalithic site. It is located east of Lebanon, 86 kilometers northeast of the city...

The Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca head: A Roman artifact in pre-Hispanic Mexico?

Ancient Romans in Prehispanic Mexico? The mysterious Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca head was discovered in 1933, and according to researchers, it seems to be a fragment of a larger figure. It was discovered in a pre-Columbian tomb near Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca in the valley of Toluca by archaeologist José Garcia-Payón. This archaeological site was intact, eliminating...
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Ancient Egyptian technology: a propeller that is thousands of years old?

Some believe that this is one of the best pieces of evidence suggesting that ancient Egyptians had knowledge and technology far beyond our own. According to ancient astronaut theorists, this object proves their hypothesis that highly advanced technology was used in the past, and that ancient Egyptians had tools with...

Lake Titicaca and the Anunnaki

The Anunanki are considered by many as the "founding fathers" of civilization and mankind, the cradle of civilization is considered to be in Sumer. Some archaeologists even suggest that the anunnaki have a very important history with south America and the Pre-Inca and Inca civilization. (Remember the Fuente Magna Bowl?)...

Atlantis, Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku; Incredible Similarities

Atlantis in... Bolivia? According to many researchers Atlantis might have been located in the American Continent, and some believe that the Bolivian Andes region coincides with Plato's description of the lost continent/city of Atlantis. In his work Timaeus and Critias, Plato describes a huge continent called Atlantis where an advanced...

The Antikythera mechanism

We all know that the ancient Greeks excelled as one of the most intelligent people in history. Their impressive results in many sciences have helped develop society and humanity as we know of it today. The Antikythera mechanism is according to researchers another product of Greece. There is no...

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