The Great Pyramid of Giza—where the Ark of the Covenant was originally located?

According to ancient religious texts, the Ark of the Covenant also known as the Ark of the Testimony is a gold-covered wooden chest described in the Book of Exodus as containing the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. Named in various verses of the Torah and the Bible, the Ark remains a great mystery to historians. While some claim that it never existed, others still seek it, convinced that its existence is real.

What if the Ark of the Covenant was, in fact, real, and has a mysterious connection to one of the most enigmatic ancient structures on the surface of the planet: The Great Pyramid of Giza?

So what do we know about the Ark of the Covenant? We know it was a powerful ‘device’. Only a select few could approach it. When approached, anyone had to take extreme precautions and wear some sort of protective outfits. The ark was plated with gold.

Furthermore, we know from the Book of Exodus, that after the Israelites were released from Egypt, God summoned Moses to the peak of the holy mountain giving him two stone tablets that were carved with the ten commandments. At that moment, God provided Moses with exact instructions on how to build the Ark of the Covenant, one of the most enigmatic ‘devices’ in the history of mankind.

According to the Book of Exodus; the dimensions and characteristics of the Ark of the Covenant are 2½ cubits in length, 1½ in breadth, and 1½ in height which is approximately 131×79×79 cm or 52×31×31 in.

The entire Ark was plated with gold, and a crown of gold was put around it. Four rings of gold were attached to its four feet, two on each side and through these rings staves of shittim-wood plated with gold were placed to carry the Ark. these were never to be removed. A golden cover was placed above the Ark; also called kapporet. Interestingly, there are numerous researchers that suggest if the construction details of the Ark are those which were recorded in the past, then the ark would basically resemble an electrical capacitor with two electrodes separated by insulator drivers.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only eight-sided Pyramid.

Strangely, it is believed that the Great Pyramid of Giza may have been deeply connected to the ark of the covenant, and it is hypothesized that the Great Pyramid of Giza would have been used to house the Ark of the Covenant.

The defenders of this idea, base their proof on the fact that the measuresments exposed in the sacred texts would coincide with the size of one of the sarcophagi of the Egyptian monument, where no mummy has ever been found.

As noted by Gerry Cannon from Crystallinks, “the word ark comes from the Hebrew word aron, which means a chest, box. Its dimensions are described by the bible as 2.5 cubits by 1.5 cubits by 1.5 cubits (45 inches by 27 inches by 27 inches). Curiously, this is the exact volume of the stone chest or porphyry coffer in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. This coffer was the only object within the King’s Chamber, as the Ark was the single sacred object within the Holy of Holies, in the Temple. Also the laver, or basin, that the priests used to wash their feet had the identical cubit dimensions.”

Furthermore, Cannon elaborates that “The cubit dimensions of the inner chamber of the Temple, the Holy of Holies, are precisely identical in size to the King’s Chamber in the Pyramid and the same volume as the molten sea of water on the Temple Mount as prepared by King Solomon. Since the Pyramid was built and sealed long before the days of Moses, when he built the Ark and the Holy of Holies, and had remained sealed for over twenty-five centuries until the ninth century after Christ, there is no natural explanation for the phenomenon of both structures having identical volume measurements.”

No matter how far-fetched this theory may sound, various groups of scientists and historians are trying to determine the truth of it. In addition to the historical value that the Lost Ark would possess, many believe in the magical power of the object.

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  1. The Ark was clearly a radioactive device, which is why such care had to be taken in approaching it. We know the Jews removed it from the Pyramid as that is alluded to in the story of the Bible. Why else did the Pharoah suddenly decide to send an army after them? Obviously because it was discovered that the Ark was missing.

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  3. ‘Curiously, this is the exact volume of the stone chest or porphyry coffer in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt.’

    I wonder if this is true.

  4. The reason the coffer is the same size as the ark of the covenant, and yet predates the ark of the covenant by thousands of years is that there was a previous ark. The measurements were the same, the only difference is that it had one cherub on the mercy seat (Lucifer) the first and only covering cherub before he fell from grace. After he fell, Michael and Gabriel took his position. Two, instead of one, to guard against a future re-occurrence of pride brought on from such an exalted position.

  5. Aloha, well Ivan, nicely written but a complete fabrication. You need to check your math. The inside of the King’s chamber coffer is 78.06″L x 26.81″ W x 34.42″ deep. The Ark is not even close to the volume of the coffer. Plus, 2.5 cubits x 20.607″ for the Royal Cubit = 51.5175″ and 1.5 x 20.607″ = 30.901″ making the Ark impossible to fit within. You should check your sources before making such statements. Better luck next time.

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