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Is this evidence that Dragons exist? Man films giant creature resembling a Dragon


Get ready people, Dragons are coming. Sort of.

A man in China filmed –ironically– a giant creature resembling what many believe is a Dragon near the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. But after researching a bit more we found some very interesting things. 


A video uploaded to social networks allegedly claims to be the ultimate proof that Dragons still exist. While no one is really sure whether someone did actually film a real Dragon or a pterodactyl, what users do know is that the video was filmed somewhere near the border between Laos and China –ironcally near the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. In China, dragons are an important part of mythology and symbolize strength, power. and luck.

In the video footage the man thought he was actually filming just another bird, but upon observing closer he notices that it wasn’t the ordinary bird you’d expect to find, but a creature that eerily looks like a Dragon. However, the video has nothing to do with Dragons nor was it filmed in China.


Check out the video uploaded to YouTube by ApexTv which already has over 3 million views.


While many people remain skeptical about the alleged discovery, there are some who are firmly convinced dragons are real and the ultimate proof can be seen in this video. However, many claim the obvious use of graphic design can be spotted in the video, and they are right.

The video has created an ongoing debate whether or not the Dragon-like creature is real.

People rushed to social networks to leave their comments.

YouTube commenter Li Zeng has been convinced the video is fake. “It’s a cell phone device camera, so it’s pan focused and can’t focus on particular object,” they wrote.

Another user, who believes the footage forms part of a conspiracy theory, speculated if the dragon was in fact a drone. “I’ve read some articles about how scientists and engineers have combined knowledge and discovered the natural movement and aerodynamics of a bird so perhaps they have tried to replicate it on a machine,”s6ef4enko wrote.

YouTube user mt2008 wrote: “C’mon guys. The frames to the background don’t even match up. People believe this? The uploader knows this sh*t is fake but it makes good views so f**k it.”

While Pao Xiong won the comment of the year when he wrote: “Trump better build his walls higher now that china has dragons.”

But it seems that none of this is actually believable and here is why.

First of all, the video footage was not actually filmed in China. The original video footage was filmed in Brazil and was uploaded to Youtube by UnOeilSurDajjal in June of 2016. In the original video footage, you can clearly hear Portuguese. This is the ORIGINAL video which was altered by other YouTube Channels:

As you can see and obviously hear, the video was not taken in Chia, unless of course Portuguese or Brazilian tourists went to China and filmed it.

Furthermore, a Spanish paranormal researcher explains it perfectly in the video below:

As you can see this video does not show a real dragon, but  that doesn’t mean that one day someone will actually film one. 😉