Nostradamus predicted Donald Trump as being President of the US


According to interpretations of Quatrain 81 written by Nostradamus, the great prophet foresaw the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Michel de Notre Dame, historically known as Nostradamus, is considered by many as one of the most accurate prophets in history. In his book ‘The Prophecies’, he wrote more than a thousand four-line poetic verses called “quatrains,” verses that seem to predict the future.

Among his numerous prophecies, Nostradamus predicted the Moon Landing, Hitler’s rise to power, the Death of Henry II, and the JFK & RFK Assassinations.

The republican presidential nominee claimed a shocking win over Democrat’s Hillary Clinton in what is considered a revolutionary race for the presidency of the United States of America.

While millions of people around the world were shocked and surprised by Trump’s victory over popular candidate Hillary Clinton, those who study the work of Nostradamus believe the prophesier predicted the billionaire’s victory in the sixteenth century.

Nostradamus wrote: “The great shameless, audacious bawler. He will be elected governor of the army: The boldness of his contention. The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.”

Furthermore, if we look into another one of his predictions, In Century 1, 40 one of Nostradamus’ predictions reads:

“The false trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws.”

If we look at Quatrain 50, we will find that Nostradamus writes:

“The Republic of the big city” will engage in costly military operations, ordered by the “trumpet”, this has been interpreted by many as a sign of Nuclear War.

This prophecy has led many to suggest that Nostradamus predicted the Armageddon:

Nostradamus predicted this outcome. Nostradamus predicted after the trumpet wins, there will be a Great War! He predicted this 400 years ago!

Here below we have 10 of his predictions for 2016 and beyond, will they come true? We shall see…

World War III

A war will start between two major world powers and will last for a period of 27 years. The moment of great violence will coincide with the appearance of a comet in the sky. Nuclear combat and natural disasters shall strike our planet when a giant planet approaches Earth.

Great eruption of Vesuvius

It is believed that Nostradamus predicted a great Volcanic Eruption. The worst eruption of volcano Vesuvius in history will come accompanied by earthquakes that will shake Earth every five minutes, killing between 6 and 16 thousand people.

The largest Recorded Earthquake

The largest earthquake in the history of the United States will occur, especially affecting the western area of the country, its power will be felt in other countries around the world.

Permission for parenthood

Those who want to have children will need permits and licenses, and may not do as they please.

The collapse of the global economy

“The rich will die many times,” wrote the French prophet.

I guess the only thing we have is to wait out and see whether or not the predictions made by Nostradamus were true

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  1. freaking war mongering at its finest. You are a sick and twisted media. you are probably owned by the democrats. this is why people are acting like children in the streets. Take this crap down.

  2. It is like trying one’s luck – just say that one day there will be a biggest earthquake. Then wait. When a biggest earthquake takes place, ah! After that bigger earthquake comes, ah? Is it this one or the previous one predicted?

    Today, we know that the economy will go up and down and at time collapse – there is no need for a prophet to tell us, unless he/she can state th exact year of occurrence.

    I often wonder why no one had predicted the advent of tablets, handphones, wifi, lifi, Windows OS, Android OS, etc?

    1. Because those things that you have mentioned are forms of communication NOT history,

        1. You know what I meant! I meant that ND is a true seer and I do not doubt ANY of his predictions BUT people ALWAYS go back into history to study his quatrains and then KNOW that HE is talking about the future !! Why do think that EVERYONE ALWAYS goes and looks what he has to say whenever there is a world event and is difficult to understand why it happened in the 1st place. I know that you do not know very much about him why don’t you scroll this page and see what I have written to other people then you will get a better picture of who he really was and his background. And he did see the things that you mentioned he just did not have the vocabulary that we have today. You have to remember that these quatrains were written 500 years ago!

          1. Woh, no need to get worked up. U believe but I dont. But u can carry on believing.

          2. I am not worked up. I was just trying to explain to you, what you had no knowledge of! I do not care if you believe or not! I do not even know you! Why would I even care anything about you..

          3. Yeah I know what you mean why even waste my time to shed some wisdom on your other wise boring life…lol

        1. I mean they described watching the world through the windows, that would easily mean tv or computer, however, it’s no coincidence they are named “Apple” Computers and “Windows” … a little play on would i would guess.

      1. IT is not and if you think so you have more than just a screw loose!! I am calling you out what chapter and what line?!!!

  3. …and how many people interpreted Nostradamus as predicting the election of Donald Trump prior to his election?

    1. There was a TV show on the History channel on Sunday night before the election that predicted that the Trumpet would win …. So yes they in fact predicted it before it happened….

      1. I mean during before Trump was running for President. The predictions have been around for hundreds of years. Looks like “after the fact” predictions.

        1. His predictions do not work like that, There are certain events that he talks about that DID happen BEFORE they are written in time and history. For instance he correctly predicted the great London fire and he mentions the year ending in 666, Well a great fire DID destroy London in the year 1666… In his time he would have been burned at the stake for making predictions that would later come to be true that is why he had to hide his predictions in poems called quatrains.. But you will find that he does indeed stand the test of time with his predictions. He also goes into great detail about Hitler and the second world war and many of his predictions do come true …I think 1 scholar said about 90% accurate that we already know about ..So to say he is not a true prophet is a little foolish……..

          1. It really takes a true MORON to mention the family guy!! Go back and watch some more cartoons ,It just might improve your IQ!!!

  4. and I’m sure the same people rioting in the streets, will blame Trump for causing the earthquakes too!!!

    Well, ya know what? We ARE overdue for that Fault in the Midwest to go.. they think it blows every 600 years. and it’s a doozy

    1. He is talking about Yellowstone national park and the caldera that is there.. That is the ONLY thing that can be felt around the world a regular volcano would not be felt around the world… He also mentions mt.Vesuvius blowing it top but that also would not be felt around the world, only the caldera in Yellowstone would be felt around the world but they could in fact blow at the same time a very scary scenario… by the gravitational pull of this planet that he also mentions !!

    2. You KNOW you would lose your mind in a liberal-free America. Pull your head out your ass.

        1. Well I might just do that now that you have gutted me with that laser precise wit. Oh no, cmr has punished me in a comments section….I’m too frightened to continue….Goodbye cruel world…goodbye.

          1. MAN you’re too fast. The font of wisdom and quick and snappy comebacks in your bag of dicks is exceedingly deep. I don’t know how I’m going to survive this onslaught of yours.
            Listen putz, you really think I give two cmr’s what you have to say to me? Stop hiding behind a keyboard trying to be some hotshot McGregor. Here’s my prediction and I would hope you prove me wrong, but I BET you will respond and say something inanely stupid and blase’ back to me. Ready……GO !

          2. Here I GO! You obviously DO care,if you didn’t you wouldn’t continue to respond. Who is hiding? Your real name is Savatage64? And that is you in your profile pic?

          3. The Liberals Playbook (cmr’s Bible)
            Step 1) Argue for the sake of arguing
            Step 2) Deflect back/change subject
            Step 3) Call names and scream Racism
            Still waiting for you to do step 3.
            Honestly, why did you even say anything to begin with? Just stop with your idiocy already, it’s getting old.

            EDIT: BTW, you’ve been blocked

          4. Your an idiot that won’t stop until you have the last word. Your Playbook: I make up things so that I look right. Cuz that’s what it’s really about, isn’t it? Self Interest. Always right. You are old. Goodbye.

    1. Does not work that way!! You have to be correct repeatedly with many world events and not just a lucky guess here and there!

      1. The way people wrote in those days is not the same as you or I would write things down today, and you have to remember he was seeing things that were from the future and therefore could not understand what he was really looking at. He would write down things easy for people to understand in his time. That is why they have to be studied and put into our language of today, but do not under estimate him he has been right too many times to not be taken seriously. I do not know if you know this, but he was Jewish and came from the Issachar tribe and this tribe was the one which had many prophets come from and also told about many things from the future. They just did not have the vocabulary that we have today. That is why he should be taken seriously I hope I cleared up any doubts that you might have had.

  5. Sorry the guys, but Century 3 Quatrain 50 don’t talk about that, it’s for the french independence in 1789. If i found something in ND about a big Mcdonald Trump, i’ll post that here 😉 kisses from France !

    1. The story does not mention century 3 it mentions century 1 Quatrain 40 and then 50 and not century 3 as you have mentioned!

      1. La republicque de la grande cité
        A grand rigueur ne voudra consentir:
        Roy sortir hors par trompete cité
        L’eschele au mur,la cité repentir.

        you can’t read it it normal you are not french
        my traduction is not conventional but Nostradamus say we have some laufth with this dick

      2. So you did understand him after all Joe.

        What a rude pretentious piece of “chit!!” as you would put it you appear to be.

        You should learn some French to ensure that the translation from the original is accurate?

        Keep posting Julien even if English is your second language: our English skills make it easier to decipher any grammatical errors

        1. Take a LONG walk off a short pier !! DUMBASS!! Why should I learn french when he and you for that matter are on a ENGLISH speaking site !!!! Do NOT waste my time with your stupid ass comment… dush!!!!! DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE COMMENTS!

        2. You are an ASSHOLE do you understand that? I do NOT have to learn French at all!!! You and Julien are on an English speaking and writing site!!There is a reason why people from other languages do not post on sites that are not their own language !!! You are just too stupid to figure that out !! Do NOT post anything to me again !!!!!!

    2. Sorry Julien, but you are on an English speaking site, All that was to me was gibberish maybe you should type in ENGLISH where everyone can understand you and not just you!

  6. Like many old manuscripts & books in The Bible it is how one converts the words to mean whatever the reader would like it to be. Common Sense is the man most forgotten & the working man is possibly the only one with any common sense!!

    1. Yes and the meaning of their intent. There ARE many things he did correctly predict and that is why the world turns to him when something happens to the people of earth and history has shown us all that the man is RIGHT more often than not!

      1. don’t believe that either, it could have been an entire hoax to sell books and a movie, he may have never existed.

        1. Are you kidding me?! Of course he existed HE IS a part of history !! That is just a ludacrous statement!! You are not dealing with a full deck!!!

          1. You seem so Naive with everything you read…. you have no clue who wrote these stories do you?

          2. And you are just plain ole dumb as chit!!! I do not have to know WHO posted these stories !! I happen to have studied this subject whereas you regard this story as a fairy tale !! But I can not help you from being stupid !! Educate yourself and then maybe you can roll with the big dogs!!!!!

  7. Mr. Trump: Welcome to the real world 1. Nibirus come. Talk with Obama about, will do with the NASA or You will do with Putin ? 2.

  8. 1st black rhinos are not extinct… Extremely endangered but not extinct…2nd there is a reason why everyone looks to the prophet when things go bad because everyone knows that he has probably mentioned it in his quatrains.. He has to do with world events not about what animal is going to die off…

    1. funny thing is…. he mentions Hitler and was not correct about the truth, it was Eisenhower that killed everyone under Winston Churchill’s orders Since he and Hitler didn’t see eye to eye … another one was the JFK assassination, was also faked … well he called it because JFK’s hoaxers were hiding in the Bush’s… The Bush Family was a very big part of the entire masquerade…

      1. So now you think that HISTORY is wrong ?! Plus you have added your OWN spin on things!!! There is a reason why EVERYONE on EARTH looks to this man he very obviously saw things and you are in an alternate reality!!!!

        1. Well, History is not what they teach you and condition you to believe in school…. that is for sure…. but you should really research everything instead of just taking peoples words for it. Believe what you want… They just need to stop telling you what to believe. But, now that you know it could be wrong, It’s your choice.

          1. I have done EXTENSIVE research on this subject and you only have to scroll this blog to realize I have copious amount of knowledge on this subject !! Whereas you tend to think you know what the hell you are talking about BUT have NO effing idea!!!

  9. Many of the things cited above like permission for parenthood are things the progressives would do. You can take any of those things either way you wish to spin it. The section about the rich…again something the progressives would strive for.

    1. No, progressives wouldn’t make you get permission to have babies. That sounds more like conservative republicans. Republicans are against birth control and abortion, and they want to get all up in your bodies and tell you what you can and can’t do when it comes to sex and reproduction. Progressives don’t hate the rich or wish ill on them. It is the republicans that want to keep the rich totally separate and above the rest of society, forgetting that we are all human beings who share the same planet. Republicans are for the greater gap betwen the rich and the poor which will be the ultimate downfall of our society.

      1. actually republicans do not want to interfere with your decisions, they’d rather stay uninformed of your indecent behavior…

        1. so explain their efforts to reverse roe vs wade and make abortions illegal?

  10. Even if it is true , worrying won’t help. I believe there is larger force – God. He decides what mankind deserves. We are facing a tough time. Trump’s success might be a new opening as people are getting tired and sick of established politicians. in the name of free market , few are enriching and many are getting poorer. So this change could be for the good.

    1. like that man gives a crap. it’s business as usual for his cronies including that craggy faced kellyanne. check under his toupee for the 666..

      1. That man knows how to start at the bottom and work his way up…. pay attention you might learn something…

        1. I started working at 14, worked my way up through college (which I paid for on my own), recently retired at 52 with a full pension, and learned many a business and lifes’ lesson along the way. I’m watching the wheels go by and the swamps’ fecal matter he swore to drain, is going up.

          1. Just a second, before you call judgement of these people that are involved with Trump. If they are not pedophiles and child sacrificial murderers, and that is a big start…
            Be patient on the decisions he is making right now there will be tweeks along the way.
            Right now everyone is watching him with a critical eye, and there will be so many people who will complain about everything he says and does, and that is ok…
            Trump is trying to make all the people happy right now, but he will eventually get to know not everyone will be satisfied. There will come to a point where he will have to make very powerful decisions that only he and his cabinet will know why….
            You can count on a very big movement here, after January… and I don’t think we will ever have to worry about war with Russia, or China as long as he is in office, and with that said… I doubt we will have to deal with the Middle East for much longer either…. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

        2. He’s a silver spoon baby. He was born with money he doesn’t work and he never worked his way up. He is totally unqualifed

        3. Okay can’t help this. He did not start at the bottom. His father was wealthy and loaned him 14 million to “get started”. He went on to file 6 to 7 bankruptcies, not pay people and small companies that worked for him and hired counless “illegal aliens” He is out for big companies and himself.

    2. Doesn’t give two figs about you or anyone else. He’s uncontrollable. His children and he will use the government as their own personal private business all the while raping the treasury of anything that is easily converted to cash . They will take in side info from the government use it to increase their business. People will go hungry homeless jobless The Repubs will try to stop him as they see what he is doing tearing down the structures of government which they wanted but not this way. the protests will turn into a revolution or a civil war. It won’t be Bernie’s movement it will be Hillary’s movement as the lies and propaganda that was told about her are proven wrong. She will end up a martyr and symbol not Bernie who back stabbed her for that honor. His supporters the ones who voted because of jobs when realizing that he lied will bow their heads in shame.. There will be violence from white supremacists. And to whoever believed the fake websites spreading lies about Hillary and didn’t vote for her can now go to hell. and as all of this is happening Russia will be buying us up and they’ll get freelabour. AS for the WH the Trumps will sell everything in it for a profit they might even turn it into a Trump Hotel.

        1. The problem is that you his supporters don’t know him at all. You watch and learn. It has appointed a white supremacist and a bunch of thugs to his cabinet. He’s running his businesses off a government website. He will not be transparent. He will cancel ssi and medicare and medicaid. He can’t bring jobs back there’s a thing called automation. If he breaks trade deals then countries will retaliate. Are you ok with racism bigotry discrimination and misogyny. Read Hitler Lyn educated yourself.

          1. I have read about Hitler, and I also can see the difference between propaganda and the truth…. If you believe Hitler was evil, then you followed the rhetorical propaganda…. very few people know the truth, because the few survivors, was scared to death to discuss it, for fear of losing their lives…. You may want to focus on Stalin and Churchill, and Eisenhower…. perhaps you just maybe, will get a better inside to the truth….
            The Matrix that you live in right now is deadly… educate yourself to what the real genocide was in Germany, you will find out, not one Jew was present at the time, and they keep telling you that 6,000 or more was murdered, it was our United States General Eisenhower who wanted every blonde blue eyed German dead. to leave no remains of the truth…. All because the Bankers felt threatened of the power of one man’s intellect.
            Be careful what you believe…
            It’s ok whatever you believe… I have no regrets for supporting Trump. I know what he did in Russia, and he was a Hero…. to the whole world…. You just don’t know who he is and that is ok….
            I suggest you should pray and ask God to bless you and protect you from the fears that have been embedded into your thoughts all these years, and free yourself from those powerful fears…

          2. OMG you are one big fruitcake. You have totally been brainwashed.. I can’t believe that you are trying to rewrite history. This is your version and its not true. None of it. I’m of jewish descent and I know what happened. But you go ahead and believe what your little disillusioned mind is telling you. Just live in your little world not understanding anything or knowing anything. Trump is #NotMyPresident nor will he ever be. He doesn’t have the same beliefs or values that I and over 62m and probably more hold the same beliefs and values that I have. So in parting don’t bother replying I just can’t take stupid.

          3. I don’t believe in god and it’s not going to be some entity or god that gets us out of the mess people like you are putting us in. You are full of bs if you tell anyone that you have read Hitler or that you know about history because you don’t. You’re making it up as you go along so you don’t look like you’re stupid to people who are very intelligent and know the truth. It’s ok though you can thank us after we save all of us. You’ll learn. Here are the 4 steps that Trump is following from Hitlers book. 1. Media normalizes his presidency 2. He surrounds himself with people so he can be isolated. 3. He picks a group to terrorize 4. Rewriting of history.. I actually pity you

          4. Trump will either be impeached or he will resign before his first term is over.

          5. Trump going to the white house is a step down from living in his own home. Also, Im in automation, and all the manufacturers are moving to other countries all the time, still. Can you say Detroit. Racism,Bigotry,Discrimination,Misogyny? Seriously? Hilary LOST get over it already.

          6. Are you saying he is not all those things? This isn’t about Hilary! You get over it! It’s about this particular individual being out of his mind. You must not be paying attention, but not to worry, we will all go down together.

  11. I’m with Mohan – worrying & attempting to understand a jumble of words that were written many years ago is simply a waste of valuable time. Enjoy what we have got & respect the planet & treat it with great respect. We have a great place to live spoilt only by some people who attempt to impose their beliefs on others.

    1. a jumble of words that were written many years ago is simply a waste of valuable time -Sounds to me like a speech by TRUMP any day of the week!

  12. does anyone else think that what it might be saying is that they are going to assassinate Trump and “The great shameless, audacious bawler. He will be elected governor of the army:is Obama declaring marshal Law making him the false “trumpet”??? just food for though.

    1. this is why some in our country wish for you to stay in the kitchen……

    2. If the President dies the V.P. is then President. If they both die the Speaker of the house is.

  13. Wow someone 500 years ago said the pres in order.. The Liar the actor the wanna be the smart one the jester then blackbird now the false one will rise

  14. Hi, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your website in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog!

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