The Mystery of the Swiss Watch From the Ming Dynasty

The mystery of the Swiss watch from the Ming Dynasty; an artifact out-of-place and out of time

Archaeologists discovered a miniature watch in an ancient tomb that was sealed for overĀ 400 years. It is a miniature watch that is literally out-of-place and time, and researchers cannot explain its origin let-alone the mysterious inscription on it.

The watch appears to be about 2 mm thick. (A quarter is 1.75 mm thick, and this watch looks just a little thicker than that. ) One of the thinnest watches made today, 2008, is 3.5 mm high.

Researchers cannot get their mind straight ever since the discovery of the mysterious clock that has inscribed, on its inside, the word SWITZERLAND. The clock is believed to be at least a century old. The mysterious part is that, watched did not exist at the time of the Ming Dynasty and even more mysteriously, Switzerland did not even exist as a country.


The privileged group of witnesses that was present during the discovery was formed by a couple of journalists and archeologists: while trying to remove the soil around a coffin, suddenly a piece of rock broke off from causing a metallic noise that immediately caught the attention of researchers. To their amusement, they found a miniature ring-shaped watch, practically identical to those that came into use in Europe since 1780.

The time displayed at the miniature clock was 10 hours, 6 minutes, and on the back of the watch, the word Switzerland, was written in English, referring to a country whose official name, Switzerland, was not used until the year 1848. So how is this possible? The tomb where the discovery was made was sealed for 400 years. This leads to a time when the construction of such a device should be clearly impossible for humanity.

So, if Switzerland as country did not exist as a country back then and watches were not a “fashion accessory” in the Ming Dynasty, what is this miniature clock doing? Who created it and what was its true purpose? It seems that this miniature watch belongs to a long list of unexplained artifacts discovered in recent years which researchers cannot understand even though proper analysis has been performed on the mysterious watch.

More interestingly, analysis showed that the miniature watch originated around the Year 900 A.D. How is it possible to create something that complex at that part of history? Better yet, why is there no record of a similar manufacturing in human history until the eighteenth century? What does all of this mean?

‘When we tried to remove the soil wrapped around the coffin, suddenly a piece of rock dropped off and hit the ground with metallic sound,’ said Jiang Yanyu, former curator of the Guangxi Museum.
‘We picked up the object, and found it was a ring.
‘After removing the covering soil and examining it further, we were shocked to see it was a watch,’ he added.

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  1. Umm…it wasn’t really sealed for 400 years maybe? Just saying it isn’t the riddle of the Sphinx

  2. Either this is a fraud, or at least one basic assumption is wrong. An error in dating the find, or someone got to it first some years ago, dropped a watch and closed it back up.

  3. It would appear there are three explanations, 1. Time travellers. 2. Tomb was investigated in the past and sealed back up, and it was kept hush, hush. And the ring/watch was left behind by mistake or on purpose…3. The item was supposedly found, and maybe the whole thing is a hoax to bring extra attention to the Dig site to secure additional funding. Until the item is completely examined in every way I am tending to lean toward the third option. I find the whole concept suspicious to begin with. Only heard it then found it. Yea, sure…

  4. completely unreliable story with too many assumptions and possible explanations. that watch either is a hoax , was dropped by someone digging, dropped by explorers from a hole somewhere in the rocks a few decades back, etc. Story comes out of china, beware, that is not a country with the same exacting standards of truthfulness as our western cultures. as anyone who has done business directly with chinese in china, knows.

  5. Man, these articles are pretty stupid. I have to stop falling for it. “guess what we found inside the modern penny” didnt even touch on the title. Im an idiot.

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