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Sharp Video Of UFO Shot By Vacationers At Lake Tahoe, Nevada


A vacationer taking a boat ride on Lake Tahoe, Nevada shot a video on October 20. The video shows sightseers listening to a tour guide tell them about the Sierra Nevada mountains surrounding the lake. Even as they all focus on the mountain range, they are unaware that something very unusual just happened right before their eyes.

Moving in a flash from right to left, a UFO is caught on film flying at an incredible rate of speed. It’s so fast, you barely see it, but when the film is slowed down, the unmistakable classic flying saucer-shaped craft appears to dart over the lake and head up into the sky over the mountain range.

The UFO moves so fast that nobody seems to notice it at all, but when it’s slowed down, it becomes easily discernable, something that has made UFO enthusiasts excited.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, the unnamed man who shot the video said:

“We went to Lake Tahoe for vacation we got a tour on a boat to ride on the lake. I don’t see the object in till we got home I was checking the videos this object appeared on the video with tremendous speed at 00.07 seconds of the video I short the video only for that section the video is 10 minutes long. also, it seems that one person sees the object and took off his hat.”

The man submitted the video to the research organization MUFON, The Mutual UFO Network, which is the world’s oldest and largest UFO investigation and research organization. Interestingly, this particular video does not appear to have been mentioned on their website at the time of this writing.

Critics and skeptics are saying that the crisp high quality of the image is a little too good to be true. They suspect it is the creation of someone with CGI skills, not an actual UFO.

See for yourself below:

YouTube video

Here is the original video:

YouTube video


Other clear sightings of UFOs took place in broad daylight in Mexico City in the last two months. Witnesses captured a black object hovering slowly several hundred meters off the ground, but as usual, the quality of the video leaves something to be desired.

UFO Sightings Daily described the video:

“This dark craft came right out into the open and was seen when a worker came outside for his break. The UFO tilted some as it moved, which is what many UFOs do in order to control their direction.”

“Just sad he had such a bad camera. Looks like he is using an old phone to record it. Had it been an iPhone 7-8 this video would be definitive proof of the existence of aliens.”

“I also notice that there is a blurry field around it, just as thousands of UFO reports also describe.”

So what do you think? Are we seeing clear evidence that extraterrestrials are among us? Or are we seeing evidence that people are getting better with creating UFO hoax videos?


Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube