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The Mystery Behind The “1890; A Giant In Japan” Footage

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YouTube Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/bRny1wok0Ao?start=10&feature=oembed

One of the strangest videos showing alleged giants popped up on the internet 11 years ago when in 2007, several new agencies and YouTubers started talking about a video where a massive human is seen standing among the population, somewhere in Japan.

The video claimed to have been filmed in 1890 in Japan quickly made headlines across the world as people started thinking about the possibility that there were giants among us.

Many also started speaking about the Nephilim, the Bible, and legends that suggest how thousands of years ago Giants walked on Earth.

The video raised numerous questions as people cared little for fact checks.

Many claimed it was the ultimate evidence the Bible was right about the Nephilim, and how society in the 21st century was living a lie.

Little did they know that the video was far from any actual evidence of Giants.

Simply put, people love stories about giants, aliens and paranormal things that cannot be easily explained.

Furthermore, by nature people are fascinated by things that we struggle to understand. It’s a mixture of curiosity and fascination.

While there have been numerous reports and even discoveries of supposed massive skeletons, unlike those of ordinary humans, this video footage allegedly filmed in 1890 is not one of them.

While it is surely intricately made and makes you think that someone really filmed a giant walking among people in Japan in 1890, the truth is the video is barely a decade old.

Since the video—and images from the video—popped up on the internet, people started sharing it like crazy, without considering for a moment whether or not it was real.

Dubbed as ‘the ultimate proof’ of Nephilim on Earth, the video spread uncontrollably.

But, someone actually decided to dig deeper and find out more about the video and images.

That, someone, was Dan Evon who researched the mystery Giant video for Snopes.

As Evans wrote in his article for Snopes; “Some people have claimed that the footage comes from the early 1800s (decades before film was invented), while others say that it shows a giant sumo wrestler in a parade. Still, others maintain that the video really shows a Biblical Nephilim giant.”

The truth is that the footage is in fact only 11 years old, and belongs to a scene from the 2007 movie Big Man Japan, a movie which features a wide range of bizarre creatures as Evans explains.

“The “giant,” then, is the product of standard special-effects trickery, not hidden footage that proves beyond a doubt the existence of Nephilim.”

There may be plenty of evidence of Giants existing on Earth, but this one surely isn’t one.