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Check Out The Lost Journals Of Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla is the ULTIMATE Mad scientist, a genius that was perhaps born in the wrong century, a brilliant mind incomparable to the rest. His work, ideas, and inventions are one of the main reasons for today’s technology, if Tesla had not existed, we would still be looking for answers which Tesla answered in his lifetime.

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Tesla might be less known than Einstein or Edison, but his work and legacy deserve a lot more. Tesla’s inventions went far beyond electricity. With the air of his financial banker J.P. Morgan, in 1899 Tesla set up an experimental laboratory in Colorado Springs, containing high-voltage, radio transmission equipment. The lab had a 200 ft. tower for transmission and reception of radio waves and the best receiving equipment available at the time.

One of the most important moments in the laboratory occurred one night when he was alone in the lab. He notices mysterious electrical actions which he thought must have been intelligent signals since the changes took place periodically and with such a clear suggestion of number and order that they could not be traced to any cause then known to him.

Talking with the Planets in Collier’s Weekly (March 1901) Tesla stated the following:

“As I was improving my machines for the production of intense electrical actions, I was also perfecting the means for observing feeble efforts. One of the most interesting results and also one of great practical importance was the development of certain contrivances for indicating at a distance of many hundred miles an approaching storm, its direction, speed and distance traveled.

“It was in carrying on this work that for the first time I discovered those mysterious effects which have elicited such unusual interest. I had perfected the apparatus referred to so far that from my laboratory in the Colorado mountains I could feel the pulse of the globe, as it were, noting every electrical change that occurred within a radius of eleven hundred miles.

“I can never forget the first sensations I experienced when it dawned upon me that I had observed something possibly of incalculable consequences to mankind. I felt as though I were present at the birth of a new knowledge or the revelation of a great truth. My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night; but at that time, the idea of these disturbances being intelligently controlled signals did not yet present itself to me.“

“The changes I noted were taking place periodically and with such a clear suggestion of number and order that they were not traceable to any cause known to me. I was familiar, of course, with such electrical disturbances as are produced by the sun, Aurora Borealis, and earth currents, and I was as sure as I could be of any fact that these variations were due to none of these causes.“

“The nature of my experiments precluded the possibility of the changes being produced by atmospheric disturbances, as has been rashly asserted by some. It was some time afterward when the thought flashed upon my mind that the disturbances I had observed might be due to an intelligent control.

“Although I could not at the time decipher their meaning, it was impossible for me to think of them as having been entirely accidental. The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another. A purpose was behind these electrical signals.”

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A letter written by Nikola Tesla

The mysterious signals incident was only the first of many in which Tesla intercepted what he felt were intelligent signals from space. During that time, scientists firmly believed that Mars would likely be a haven for intelligent life in our solar system apart from Earth, and Nikola Tesla believed these signals might have originated from the red planet. The idea of extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the universe certainly left a big mark on Tesla’s work. Near the end of his life, the great Nikola Tesla developed numerous inventions which according to him, could send powerful amounts of energy to other planets in the solar system.

In 1937, during his Birthday, Tesla announced the following:

“I have devoted much of my time over the years to the perfecting of a new small and compact apparatus by which energy in considerable amounts can now be flashed through interstellar space to any distance without the slightest dispersion.”

While Tesla never revealed the technical details of the powerful transmitter, in 1937 he announced a new formula showing that:

“The kinetic and potential energy of a body is the result of motion and determined by the product of its mass and the square of its velocity. Let the mass be reduced, the energy is reduced by the same proportion. If it is reduced to zero, the energy is likewise zero for any finite velocity.”

(New York Sun–July 12, 1937, pg. 6.)

Tesla wanted to know more about the mysterious signals he had picked up in his laboratory in Colorado Springs. Tesla considered his methods of reception and transmission utilized not Hertzian waves, or what we now refer to as transverse electromagnetic waves (radio), but another type of signal transmission that he understood before anyone else. He described them as faster-than-light (FTL) longitudinal wave transmissions. Tesla may have been receiving on the ELF spectrum (Extremely Low Frequencies). The ELF spectrum is below the 10 KHz. the boundary of internationally regulated frequencies.

It is usually considered to be the spectrum of 3 Hz. to 30 Hz.

  • VLF-3 to 30 KHz.
  • ULF-300 to 3000 Hz.
  • ELF-3 to 300Hz.

Tesla’s interest in extraterrestrial life was great and by 1920 he was confident that he could finally make sense of the signals he was intercepting from space, but soon after that Tesla expressed great concern about Alien beings from elsewhere in the universe and unsavory plans for our planet.

Tesla stated:

“The signals are too strong to have traveled the great distances from Mars to Earth,” wrote Tesla. “So I am forced to admit to myself that the sources must come from somewhere in nearby space or even the moon. I am certain, however, that the creatures that communicate with each other every night are not from Mars, or possibly from any other planet in our solar system.”

Tesla, however, wasn’t the only one to claim to have received signals from intelligent beings from elsewhere in the cosmos. Guglielmo Marconi also claimed to have heard from an alien radio transmitter. However, Marconi was just as quickly dismissed by his colleagues who firmly believed that he had received interference from another radio station on Earth and not from aliens as he claimed.

In the meantime, Tesla had perfected his equipment to such a degree that he was able to identify ‘voice transmissions’. Tesla believed that these transmissions were in fact from other beings on other worlds. In 1937, he gave the public a few hints about these interplanetary transmissions when Tesla announced the following:

“I have devoted much of my time during the year past to the perfecting of a new small and compact apparatus by which energy in considerable amounts can now be flashed through interstellar space to any distance without the slightest dispersion.”

(New York Times, Sunday, 11 July of 1937).

Most people don’t know but, it is believed that Tesla’s interest in Aliens was so big that he even developed a special device that would allow him to communicate with Aliens from elsewhere in the cosmos. The mysterious device was called the ‘Teslascope’:  it takes in cosmic ray signals and eventually the signals are stepped down to audio. Speak into one end, and the signal goes out the other end as a cosmic ray emitter.

The truth is that there is only so much that we know about Tesla’s projects and inventions. It’s impossible to know how much of Tesla’s work remains hidden in the top secret bases belonging to the military. What we can deduct from this is that Tesla’s work and theories on beings from another planet were taken very seriously by many highly ranked government officials.

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