The Indian River drains out for the first time revealing incredible ancient secrets

The Indian River drains out for the first time revealing incredible ancient secrets

For the first time in history, a combination of drought and overconsumption of water have pushed the river in India, the Shamala river in Karnataka to its limits, revealing under its bank secrets that have shocked the archaeological community. The receding river has revealed the presence of thousands of Shiva Lingas which were carved in the distant past along the river bed.


The place referred to as “Sahasralinga” (thousand Shiva Lingas in Sanskrit) has become an extremely important pilgrimage site and thousands of people visit Sahasralinga offering their prayers to Lord Shiva. Shiva Lingas Shiva Lingas or the Lingam is a representation of the Hindu deity Shiva, it issued in temples for worship.

Located near Sirsi, in the state of Karnataka, Sashasralinga is one of the most beautiful places in the entire country, representing divine power, and positive energy. The countless shiva lingas discovered due to the draught are proof that there are a number of places on our planet that still hold secret of our ancestors, secrets that are slowly but surely coming out into the world, so we can hopefully preserve them adequately and pay respect to their tradition and historical value.

Here are some of the images of the incredible carvings at the Shamala River.

Enjoy the images!












More in the video from Unexplained Mysteries below:

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            Your imagination is obviously active yet quite crippled if you can’t wrap your mind around the basics of modern technology.

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          1. Having actually traveled over the world, I can assure you that it is not flat.

  1. so there was global warming and water shortages before modern man? well im really confused

    1. For sure. Temperatures have risen and fallen for eons. Catastrophes have befallen Man at least 81 times, according to my source, ( and the Earth has been obliterated and replaced before. Our conventional history has been intentionally fashioned to dumb us down.

      1. well, it’s pretty much accepted in the scientific community that extinction type catastrophes happened at least 6 times up to 8 in the planet’s past. the planet is billion years old – it went through cycles of everything you can and cannot imagine and will do so again. from meteor crashes to ice ages to warming periods to life flourishing again.

          1. what? not 6000 years old? he he he….

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          5. That is just the current estimate….no one was there and scientist have changed the age of the earth many times over the past century.

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          7. The “were you there” argument is a fallacy. The evidence is giving a consistent result of 4.5 billion years, any further changes are simply tightening the range.

          8. Why was that nasty comment necessary? People are so insulting anymore.

          9. Simply impatient. People who lack a basic science education are annoying.

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          11. Lacking patience is not lacking basic decency. Repeating stuff that is inaccurate due to a poor education is neither decent nor intelligent.

      2. Nobody denies this.
        But do you think it’s in humans interest to keep temperatures as stable as possible for as long as possible, or for it to change faster than it would normally?
        (And please learn about the consequences before you cheer about everywhere becoming like Hawaii..)

      3. You do realize that rivers do change course over years, decades and centuries, right?
        Odds are the river changed course
        and covered the area.

  2. Lord Shiva is actually non other than YAHWEH , and Vatican Complex is also build in form of LINGAM !! Just Google .

    1. I read about Lord Shiva .This reading left me wondering WHY People ague ,fight ,and even kill to further their Beliefs . We must come to the realisation that Humanity is driven to know The Universal Truth . This Truth being: That We-Humanity -will never find peace if the Ego governs Our Lives -Ego equals Pride.We must acknowledge the Divinity in One Another and not judge a Person for how She or He desires to Connect with This Divinity. The need for Love-to share and receive Love is a universal need of every Human Being -and Non Human Being (Animals) .All Things ARE united. Should one Thing suffer, ALL Creation suffers. Creation IS connected with and inseparable from The Divine. It is ONLY after each and every one of Us- Society- recognises the Divine in All Things , stops judging others and Loves unconditionally that The Highest State of Being can exist -The Union between The Soul and Supreme (God) State.

  3. The repetitive imagery is suggestive of a kazoo. What could the symbolism of this shape mean?

    1. I think they may have (had) a function to conduct and energize the water (current). See the findings of Victor Schauberger (and others).

  4. proof of pre-flood civilizations, and technology. No! earth is not 4.5 Billion years old, but sure isn’t just 6k years old either.
    remember; to those that do these timelines on Adam to Noah that show it is possible to have thousands of years of civilization, and existence but in only 1100 years of time. While the bible does say Adam was 130 I believe when he had Seth, don’t forget he had Cain and Able too, and it’s silent on how old he was then. Also don’t forget He didn’t age in the Garden so could of been there for thousands of years before his fall.
    Scripture says his flock is destroyed through lack of Knowledge which isn’t just pertaining to when it was said, but also our time. Which is one of the reasons why most or all accepted, and established religions more than likely give way to the False prophet.

  5. Hi, my name is Ron,

    I do not mean to be rude, however if you are oblivious to what is happening to the planets environment, you really should go back to school and educate yourselves.

    I am willing to bet a million bucks that everyone that has posted something here is unaware that there is only 53 years of oil and natural gas left on this planet at the current rate of consumption. But you don’t have to worry, we will never run out. It will just so expensive you will not be able to afford it.

    The good news is we have about 600 years of coal left. We can continue to operate our electric plants, kill all fresh water, acidify the soil, and create breathing problems that will kill us.

    I find it totally amazing the the United States military is converting to alternate sources of energy as is Saudi Arabia and UAE because they know the future. Do you also know that BP was the worlds largest manufacturer of solar panels before the gulf oil spill.

    Think about it people. Population is increasing, consumption is increasing, and God stopped making natural resources a long time ago. There is no other place to move. You use up this planet, you use up YOUR life.

  6. smh…. its the ShaLmala River , and this story was doing the rounds about 6 months ago at least. nice try, i guess.

  7. I was reading a few doctrines earlier, and it mentioned that certain things were imprisoned and could not be released unless a river ran dry, not specifying which river. This tied into the CERN research after their recent 14TEV run which allegedly damaged the LHC. However in the captured beam images there is what can ONLY be a face with remarkable resemblances to Khali.
    A number of “prophecies” have had criteria met and the predicted effects have come to pass, whether this is pure coincidence or planned intervention, well, who knows.

    “The place referred to as “Sahasralinga” (thousand Shiva Lingas in Sanskrit) has become an extremely important pilgrimage site and thousands of people visit Sahasralinga offering their prayers to Lord Shiva. Shiva Lingas Shiva Lingas or the Lingam is a representation of the Hindu deity Shiva, it issued in temples for worship.”

    Yep, that makes sense then. Correlates.

    So these predictions come for a variety of theologians and religious artifacts, basically describing the coming of a time and the circumstance in which it will happen, when a portal is open and the fallen shall rise again. Many people translate this to fallen angels, ancient aliens, mystical figures and characters of various religions.

    When you correlate it to the CERN incidents in which they ARE creating portal type anomalies under the disguise of investigating the fabrics of the Universe. Incidentally they are creating a the context in which particular particles can be “freed” or “created”, and a number of other artifices of this process include connecting dimensions and puncturing the very fabric of our dimension.
    Outside the CERN building in Geneva is a large statue of Shiva the god of destruction, who works with Kali whom is “creator”.

    As I mentioned before, the recent CERN experiment with the LHC at its highest power test yet, created some results that were not “officially” predicted. With several main sensor components, one of them (I think ALICE) shows the beam in particles, and within the picture is what surely seems to be a face which eerily looks like Kali.

    We have CERN opening dimensional riffs. We have ancient tablets from the Dead Sea Scrolls and Emerald tablets which give us a story in great detail and it describes the history of our race and suggests a number of things.
    Then we have a number of ancient mythologies and histories that can only really be explained by going against the main stream narrative and accepting an obvious relation between them.
    We have biblical stories from ancient religious texts right through to new testament texts, which ultimately once again, can be found to have dramatic comparisons.
    We have a story of fallen angels or spirits, demons some say, that were the torment of a greater more powerful being, these entities caused great evil and were banned into what is described as another realm, dimension, abyss type scenario.
    Then this is followed by stories that are kicked into the realms of conspiracy and mythology about a number of foreign, alien, other worldly entities that are trying to return to a kingdom from which they were cast, that a portal or rift would happen in some way, and that a gateway would be available.
    Another story describes the same thing but adds that this would not happen as they were in the deep of deeps, but should it ever be possible that it could not happen unless a river ran dry.

    And now this, incidentally within a couple of weeks of LHC high power experiments, what seems to be the fulfilling of several prophecies in regards to a number of things. Such as 2 fake pretenders creating dominion (pope and obama), a rising in the east of red (russia and china), the discontentment and eruption of the original “holy lands” (Iraq, israel, africa), end of the dominant financial power ($ is dead) and a number of other predictions which are in much greater detail than I can give off the top of my head now.

    It all just seems overly coincidental, or something else altogether.

  8. It is awe inspiring and also interesting ! Once we understand who this Shiv ling represents, it will be greater revelation. It is the great symbol ( as ling in Sanskrit stands for symbol) of God Shiv the Supreme Soul, father of all of us, the souls on this earth. He is a point of Light as described in all religions and so also we the souls, who playact in this world drama our respective roles through this physical body. Body made of five elements is perishable whereas the soul is not as depicted in Bhgavad Gita. All deities shown in human form including Sri Krishna are only human beings, but of highest order being perfectly pure in all respects i.e. in thoughts, speech and actions. With so many rebirths, we have come to this stage of descend with immorality and major vices like lust,anger,greed,attachment and ego. Only through true knowledge imparted by God Shiv through borrowed human body which is true Gita Knowledge and by constant remembrance of Him while we play our roles, we can change our selves from impure state to pure state. Once we start changing the self, the world changes too with time. Let’s ponder over it sincerely in silence i.e. in meditation mode !

  9. There’s no evidence of a global flood if that’s what you’re referring to

    1. Rised? It’s quite amusing how you try to berate someone else but can’t formulate sentence structure or use proper spelling. Trump voter?

      1. So two wrongs make a right? You are worse than the one you are criticizing. Take your hate elsewhere.

      2. YOU know nothing of me but assume, typical of your kind. I am NOT your bro, so kiss my ass.

    2. I am not your bro first of all and you know nothing of me but assume you do.

  10. Well from the course doesn’t look like an old river but i like the engravings

  11. Wow! I’m a third generation National Geographic subscriber. I hope they or somebody does an in depth article on this. What were they used for? Is this part of a temple?

    1. Shiva is the Destroyer of Worlds. Notice how in the 2nd to last photo, the very top Shiva Linga is pointing at a rock with a deep groove through it. It has been formed by water flowing around the knob on top of the carving and being focused by the pointing carved piece.
      It’s possible that they were used as a method of breaking apart rock for a purpose such as diffusing the flow of the river nor perhaps simply breaking rocks for utilisation in domestic life.
      The Shiva Linga could possibly even be used to merely focus the flow of the river itself. Very clever.

      1. Destroyer of worlds, huh?! curious that they’d now show up as another “destroyer” is getting nearer and nearer! ..The Red Kachina!

  12. The fallen watchers these fools worship shant come to their aid for anything whatsoever. Those 200 are imprisoned in darkness tied down with heavy chains untill day of spectacle.

  13. In physical terms, the Lingam (Tamil), Ling(Sanskrit) denotes the erect male reproductive organ. It has a base called Yoni which denotes the female reproductive organ.

    1. Actually its your Abrahamic religions ignorance that had brought this world to this stage, the Lingam denotes the shape of the universe and the Shiva tattva refers that Shiva is in the entire universe in every molecule and in every atom.

    2. Sanskrit of male reproductive is sishana not ling as u say. Ling means symbol.

  14. look like just the thing to grind gains withs, a little spillway to catch the press

  15. It looks like a code, i see spaceships and the carving of the animal. This suggests an astrological position and an origin.

  16. are you kidding? pre-flood? It looks like 100 years old tops. Look at the rocks around! The water flow would erase them until nowadays

  17. Are you kidding? pre-flood? It looks like 100 years old tops. Look at
    the rocks around! The water flow would erased them until nowadays. I like
    this discovery… but this: “revealing incredible ancient secrets” is a
    bullshit. Most of them looks fresh carved to me. Comon!

  18. One can only pitty Westerners. The incredulous ignorance and arrogance they possess. I dont blame them though. They are perfect products of their education and religious systems, which sought to obliterate great human, universe and natural history that pre-dates their 2000yr old religious theory of creation.

    1. Not ALL Westerners do you have to pity.. Some, …many, are open to many ideas and beliefs.

  19. “Drains out for the first time?”. You people twist facts just to make your headlines interesting.

    For anybody who is reading this, I have been visiting the above mentioned place for 22years now and nowhere in the recent history was this place dried up. This spot is believed to be a school for teaching carving of shivalingas.

  20. grapefruit juicer. great idea in the river. so easy to clean up.

  21. Pretty cool and great to discover more history but did anyone else think of Star Trek when they saw this??

    1. Well, as a matter of fact, I did thought of it in the first place ?

  22. Many parts don’t show signs of erosion common for a river, which means the artifact must have come loose from another place on the track of the river recently before the river was drought. An ancient site must be nearby somehow.

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