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Ancient Maya Calendar Contains ‘Secret Code’ To Unlock Time Portals, Claims ‘Researcher’

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The Ancient Mayan Calendar is a system of calendars used by the ancient May civilization in pre-Colombian America.

The Mayan calendar details the existence of various ‘cycles,’ so it describes the sacred calendar (tzolkin or bucxok, with a 260-day count), the solar cycle (Haab, composed of 365 days).

The Tzolkin calendar was combined with the Solar Cycle, or solar year forming the synchronized cycle lasting for 52 Haab’, called the Calendar Round. In fact, it’s still being used in some communities in the Guatemalan highlands.

The ancient Maya also had developed a calendar used to track longer periods of time, and for the tracking of calendar dates. This calendar is the so-called the Long Count, and it registers days, according to experts, from a mythological starting point.

The starting point for the long count is usually by vast majority of Maya scholars as August 11, 3114 BCE in the proleptic Gregorian calendar or September 6, in the Julian calendar.

In other words, the Maya Calendar is a treasure trove of time cycles which happens to share various details with calendars used by more ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, such as the Zapotec and Olmec but it also shares similarities with contemporary or later ones such as the Mixtec and Aztec calendars.

Now, when we thought we had it all figured out, and that the Maya calendar wouldn’t ever be mentioned in conspiracy theories—like the end of the world December 12, 2012—a self-titled ‘multidimensional’ archaeologist believes he may have unlocked the secrets of time travel, after having studied the codes embedded in the enigmatic Mayan Calendar.

After studying the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, Timothy Alan believes he has cracked all its mysteries.

He presented his work on YouTube, in hopes that the world would pay attention to his findings.

Speaking about his ‘startling find,’ Alan said:

“Hey there, collective consciousness of this planet called Earth. “I just wanted to share with you my work over the last five years in as quick a time as possible. I found this hidden code in the Mayan calendar that unlocks what you can see here – a vortex-quantumatics like a quantum agreement for a spiritual technology. It’s a multidimensional language.

“I found it hidden in the Mayan calendar.”


But it’s not just another conspiracy theory according to Alan. His work and discoveries are supposedly real and have been allegedly verified by a Guatemalan Mayan elder as a “legitimate code found within the Mayan calendar.

According to reports, Alan unlocked ancient code’s in the form of a quantum encoded light fractal of consciousness, that contains the multi-dimensional multi-verse together.


“The Mayan calendar was invented to map the evolution of human consciousness. It is the key to understanding the truth of being human – if there is some left,” explained Mr. Alan.

Furthermore, his discovery has allowed him to create a “divine” time travel map. He claims that two types of portals exist; Passage of time portals and Personal vision portals.

Mr. Allan claims that his work will finally untether mankind from the constraints of materialism.

“All this calendar stuff keeps on coming. It’s like the Da Vinci code – some sort of cosmic Da Vinci code that opened.”

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