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FBI releases long held Tesla documents revealing fascinating details

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Nikola-Tesla-FBI - FBI releases long held Tesla documents revealing fascinating details

The recently declassified documents from the FBI reveal the Governments interest in the Death Ray –a futuristic particle beam weapon that Tesla had invented. The batch of documents made available through the Freedom of Information Act also reveal Tesla did not die on January 7, 1943, as previously believed, but a day later on January 8.

The FBI has finally declassified a number of top-secret documents that the bureau confiscated upon Tesla’s death, confirming a long lasting conspiracy theory that the FBI did in fact have high interest in Tesla’s work, and that they confiscated nearly all of his work for reasons of ‘national security.’

Long have we waited for the declassification of the confidential documents taken by the FBI after Tesla’s death. Now, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, numerous conspiracy theories have been confirmed, and new details about Tesla, his inventions, and his death have come to light.

73 years after the FBI seized nearly TWO TRUCKS of papers of one of the world’s most famous inventors, the Federal Bureau of Investigations finally released the documents to the public. The papers prove that the USA wanted to get a hold of Tesla’s Death Ray, a device that was allegedly created and was not just a conspiracy theory as previously claimed.

Tesla’s work and futuristic vision of the future made him a target, not only of the FBI but nearly all government agencies.

When Nikola Tesla died –documented as January 7, 1943, although the newly declassified documents suggest Tesla passed away the following day— during the second world war, the FBI rushed to seize nearly two full trucks of his work in order to prevent his futuristic inventions from falling into the hands of the enemy.

Among other things, the recently declassified documents confirm that the FBI was planning on arresting Tesla’s nephew, Sava Kosanoci, who was once the Minister of Internal Affairs of Yugoslavia.

A weapon of FUTURE warfare previously DENIED to have existed

Among the published files, we find a letter addressed to J. Edgar Hoover, the first Director of the FBI, highlighting the importance of an article in which Tesla speaks of the death ray and its ‘crucial importance’ for future warfare.

It was recommended that Tesla constantly remained under control in order to protect him from ‘foreign enemies’ who may also have an interest in the  “the secret of such an invaluable instrument of war and/or defense.”

The documents also show that Tesla’s nephew, Sasa Kosanovic tried to get a hold of Tesla’s files and drafts, and the FBI feared that the information would be forwarded to the enemy.

The declassified documents described a moment after Tesla’s death when Kosanovic and his associates took things from Tesla’s safe, and the FBI wanted to accuse Kosanovic of burglary and arrest him.

“We were told that we should secure materials that were allegedly taken by Kosanovic, since if it really was a big secret, it is essential that it DID NOT END UP in the NEWSPAPERS since it is there where the enemy could have access to the materials…”

The memorandum from the FBI’s documents dated January 9, 1943, indicate that Tesla conducted numerous experiments with wireless energy transmission, aka ‘The Death Ray.’

Interestingly, Tesla’s protégé Boyce Fitzgerald spoke out in conversation with one of the US government officials that the Tesla told him he had greatly perfected his experiments a month before his death. Fitzgerald also stated that he had spoken with Tesla about a revolutionary new design for a ‘futuristic’ torpedo.

Previously, it was believed that Tesla’s Death Ray did not exist, and the FBI claimed for over a decade that none of their agents had EVER investigated Tesla’s papers, nor was the bureau in possession of any of them.

However, the documents confiscated by the FBI revealed fascinating details. In fact, the documents collected by intelligence officers detail BIZARRE things. Among the documents is a letter written during the fifties, which talks about Tesla’s inventions and a machine that was made after following Tesla’s design in 1950 and which allowed us to achieve “interplanetary communication” and “communication with spaceships.”

Check out the declassified documents from the FBI HERE.