The Anatomy Of A Hoax: Unraveling The Mystery Behind The X-Ray and Lab Tests On A Mystery Creature

Researchers have performed several tests on the mystery Fairy-like creature and the so-called Metepec Hybrid revealing fascinating results. The DNA sequence was made from five different molecular biology laboratories in several parts of the world. It turns out that both the Mitochondrial DNA and the Nuclear DNA show NO matches to other known species on Earth.

Please bear with us and read the entire article before going all: Guns out. Claiming its a hoax. Remember to take everything into consideration and check out the videos.

It seems that after all, sometimes the truth is far stranger than fiction.

Richard Shaw and L.A. Marzulli traveled to Mexico where they met with one of the most prominent Latinamerican UFO Researchers, Mr. Jaime Maussan.

Once they met, Mr. Mausan revealed to them a mind-blowing creature that oddly resembles a FAIRY.

According to Shaw and Marzulli, they have waited for several years in order to explain the findings to the world. Now, finally, in a new episode in Watchers 10, they reveal the fascinating results of what they believe is a ‘real creature’ that according to many will change history forever.

Simply put you’d have to see the creature in order to believe it. While many believe this is just another hoax presented on the internet, x-ray scans and DNA results show a staggering truth behind a mysterious creature that could very well be a so-called fairy.

According to researcher Ricardo Rangel Ph.D. who performed DNA testing on this mystery creature and the so-called Metepec Creature: The DNA sequence was made from five different molecular biology laboratories in several parts of the world. The common results show that the DNA is very similar do the DNA of a human with a staggering 98.5 %.

Alien fairy Real

Ricardo Rangel further explains:

“…The legs and the feet are one normal feature on the Metepec Creature. However, the other creature has another feature, the wings. We have an X.Ray of the creature and we can see the structure of the bones.”

“…No, this is not a hoax, it was not made from a mold. We have a sample of the tissue from this creature that we sent to a DNA molecular laboratory, but when the laboratory tried sequencing the DNA they found it was not in accordance with DNA from the mammals or another creature… there is no match with DNA creatures related with a mammal…” —Ricardo Rangel Ph.D.

It turns out that both the Mitochondrial DNA and the Nuclear DNA show not matches to other known species on Earth.

Fairy Alien

According to Mr. Jaime Mausan, the Metepec Creature could very well be a ‘hybrid being’. The other creature –ressembling what we commonly know as a fairy— could also be a hybrid being.

„..that’s something imperative because  I believe they are experiments (the creatures), what kind of experiments, why? I don’t know, but we have a physical body, and we can analyze the physical body and prove that something, intelligence is behind this experiment…“ –Jaime Mausan.

Fairy x Ray

In the video uploaded to YouTube, —which you can see below— L. A. Marzulli states:

Could this be what comes out of the Abyss, that we read about in Revelation 9? “Then out of the smoke locusts came upon the earth. And to them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. 4 They were commanded not to harm the grass of the earth, or any green thing, or any tree, but only those men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5 And they were not given authority to kill them, but to torment them for five months.”

And in order to answer those who claim this is a giant Hoax, L. A. Marzulli posted some thoughts on YouTube saying:

Lot’s of controversy about this. Here are some thoughts as of 7/24.

  1. Richard Shaw and I believe the creature is real. That’s why we went with it. It has a very complex skeletal structure which is revealed in the X-rays.
  2. While we are selling the DVD and book, there are some folks who complain that we’re only in it for the money. How many of these people walk into a Starbucks and expect a free cup of coffee? Why is it then, that we can’t make a living from our work? How much do you think it costs to fly to Mexico, do DNA samples at three different labs, and interview a variety of professionals for every episode in our series. Nothing is for free and if it is you can see what happens when people get free-stuff by looking at the current state of Venezuela.
  3. This creature may have supernatural ramifications as we state in the film and the book. In other words, it may point to the entities that we read about in Revelation 9.
  4. We are still doing research on the creature. The X-rays are being looked at by a Forensic Pathologist as well as a Radiologist. I had two MD’s look at the X-rays in the last week, and both confirmed that to the best of their professional opinion the creature was real and not a composite.
  5. Watchers 10-DNA is also available on VIMEO! L. A. Marzulli

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  1. This is where you lost me “Could this be what comes out of the Abyss, that we read about in Revelation 9? “Then out of the smoke locusts came upon the earth. And to them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. 4 They were commanded not to harm the grass of the earth, or any green thing, or any tree, but only those men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5 And they were not given authority to kill them, but to torment them for five months.”…. no way… why quote the bible?… this is like “thanking god” for the man who saved millions using science, and forgetting the efforts of the man … this invalidates this as crap in my book, and no way would anyone accept this, except some nutter- who “validates” using bible… BS

    1. It could be the gremlin that crawled out of Hitler’s gaping ass while he gassed innocent Jews. Does that make it better for you, jackass? I mean, fuck’s sake forbid that someone takes an image and then goes back and compares it to it’s closest descriptive match in literature. Some nutters validate bullshit using science. It works both ways you fool. Take my advice and never enter into any scientific profession. You’re not cut out for anything requiring an open mind or abstract thought.

  2. Yeah, I’m not buying it, especially with the Bible quote, you lost me there. Also, there is NO discussion on where this creature was found, no discussion of chain of ‘custody’, so-to-speak. And it seems there is only one person (or maybe two) that seem to believe this. I know there are things out there that can’t be explained, but if this was real this was explained very poorly.

    1. So, throw a bible quote in there and that makes it fake? How scientific of you. You know even Einstein and a lot of the great scientific minds in history believed in a “god”, but maybe not the more Disney digestible one that Christians subscribe too or even the Sumerian or Greek Gods before it, but a god in general he believed in. You? Are you here to tell Einstein to F off? Like I posted earlier, when it’s all reduced to it simplest, basic form (all religion and all scripture) and take out all the symbolism designed to make it easier for people to relate to, do you really think there is no essential truth behind the bible or any other religious writings that all essentially started out as a way to explain why we’re here, how we got here and what our very beginnings were?

      You think all these all these writings and stories were just made out of boredom or for pure entertainment sake, or were just a way to keep the idiots in check…even the ancients idiots who were probably more aware of the universe they lived in than you and most people of today are? Just stories for $hits and giggles…good for around the camp fire stuff? Because you know so many people were literate back then and it was so easy to just write things down by carving it into rock that they jsut made things up to kill time. Sorry if my patronizing sarcasm offends you. So, to you it’s got to be pure evolution, or pure creation? Pure science, or pure religion? Not a bit of both? Wars and revolution are usually started with the same stubborn bias and inability to be objective, understanding and conceding. You know that right? You also know that you aren’t smart enough to even write something like a bible, let alone be able to objectively dismiss it or anything related to it as BS? Just thought I’d remind you of that.

  3. LA Marzuli may have just found proof. Of course the people below won’t believe evens with scientific proof. Why? Because he quoted the bible? Smh. Some people just refuse to believe. I will pray for you. One day hopefully you will see the truth before it’s too late. Because He is coming back soon.

    1. Hmmmm, maybe the two aren’t really as separate as people want to think…ya think? 😉 Hey, just a thought, maybe aliens and Gods and the “God” we think and were taught to accept and believe in, were and are all essentially the same. The only ideological and technical difference is how cultures and religions have spun story, fact and history to either better explain events and/or to better fit a mold or system that benefits them. More recently; we already know how the Christian/Catholic religions absorbed and spun into their religion and beliefs more pagan things to incorporate those followers into the fold and the new testament is basically a rewrite of older much beliefs and stories and done in way to better fit the thinking and logic of the time, just like the religions, cultures and writings before it did.

      Do you know how many versions of essentially the same general creation story there are with the very first recorded accounts being our ancestors came from the sky? But that’s somehow BS to the conservative bible beaters, even though those same people are ok with their God living in the sky and a magical heaven somewhere out there in the stars. Seeing people try to debate and argue the semantics of it all is like waiting for the apple to fall and him them in the head. Take a deep breath and suck it up people because here it is…it’s all the same. Yup, your God, the aliens or what have you came here, helped make us and guide us and all those stories are essentially true if you get off your stubborn myopic path and look past the various and sometimes silly interpretations of essentially the same story being told and get to the meat of it.

      I will tell you this though, in regards to the creation versus selection/evolution debate. I’ll never believe we evolved as quickly as we did as a species without intervention. If you believe the evolution only argument, I’ll argue no species evolves that quickly. To go in a relative blink of an eye from a simple humanoid primate to having the abilities to make an atomic bomb, travel in space and make from simple earthly elements things like plasma TV’s, electric cars and complex bio-chemicals, we had to have intervention from a god, alien or whatever you want to call it. Did we evolve? Sure, that’s happened as well, but in the grand scheme of things we would still be throwing rocks at food if it weren’t for divine/alien/godly assistance and intervention.

      Both sides are right, but were are inherently flawed in a way that makes us only pick one side or the other and stick with it no matter what truth and logic come from the other argument. I mean, look at our politics, sports teams and choice of pretty much anything we do or subscribe to. We’re so easily prodded and swayed by others to believe this or do that that it’s obvious we’re a perfect vessel for experimentation by a god or alien, it’s no wonder we are like we are. We’re a f’ed up, close-minded species in that regard and until we become enlightened enough to see past petty and illogical bias, we’ll always be right here drinking the Brawndo and throwing poop at each other like the primates we essentially still are.

  4. Yeah you almost had me till you threw in a quote from a book of an Ideology that causes mass murder in the name of its Ideology. Nothing you can say now will ever get me to believe you.

    1. What does one have to do with the other? Kinda like saying; yeah, I almost believed the world was round until you mentioned something about the Nazi’s believing it too and now I’ll stick with the flat earth theory. Ponderous logic pal…ponderous

  5. How could it have DNA that is “very similar to the DNA of a human with a staggering 98.5%” but then also be “not in accordance with DNA from the mammals or another creature … there is no match with DNA creatures related with a mammal (sic).”

    1. Similar at 98.5% and ‘match’ are very different. Chimpanzees share nearly 99% of our DNA, making them similar. If chimps were a ‘match’ they would be humans as a match corresponds precisely to the genetic profile of a recognized species. Square peg, square hole.

  6. Kind of funny that a UFO sight is the only source that is bringing out facts that may prove scripture more than evolution.
    That said no I don’t think it’s part of the locust thing, but the book of Giants does talk about monsters. Which this site did show a while back so…
    Most won’t or don’t have the seal anyways so….. Only people like myself who have an unnatural love of God and truth will. Although anythings possible I do believe in the Genesis 6 account and Enoch. Guess well see if more of these begin to screw with people.

  7. Bible got nothing to do with it.. and yeah for the dope below.. NO mammals have Human DNA is what they tried to Explain to you. so they crossed referenced it with Human DNA and that was found.. you really are dumb aren’t ya Starr…. lmfao

    1. By the way.. the flying locust with Stingers…. refers to Attack Helicopter’s.. not fkn Fairies .. witch fit the dumb descriptions written by a Fictional author thousands of yr’s ago .. Genisis

      1. Written by an author that doesn’t exist? Well hell! How do you have a problem believing in fairies then? You’re obviously a prophet who can correctly discern the nature of obscure prophecy, have a doctorate in theology, completely and utterly failed biology (because a Chimpanzee is a mammal that shares nearly 99% of human DNA you incompetent walking boner with shit for brains) and you can’t even spell GENESIS*. You’re a total failure, please don’t reproduce.

  8. Since the so-called Metepec Creature was proven several years ago to be a Marmoset that fact alone proves the writer of this article doesn’t do any research before writing up an article for a pseudoscience website

    1. I believe you are just a troll 🙂 who obviously cant read. But don’t worry, we get a lot of those around here, we are used to people like you who enjoy acting smart and not reading that which is written.

  9. Very interesting. I’ve just finished a couple of books by Jim Marrs, which I highly recommend.
    Our Occulted Past
    & Alien Agenda.

  10. I know many people who have seen fairies before. A lot of children see them. But as we grow old we are told we are told they aren’t real so we block the celestial realm out of our consciousness. A lot of people on a meditation retreat I went to claimed to have seen fairies elves and even unicorns. I believed I saw one once. It was a little tiny girl fluttering around. I couldn’t believe my eyes but as soon as I tried to make sure it was a fairy that I was seeing it disappeared. But it looked nothing like that charred looking creature above. That looks more like something born of Emptiness. Unless it has been charred in a fire or something. But he Yoga Sutras talk of celestial perception, you have to transcend through various stages of consciousness before you can see them, which means clearing the crap and mistaken beliefs out of your nervous system that happen after spending time in this world, in the school system, in other systems with rigidly held beliefs. That is why little children see them often because their minds are open and they aren’t tainted with the cynicism and all the negative stress and experiences of adults.

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