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The Worlds Largest Pyramid; In China?

photograph new york times

The largest pyramid in the world is located in China and makes The Great Pyramid of Giza look like a miniature piece?

photograph-new-york-times - The Worlds Largest Pyramid; In China?
Photograph published in New York Times, May 30 1947, supposedly taken by James Gaussman

At the end of World War II, American pilot James Gaussman prepared to complete a mission of providing food and supplies to the Chinese military forces. Suddenly, a fault in the aircraft engine forced his return to the Assan airbase in northern India, for safety, he performed his return journey at low altitude which made it possible to observe the incredible land below him. Shortly after flying over the city of Xi’an, heading southwest, the pilot encountered the presence of a giant pyramidal shape on the surface. Surprised, after making several passes over the structure, Gussman prepared to and took several photographs of the pyramid; he also created a detailed report, which he later handed to his superiors upon returning to base. The discovery  was forgotten somewhere among the files of the US Air Force until, 40 years later, the images and report resurfaced and were brought to light through the work of Australian writer Brian Crowley, who published one of the photos in his book.

piramidechina - The Worlds Largest Pyramid; In China?

But this was not the only sighting of Pyramid structures in China, in March 1947, once the war came to a  conclusion, the New York Times published a reference to the sighting made by Col. Maurice Sheehan from his plane, where he, just like Gussman flew over a giant pyramid, described by the pilot with approximate dimensions of around 300 meters by 450 meters. These proportions would mark the largest pyramid in the world, making the “colossal” pyramid of Giza look like a true miniature with dimensions of 147 meters by 320. While the Great Pyramid of Egypt has around 52,900 square meters, the Chinese pyramid would exceed 202 thousand square meters.

piramidechina - The Worlds Largest Pyramid; In China?

The size of this giant pyramid is astonishing but there are a lot more interesting things about it. Allegations who claim to have seen huge pyramids in China were made by a lot of pilots and there are even photographs taken by American spy satellites which seem to prove the theories of gigantic pyramids in China. However, inexplicably, the Chinese authorities have rejected the existence of such monuments. In the early twentieth century, explorers and traders have confirmed the presence of not only one, but several pyramids located near the Chinese city of Xi’an. Some European excursions even managed to take samples of metallic objects in the vicinity of the pyramids, which after being analyzed yielded an estimated age of 8000 years. But the estimated age of these structures  isn’t the important thing here, the metallic material discovered in the vicinity of the Chinese pyramids has not been identified so far; researchers say that the “metals” are made out of a material unknown to modern science.