Ancient Olmecs: Survivors of the city-continent of Atlantis?

Are the Ancient Olmecs Survivors of Atlantis?

It is a theory that according to many, could explain the incredible technologies and skills of this enigmatic Ancient Civilization.

Even though the Olmec civilization is surrounded by numerous mysteries, researchers believe that all the classical cultures of Mesoamerica originated from this mysterious civilization. But where did this ancient civilization originate? And why is it that we know so little about one of the most influential ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica.

Their stonemason skills were something noteworthy, achieving incredible constructions and monuments, like the giant Olmec heads, before the Aztecs, Mayas and other civilizations of the Americas. The question that has baffled archaeologists and other researchers is how?

From where did the ancient Olmecs obtain their knowledge and where do they come from?

Is it possible that as some researchers suggest, the Ancient Olmecs are the survivors of Ancient Atlantis?

Atlantis and the Olmecs

The Olmecs were a very advanced civilization that predates the Ancient Maya and Aztec empires. Their knowledge in geology allowed this mysterious ancient civilization to literally “terraform” certain regions. The San Lorenzo plateau is one of those examples. It is considered one of the most important architectural projects in ancient times.

The entire region was “modified” to the liking of the ancient Olmecs. This project involved the removal of tons of Earth and rock that allowed the construction of giant terraces, walls and monuments, literally transforming their surroundings into a sacred area for their inhabitants. The question that still remains is, how did ancient man achieve this… thousands of years ago? Is it possible that their advanced technology and knowledge originated on the last city-continent of Atlantis? And if so, are there any similarities between them?

What if the Ancient Atlanteans actually Migrated to Mesoamerica and ‘kickstarted’ some of the most incredible Ancient Civilizations on Earth: The Aztecs, Mayas and possibly even Incas?

If Atlantis did exist? How come that there is no evidence of this mythical “continent“, surely such a powerful ancient civilization would have left its mark worldwide, why is it that Plato is one of the few who mentioned Atlantis?

Basically, the tale about Atlantis did not exist until Plato wrote about it. But what if… Atlantis was destroyed but its people lived on… only that this time they were not called Atlanteans but Olmecs? No one can explain where the Olmecs came from, we know based on research where historians believe they originated from, but due to certain features, like the giant Heads which do not resemble natives from Central America, many believe that the Olmec civilizations actually originated from another place on Earth, a place that some call ancient Atlantis.

This ancient civilization achieved an incredible degree of development, totally incomprehensible if we consider that we know nothing of their origin nor their roots. They were a society which knew about animal domestication, and beekeeping before any other ancient civilization.

The Hematite Bar, possible evidence of advanced technology?

One of the most mysterious findings directly connected with the Ancient Olmec civilization is a 3.5 cm hematite bar that has caused mixed reactions among researchers. When placed on water its axis points towards the north.

According to researchers from the University of Michigan, this device was a compass. This changes a lot in history since it would mean that the ancient Olmecs are the inventors of the compass and no the Chinese as previously thought. The device is believed to have been used to position their constructions facing north.

The Olmec Legacy

The ancient Olmecs left so much yet so little behind and just like many other great ancient civilization, they too disappeared without a trace. In addition to the gigantic heads, the Olmecs have left other pieces of great artistic value, such as thrones, altars and human figures and no other culture in Mesoamerica attained perfection and the level of mastery of the Olmecs when it comes to sculpting.

The question is, how did this ancient civilization that was almost in the stone age, manage such perfection that engineers today cannot replicate?

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  1. Olmecs originated from Africa. The advanced ancient African Kingdoms that emcompassed an area as far east as ethiopia, as far north as eygpt, and emcompassing all the west african region,with Nigeria and ghana being hot spots along with egypt and ethiopia. The Olmecs were these ancient african who would travel back forth from atlantis and Africa, until atlantis fell. The olmecs would interact regularly and were extremely close with the ancient ‘red Skin’ pre mayan, pre aztecian native american races in atlantis also. When atlantis sank, it took a main route from ancient africa to ancient south america away. After the global cataclysm which cuased catastrophe on the planet and was responsible for Atlantis’s fall, humanity was back at square one. So of their most advanced technology were gone, which included their advanced craft that they would use to travel back and forth at a great speed across the planet and greater solar system. The Ancient Africans I suspect retained alot of the knowledge of these tecnological advancements and manage to fashion basic navigation systems based on that advanced knowledge they kept. Ships and teh compass mentioned in the article is example of the knowledge the ancient african olmecs retained. Their ships were not the kind they had pre-cataclysm in the days of atlantis, which were anti-gravity advanced interplanetry, interstellar craft. The ships were the once we that set sail upon the sea. It was the best they could do with the resources that remained after the catalclysm. We know ancient space craft existed as seen in egyptian temples and on mayan tablets, depicting a human figure inside a space craft. Alex Collier explains that places in Africa, in particular Nigeria, have the remains of advanced space craft hidden in the ground. He stated that when we do archealogical digs in various locations in Nigeria, we will be astonished at the amazing advanced technology that the ancestors the modern day Nigerians and Africans as a whole used to wield. As Africans aka the Olmecs got back on their feet alot quicker than the ancient south americas they would travel their frequently in their basic post cataclysm ships to reconnect with thier long lost brothers and sisters of the Americas, who they had never forgotten about. They went there to see how they were progressing after the cataclysm, and kicked started that culture into with the knowledge they had forgotten, on maths, physics, astonomy, geology and so on. This later evolved into the mayan culture which had advanced mathematics and were masters of sun and planetery cycles. The olmecs (ancient africans) were in constant trade with their native american brothers and sisters,trading various food stuff, seeds, fruits and other aspects of agriculture. We see evidence egyptian hyrioeglyphs all over modern day america as the ancient americas interacted with the olmecs who communicated using a system of language what we call egyptian hyrioeglyphs. It wasnt just egyptian it was all of the ancient african kingdom, but it got segregated to the egypt. The mayan language shares many similarities to this language egyptian hyrioeglpyhs.

    1. Martin

      Your opinion would be followed much more closely by intelligent readers if only you used capital letters [ as a sign of respect ] for countries, cultures etc., paragraphs and a spell checker to make your material more readable.

      Simply put — civilized writing commands attention !

      Cheers !

      1. really , you going to go there ? when its proven fast thinkers hate to stop to use correct punctuation , think u need to get a life

    2. Around 9600BC, Atlantis, conquered much of western Europe and Africa and also enslaved its enemies. Around this time Atlantis would be as old as the end of the ice age and predates the erliest recorded states.

      1. more settled coastal regions and most likely enslaved hunter-gatherers. western Europe was largely tundra battered by the winds off the frigid N. Atlantic. with the scarcity of mega fauna they would harvest the rich seas laden with whales as the extensive sea ice supported the krill populations

    3. There were no advanced African kingdoms. The idea that Egypt was some advanced African civilization is nonsense. Egyptian drawings portray the Nubians (blacks) as slaves. When the survivors of Atlantis reached Egypt, Mexico, and Central America they were taken for White skinned, blue eyed Gods with beards. The natives went from leading a savage life to having advanced civilizations thanks to the Atlanteans.

  2. look up the youtube video of Dr Ivan Van Sertima. Read his book They came before Columbus.

  3. Atlantis was located in the Aegean. Born in the cauldron of “Middle Earth”(the Pontic Steppes) during the height of the ice age civilization would migrate to the shores of Eden (the Aegean) where it would sail the “Great Ocean” to colonize and rule the world. It vanished in the course of one day when the ice dam at the Iron Gate(Danube) failed and a glacial lake(s) some 250,000kms3 emptied(mostly in one day) triggering worldwide tsunamis

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