Study suggests Neanderthals were wiped out by a common childhood ear infection

YouTube Video Here: Of all the possible ways the Neanderthals may have gone extinct, it turns out that it may have been as simple as a common childhood affliction that ultimately spelled their doom. Illness is part of being human, no matter how much we don't like it. It helps...

Researchers reveal 143 new Nazca Lines of strange humanoid beings and a two-headed ‘snake’

YouTube Video Here: A team of researchers from Yamagata University, along with IBM researchers, has found 143 new Nazca Lines in Peru with the help of A.I. technology. One small geoglyph of a 'humanoid' was found using A.I technology alone for the first time. Among these never-before-seen formations are...

Infants found buried in Ecuador were wearing ‘helmets’ made from other children’s skulls

YouTube Video Here: Salango is located on the coast of central Ecuador, and archaeologists recently made an astonishing find there: Two infants who had been buried approximately 2,100 years ago wearing "helmets" made from the skulls of other children. According to Live Science: "The archaeologists who excavated the burials between 2014...

New study reveals what brought down the powerful Assyrian empire

For 1,400 years, the ancient Assyrian empire dominated the Middle East ruling an area stretching from Turkey to Egypt and east to Iran through what is today Northern Saudi Arabia and Iraq. And then it all fell apart because of a megadrought caused by climate change. The Assyrians were truly...

Ancient warrior woman found buried with rare jewelry created during the Roman Empire

A tomb containing a 2,000-old-year old skeleton was recently unearthed in the Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, and it appears the remains are of an ancient warrior woman who lived during the height of the Roman Empire, according to the Daily Mail: "She was found in the North Caucasus and is...

Giant mammoth traps uncovered outside of Mexico City with multiple skeletons inside

YouTube Video Here: For the first time, archaeologists in Mexico have found direct evidence that ancient humans actually engineered traps to hunt and kill woolly mammoths to butcher them for their meat and hides. We already know that humans killed and butchered mammoths to survive during the Ice Age. But...

Study reveals ancient humans migrated to the Levant from Europe 40,000 years ago

A study of ancient teeth belonging to modern humans and Neanderthals of the Aurignacian culture at Manot Cave in Israel is shedding new light on human migration from Europe to the Levant around 40,000 years ago. The Levant includes the historic areas of Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, and Syria with close...

What became of the Siberian unicorns that once walked the Earth?

YouTube Video Here: There are few creatures surrounded by more mystery, wonder, and fascination than unicorns. Some say they existed and then died out. Others insist unicorns are nothing more than a myth; a creation of human imagination. So, what exactly is the truth? Did unicorns once walk the planet?...

Researchers find one of the last necklaces made by Neanderthals featuring eagle talons

An excavation in a cave occupied by Neanderthals in Spain has uncovered what is considered to be the last necklace ever made by our distant cousins, which features eagle talons that had symbolic meaning and value. Around 40,000 years ago, Neanderthals roamed the Iberian peninsula and occupied caves near the...

Mysterious Aztec carvings found in tunnel beneath Mexico City

YouTube Video Here: Mysterious carvings from the time of the Aztecs were recently discovered in Mexico City in a very unlikely place: In a tunnel that dates back to the 17th century, according to IFL Science: "Archaeologists in Mexico have unearthed an intriguing tunnel that dates back to the 17th century...

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