NASA’s MRO photographs a crashed UFO on the surface of Mars; According to Ufologists

Did the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter photograph a crashed UFO on Mars? NASA's MRO photographs a crashed UFO on the surface of Mars; The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has done an incredible job ever since it arrived to Mars. One of the most interesting images taken by the MRO is the one...

Did Curiosity snap an image of a mysterious “creature” on Mars?

Ultimate evidence of life on Mars: Did NASA's Curiosity rover snap an image of a mysterious "creature" on the surface of Mars? NASA's Curiosity rover has snapped another incredible image of Mars that has led to a lot of debate whether there is life or not on the red planet. Many...

The ultimate Tesla guide; Tesla’s 11 most incredible discoveries

‘Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. Throughout space there is energy. — Nikola Tesla, 1892 Nikola Tesla was a genius. He was a man who could almost do anything he wanted. He was an Inventor, electrical engineer,...

The strangest images from Mars

Mars has been one of the most important celestial objects for humans for centuries. We have observed and recorded the movement of the red planet and even named gods after our neighbor planet. Today, thanks to the research performed by space agencies worldwide, we can learn more about the...

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