Did prehistoric civilizations with advanced technology exist in the past?

We believe yes, and there are numerous incredible archaeological findings which indicate that thousands, and even millions of years ago, civilizations with extremely advanced technology existed on our planet and just like us, called Earth ‘home’. These ancient civilizations could have had far superior knowledge and technology than we have today. And what if all of mankind’s ‘modern inventions’ are nothing more than re-inventions of the past? Re-inventions from a time when a different people inhabited the planet and disappeared mysteriously from the face of the Earth.

Is it possible that all of these mysterious findings can explain, once and for all mankind’s amnesia? Because it seems that humans are a species suffering from it…

Is it possible that civilization hit 'reset' a couple of times in the distant past?
Is it possible that civilization hit ‘reset’ a couple of times in the distant past?

Would the existence of prehistoric civilizations explain the construction of incredible ancient sites such as Puma Punku, Tiahuanaco, Teotihuacan and the Pyramids of Egypt? Is it possible that our ancestors re-discovered this lost technology and used it in their own lifetime?

Let’s check out some of the revolutionary ancient technologies that still baffle researchers.

The Ancient Chinese seismograph

Over 1500 years before the invention of the modern-day seismograph, Chinese scientists Zhang Heng managed to record an earthquake that originate 480 kilometers away. The invention referred to as the seismoscope is incredibly surprising both by its beauty (an elegant vase with carved bronze animals) and its accuracy. Until today, no one knows exactly how the mysterious device works, but nevertheless it predates the modern-day seismograph by more than 1500 years.

The 1.8 billion year old “Nuclear Reactor”

Did you know that in Africa there is a 1.8 billion year old nuclear reactor? Although mainstream scientists argue that this is in fact a naturally occurring Nuclear Reactor, many scientists argue that this is in fact impossible suggesting that the conditions for the nuclear reactor are far too precise to have occurred by itself as the result of Mother Nature. As you can see, our planet gets mysteriously beautiful by the minute and we realize how little we know about our past and everything that happened before ‘civilization’.

The Baghdad Batteries

1938 the world was introduced to the mysterious Baghdad Batteries. An ancient device, believed to be more than 2000 years old that was used, according to some researchers, by ancient mankind to power certain electrical devices. It is proven that the Baghdad Batteries can actually generate electricity. Is it possible that the Baghdad Batteries are in fact the missing link to mankind’s ancient technology?

Piri Reis: Map Impossible

Did you know that the Piri Reis map depicts Antarctica before the continent was covered by ice? Yeah… it’s one of the most mysterious maps in the world actually. The map Created by cartographer and sailor Piri Reis, which was based on far more ancient maps shows Antarctica as we have never seen it. The map also depicts a piece of land that seems to be connected to South America, a part of land that could have corresponded to the Antarctic coast in prehistoric times.

300,000 year old Nanostructures: Advanced ancient technology

Found in the Ural Mountains in Russia, these objects have caused quite a buzz since their discovery. The tiny structures are believed to have been the product of an extremely ancient civilization that was capable of developing nanotechnology about 300,000 years ago. The age of these mysterious nanostructures have placed them in the list of “out of place artifacts” given the fact that researchers estimate them to be around 300,000 years old. The Russian Academy of sciences performed several tests on these mysterious objects and the results were quite interesting. Researchers found out that the largest pieces that were unearthed were made almost entirely out of copper and the smaller ones from tungsten and molybdenum.

The materials were submitted to a more extensive research a couple of years after their discovery to find out more about the mysterious objects and their composition and according to the Russian Academy of Science and their department for Geology; the metals have not originated in nature on their own, meaning that they are components that have a artificial technological origin, in other words they were manufactured.

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  1. The term ‘suffering from amnezia’ was used several times by Graham Hancock. The list is fine, except the 1.8 billion year old ‘nuclear reactor’. How on earth could they determine that? Very doubtful.

  2. It is. It´s not only possible, it´s sure. It´s very naive to think that we are the first and only civilization on earth. The main reason is darwinism. Even töday they are teaching to our children that rubbish in schools, how the life began in the sea and rose up onto the dry land and we are the descendants of african apes. Apes have always been apes and still they are. People like us have lived here millions of years. We know that in ancient times there was ice-age. How many during over four billion years. This planet has been bombed by meteorites millions of years. We have had many kinds of floods and other natural disasters.How many civilizations have been lost. Every day we have to fear the possibility of nuclear war, One pretty day all life on earth may be gone. How many such wars in earlier times. After those wars or disasters only few survived and a new mankind was born.
    We know all that and still we believe that we are the only and first ones on earth. And we rose up from the sea only 300000 years ago. Even some scientists are wasting their time in trying to solve how people like us some five thousand years ago were able to build the pyramides. They were not like us and they were not helped by aliens. The constructor was the mankind before us, which had much higher education.. In this space time we may find some manmade structures on moon or on other planets. They are not made by aliens or ufos or extraterresials or how do they call them. They are made by humans, who were living on earth and had the skill and knowledge to travel in space.
    From that point of vew even all the tales in the Bible can be explained.

  3. This is indeed a fascinating topic, made so not so much by the evidence discovered thus far, but because logic tells us that, out of the last 4.6 billion years, technology has existed for only 200 of those years is ludicrous.It is not so much based on the evidence, though plenty of that exists. For every learned scientist who marvels at a perfectly machined rock, precise mathematical constructions dating back to who knows when, and ancient cities built with technology is that just could not have existed in the time attributed to them, you will find equally learned scientists that will pooh-pooh them and attribute them to other causes.

    Indeed, waiting for solid “evidence” is in itself a delusional way to proceed. Much of what we know from supposedly ancient civilizations comes down to us through time on carvings on stone and other monolithic structures showing advanced construction techniques. But think, for a moment, about our own technology. The reason we know so much about ancient Egypt is because huge stones last a long time. But what would, say, a Sir Isaac Newton assume if he found a flash drive or a DVD from our time? He would have no idea what it was, because he would have no common frame of reference. Or he might marvel at the construction and be amused at the shiny side of the disc, but the fact that the object is to record data could not be known to him.

    So too with us, today. Whatever solid evidence of truly modern civilizations existing in ancient past is around us, we may not even have the technology or the intellectual capability, much like Sir Isaac Newton and the DVD disc, to even recognize it. Add to that the facts that even DVD discs do not last forever, and that over millennia the very surface of our earth changes, and the logical conclusion is that we just do not know, nor do we really have the capability to know, that such civilizations existed, but the smattering of evidence we have added to our ability to reason leads us really to no other conclusion.

    One day we will find such evidence. It will be certain, plentiful, and overwhelming. But we will not find it here. The surface of the earth is far too changeable. We will find it on the moon, on airless planets such as mercury, possibly the moons of Jupiter, and Neptune’s moon Triton. In other words, places where the ravages of weather, volcanic activity and plate tectonics do not exist. The time will come when we recognize our puny efforts to go to the moon, magnificent as they seemed at the time, we really nothing as compared to the peoples and civilizations from our earth that ventured forth to the planets, and possibly even the stars, millions and millions of years ago.

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