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DNA Results Show The Elongated Paracas Skulls Are Not Native American


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“The Paracas were an incredibly complex ethnic mix of people… There are a number of different haplogroups that were found in the DNA tests of the Paracas elongated skulls and these haplogroups, which is your genetic ancestry, they don’t fit in with the history of Peru in any shape or form…”

According to a group of experts dealing with the Paracas skull phenomenon, recent DNA results have revealed that the elongated skulls of Paracas, Peru, are not native to the region.

During the 1920’s, a Peruvian archaeologist by the name Julio Tello discovered a series of tombs in Paracas Peru. The contents of the tomb left experts stumped as countless elongated skulls were recovered from the tombs. Since then, more elongated skulls have been found in the region, raising numerous questions about these mysterious people.

For more than five years have experts like Brien Foerster tried solving the mystery behind the elongated skulls. While much progress has been made in understanding them, the journey has been very difficult.

Paracas - DNA Results Show The Elongated Paracas Skulls Are Not Native American
The analysis of this elongated skull, which has reddish hair, shows that it has a mitochondrial haplogroup U2e, which may signify it originated somewhere in the Caucasus… far from Paracas.

After countless studies and research, we have begun finding out more about these mystery skulls. Some DNA analysis has shown that the elongation present on the Paracas skulls was not the result of artificial cranial deformation but by genetics. Some of the Paracas Skulls have a cranial volume which is up to 25% larger and 60% percent heavier than conventional human skulls. While ‘head binding’ can alter the shape of the skull, it cannot alter its volume.

At the end of last week, a Symposium was held in Los Angeles where experts announced new results of testing performed on the elongated Skulls.

The main speakers of the event were L.A. Marzulli and Brien Foerster.

As reported by Megalith Marvels, Foerster, author of several books on the subject and a recognized expert of the Paracas Skulls, published the following information on the aforementioned DNA results.

“The DNA results actually were incredibly complicated… It’s going to take me some time to actually figure out what the results mean. What it does show for sure is that the Paracas elongated skull people were not 100% Native American. They were a mix or even you could say, in some ways, a hybrid of different people.”

More question than answers…

Foerster explains that “Their blood types are very complicated as well, they should be blood type “O” if they’re 100% Native American and that’s not the case. We are likely looking at a sub-species of humanity as regards to the Paracas… Seems to be a lot of DNA evidence from extreme eastern Europe and extreme western Asia. More specifically I’m talking about the area in between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea where ancient elongated skull people lived I think about 3000 years ago.”

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