15 mind-boggling images of Göbekli Tepe

Göbekli Tepe is without a doubt, one of the most enigmatic and mysterious monuments ever found on planet Earth and in this article, we bring you fifteen of the most incredible images of Göbekli Tepe you have ever seen.

Göbekli Tepe

Located on a remote hilltop in southern Turkey is one of the oldest (if not oldest) ancient megalithic temples on our planet. There, intricate massive stone pillars arranged into a set of rings stand tall and proud telling a millennia-old story when different civilizations ruled the over the planet. The massive stones were believed to have been carved by neolithic hunter-gatherers some 12,000 years ago, even though recent evidence points towards the fact that Göbekli Tepe was in fact built by a far more advanced society than researchers are willing to accept.

The mysterious temple, which consists of three huge stone circles was deliberately buried for an unknown reason in the distant past. After 13 years of digging, archaeologists investigating the ancient site have failed to recover a single stone-cutting tool. No one has been able to understand how ancient mankind, which was believed to be incapable of such feasts, erected some of the greatest stone-works on the planet. But what mostly bothers mainstream scholars is the fact that so far, they have failed to unearth a single stone cutting tool from the ruins of Göbekli Tepe.How can you create these 19-foot-tall, perfectly sculpted columns that are 11,000 to 12,000 years old, and not find any evidence what so ever of tools user to accomplish this?

Interestingly, to the amazement of researchers and visitors, measurements place the oldest stratum at Göbekli Tepe to around 9600 BC. Therefore, this means that it is at least 6,500 years older than Stonehenge and 7000 years older than the oldest of the Pyramids. In other words, Göbekli Tepe was built in a period in history where according to archaeologists and mainstream scholars, people were not developed to the point where they could achieve these intricate projects. It is the antiquity of the site which is surprising, considering the complexity of advanced cultures presents in the are, researchers cannot explain how this extremely advanced culture existed 11.000 years ago. Researchers have no obvious explanation for a highly advanced culture existing in Upper Mesopotamia at the end of the last Ice Age when the world was still populated by communities of hunter-gatherers, which were worried about the day-to-day survival. Yet, these anonymous individuals, known to archaeologists as the people of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic, created some of the most fascinating works of art of the ancient world, works of art that would not be surpassed in the next thousands of years.

Whether Göbekli Tepe is or not a temple, it is, without a doubt, the most incredible archaic work of megalithic architecture that has been found.

In this article, we bring you ten of the most incredible images of Gobekli Tepe you have ever seen.

Göbekli Tepe 2

Göbekli Tepe 4
Researchers have discovered that each of the pillars is decorated with incredibly carved depictions of animals and abstract symbols indicating cultural memory and a symbolic world which existed in society 12,000 years ago, even though mainstream scholars suggest the time frame of such societies existing is impossible.

Göbekli Tepe

Gobekli tepe2


A pillar with a carved, elongated fox stands against the starry night. To protect the fragile reliefs, archaeologists plan to construct a roof over the site this year. Pondering the mysteries of this ancient temple under an open sky will soon be a thing of the past.
A pillar with a carved, elongated fox stands against the starry night. To protect the fragile reliefs, archaeologists plan to construct a roof over the site this year. Pondering the mysteries of this ancient temple under an open sky will soon be a thing of the past.

Numerous discovieres still waiting to be made at Göbekli Tepe


Göbekli Tepe arial view
Göbekli Tepe aerial view



Göbekli Tepe main view

Göbekli Tepe 22





Image Credit:

Vincent J. Musi National Geographic

National Geographic


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  1. It’s truly amazing their sites like this all over the world that are unexplained and way out date history as we know it or taught in school

  2. It’s truly amazing their sites like this all over the world that are unexplained and way out date history as we know it or taught in school

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