7-Foot Tall Hellhound Skeleton Unearthed Near Ancient Monastery in UK

Known according to ancient texts as Black Shuck, a name believed to originate from an old English word which means ‘black demon’, the 7-foot tall beast appeared as a bringer of death in many ancient tales over 500 years ago. During the 16th century, ‘Black Shuck’ was feared by the inhabitants of modern-day UK, due to the number of brutal deaths committed by a ‘giant hellhound with reddish burning eyes’.

Now over 500 years after legends talked about the hellhound, archaeologists seem to have discovered the remains of the Black Shuck in the ruins of Leiston Abbey in Suffolk, in a nameless grave thirty inches deep among several pieces of pottery surrounding the body.

According to initial calculations the remains belong to a ‘male dog’ standing at least seven feet in height weighing around 200lbs.

The remain of Leiston Abbey
The remain of Leiston Abbey

Is it possible that these remains belong to the legendary terror bringer that caused havoc among the population of East Anglia?

‘The story of Black Shuck has to have originated from somewhere and, who knows, it could have originated from the dog which was buried here’
Brendon Wilkins project director of Dig Ventures

It is still an enigma why the remains of the feared Black Shuch rest under holy ground, despite all of the atrocities the monster dog had committed in the past.

Local folklore states that the Black Shuck made its presence during a brutal storm on August 4, 1577, at Holy Trinity Church in Blythburgh, almost seven miles from Leiston in Suffok. The fearful villagers found shelter inside the church but despite the massive wooden doors guarding the church, the Black Shuck managed to enter.

Mighty Shuck

According to Reverend Abraham Fleming’s book A Straunge and Terrible Wunder:

This black dog, or the devil in such a likeness (God he knoweth all who worketh all) running all along down the body of the church with great swiftness, and incredible haste, among the people, in a visible form and shape, passed between two persons, as they were kneeling upon their knees, and occupied in prayer as it seemed, wrung the necks of them both at one instant clean backward, in so much that even at a moment where they kneeled, they strangely died.”

Radio carbon testing seem to indicate that the remains of the beast correspond to the time when the Black Shuck was terrorizing the population of Eastern Anglia. It seems that not all legends are just legends, and despite many who believe that mythology is far from reality, this time, science has proven it is not. The only question that remains is, what else is considered as a mythology, when in fact it is the ultimate reality?


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  1. Would like a string of that dna. I would not do good things with it. But it would be worth it.

  2. Would like a string of that dna. I would not do good things with it. But it would be worth it.

  3. “It is still an enigma why the remains of the feared Black Shuch rest under holy ground, despite all of the atrocities the monster dog had committed in the past.”

    Jeezus don’t these idiots understand how these things work? It was buried on Holy Ground to keep its evil contained.

    1. Yeah. They’re the idiots all right for not getting that totally sound scientific principal.

      1. Never read a single UF or horror book, saw any of those types of movies or watched Supernatural on a regular basis have you?
        I think your sarcasm detector may be on the fritz too.

  4. It’s an Irish freaking Wolfhound, folks. Oy. The answers are not always inexplicable.

    1. If they have a temperament like a golden retriever, I know what my next pet will be! I shall call it Hellhound too!

      1. The Irish Wolfhounds I have known have been very very sweet. And they made poops the size of TX.

    2. an atheist are ya ive seen weird in my day not going to go atheist yet so it may or may not be a cursed mutt

  5. The ancestor of all molosser breeds has, at last been discovered.

  6. You live up to your name, sir! But yes, they got their views and Facebook shares at the expense of credibility.

  7. its possible it côuld be a helhound ive seen weird stuff in this era

  8. I also agree with “poor journalism” based on fear. I work with Animal Spirits and have communicated with some we believe as myth…there is no Helldog except within the Heart. Let’s see the proof not a fable. Blessed Be

    1. David, you had me at the first line…and then it kinda went downhill from there. Peace be with you.

    2. I suppose you do realise the irony of a post calling for ‘proof not fable’ from a man who claims to speak to dead animals?

    3. I read these just for the comments. it’s hilarious to watch the bubbling vate of hate that is the comments section. I keep all my beliefs reserved but whenever I see these stories I think to myself, ” wow, some crazy story, I wonder what the comments are like.” I haven’t been disappointed so far.

  9. People were ignorant back then.. Calling aliens our God.. Using magical incense to talk to God.. Can’t anyone think how they thought? Maybe it was just a giant dog with rabies.. Maybe it was a ghoul. Who the fuck cares. It’s still cool to think about. How many haters are gonna reply to my post? Anyone? Cmon

    1. People were ignorant back then? Have your read these comments?

  10. Some guy says “hell hound… g’off the bed before the missus finds you” and a legend is born!
    With the help of a gossipy eavesdropping neighbor claiming she heard him talking to his HellHound….

  11. Pay no attention to whatever Scientists say, Just read the comments section, where you will always find someone who KNOWS everything there is to know about any given subject.

  12. Maybe a priest just had a big ass dog? There is nothing to indicate this is the same creature as the legend other than its size.

  13. I get suspicious when they say this dog was 7 feet tall and weighed 200 lbs. I raise Mastiffs and two of my guys were 32″ at the shoulder and weighed 220lbs. At 7 feet at that weight it would be a walking skeleton and would not have the power needed to do all they say that would be like looking at a 7 foot bigfoot and he was only as wide at the shoulder as a small tree! Not anyhere as scary as the 500 lbs behemoth we expect. This is so bogus. If this really happened it would be on every news cast, newspaper and science journal around. This is so stid.

    1. Unless it was standing on its hind legs, as would be the case with a “dogman.” It’s really hard to say, as there is no out right mention of the creature in the article being on its hind legs.

  14. This sounds like an adult Dogman who average at least 7 feet and are intelligent. Dogman are large bipedal wolfs seen all over the US, UK, Australia, Brazil and the world. Go to youtube channel dogman encounters and listen to all the witnesses. People who encounter them are very traumatized. This is the most scary cryptid. This is not the hell hound.

    1. Ofc this is not a hellhound, since hell doesn’t exist, but the stories had to come from somewhere, right?

    2. Cryptid my ass. I’ve encountered one, no way in hell this is some undiscovered animal. These are spiritual, inter-dimensional beings. They may have a physical component, true but they are not merely flesh and blood animals.

  15. I seen those black dogs before I saw in a vision my City was destroyed but we called them Devil Dogs there are coming so be ready

  16. The Holy Trinity Church in Blythburgh still have the same doors where the beast struck at it with it’s claws on that fateful night, they have turn the doors round to persevere the claw marks to this day
    The only reason i know this as i live not to far from the church and when you visit it they have a small bit of history about the event
    very interesting.

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