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A 38-centimeter long finger found in Egypt: Evidence of the Nephilim?

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A 38-centimeter long finger found in Egypt: Evidence of the Nephilim?

Genesis 6:1–6
Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God (bene Elohim) saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.

The images of a giant finger, 38 centimeter long has researchers clueless as they state that something like this is impossible. According to science, it is impossible, yet, the finger found in Egypt seems to be the real deal, as the finger even has a certificate of authenticity and X-Ray images.

The images displayed were taken in 1988 and were published by one of Europe’s leading newspaper,


Could this be evidence that points towards the existence of giant beings that walked on Earth in the distant past?

“The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God (bene Elohim) came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

The remains of this finger are impressive, it is a huge mummified humanoid finger that hast 38 centimeters in length. Researchers from Egypt believe it had to belong to a creäture that was over 5 meters height. Only a few people got to take images of this incredible artifact in 1988.

The owner of the giant finger was, according to Gregor Spörri, a grave robber that acquired the piece while searching through an undisclosed thumb” in Egypt. When Gregor Spörri, a 56-year-old entrepreneur offered to by the finger, the owner responded: NEVER.


“Number 13:30–33
Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said, “We should by all means go up and take possession of it, for we will surely overcome it.” But the men who had gone up with him said, “We are not able to go up against the people, for they are too strong for us.” So they gave out to the sons of Israel a bad report of the land which they had spied out, saying, “The land through which we have gone, in spying it out, is a land that devours its inhabitants; and all the people whom we saw in it are men of great size. There also we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak are part of the Nephilim); and we became like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.”

In an interview with, Spörri stated: “It was an oblong package, smelled musty,” Spörri said when he told his story to the public in 2012. “I was totally flabbergasted when I saw the dark brown giant finger. I was allowed to take it in hand and also to take pictures. A bill was put next to it to get a size comparison. The bent finger was split open and covered with dried mold.”

According to Gregor Spörri, the grave robber who found the finger also had a certificate of Authenticity and an X-ray image, both of which are from the 1960’s.

Certificate of authenticity and X-Ray images of the giant finger

Certificate of authenticity and X-Ray images of the giant finger

After Spörri left Egypt he wanted to know more about this incredible relic, he wanted to find out where the rest of this giant creäture was located. He returned to Egypt in 2009 compelled to learn more about it. Unfortunately, by then, the old man who allowed Spörri to take pictures of the giant finger had vanished, and with him all traces of the mysterious finger that has scientists and researchers scratching their heads. Now, all that is left are these few images that are mind-blowing and stories and myth of creatures that once, in the distant past, walked among human beings.


Researchers have had mixed feelings when it comes to this mysterious ancient relic. The biggest problem is that the finger does not fit into any conventional theories presented by archaeologists or historians, it simply put, impossible.

Is this enough evidence to finally conclude that giants did, in fact, walk on Earth in the distant past? And that the mysterious gigantic footprints found in different places on Earth are real?

(Source and images)

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  • jamie

    No, it’s evidence that people lose all sense of reason when they open their web browser.

    • Quantummist

      But it’s on the internet so it has to be true… Bonjour

    • patriot156

      Then get the fuck off the site then if that’s all this is and stop being a gatekeeper FUCK oFF!

    • Joel

      You don’t have to be so honest about yourself Jamie.

  • Michael Harris

    Perhaps so, if this clearly is authetic then there is no reason to assume giants existed. Problem with the theory is how can giants just get up and disappear? Clearly they are larger than us, they would be stronger. We wouldn’t have had the power or strength to take them all out. Can we assume we may be looking at a very well preserved dinosaur fossil of what may have been a humanoid dinosaur?

    • Airic Arthur

      Well if u follow the bible, if thats the source ur using, the great flood would have wiped them out.

      • Michael Harris

        I don’t use the bible as a source for much. Thing is, giants are just big humans. Therefore, like humans, they would be resourceful. If the flood did happen, I would assume others, not many, would have found ways to survive other than Noah with his ark.

      • Samuel Jarvis Phoenix

        the bible should not be use as a source of “fact”. it’s too contradictory to itself. take the story of noah and his boat, nowhere in the tale does it mention noah saving panda bears or Haast’s Eagles. yet they didn’t all drown in this so-called all encompassing “great flood”. my point here is that you can’t take the bible for hard fact. some people cherry pick what to believe and what to let slip. that ain’t right either. you can’t use the bible as a source of fact when you don’t believe it entirely. otherwise it’s got “compromised credibility”. besides. giants do exist. we are giant in comparison to our other now extinct ancient human cousins.

    • Jim Beam
    • patriot156

      There is bu the Smithonian wont let you see the evidence. I know I’ve been trying to see and get in their website that has articles on Giants skeletons being found allover the world, but as of yet been giving my username and password you need to access the site.
      Everytime I mail the guy I’ve been in contact with just keeps saying he’s trying but won’t hear back form him until I email hi back then just get blown off. SO ya theres evidence they existed but are kept locked and hidden. There is evidence though of 7-9ft people look at Shaqu and Hombre the Giant but any other evidence of 20-30ft people the Smithsonian has and wont give it up.

      • Michael Harris

        Indeed, there are many tall people of such heights. Clearly, as far as we know giants don’t exist today, so I do not see why keeping such thing a secret and hidden is necessary. Some people just don’t want share things with just anyone. Problem is, these sort of discoveries need to be shared with the world. Good luck with the Smithsonian though.

        • hotbitch01

          Keeping such things a secret and hidden is absolutely mandatory to the powers that be. If they admitted there were giants, aliens, etc that would turn everything on its head. It will undo religion entirely. People will literally go crazy after they realize they’ve been lied to their entire lives.

          • Michael Harris

            Sad thing is you are right. I’d be angry that they kept it from the world, but would it make a difference to everyone’s lives? I would admit, it would be nice to walk around without people looking at me like I am crazy whenever I bring these topics up. It will cause majority of religions to go into complete chaos, and claim it is fake etc. Perhaps turning everything on its head is what this world needs.

    • Andro Nymous

      American buffalo and black rhino would beg to differ.
      Humanoid dinosaur is a terribly interesting concept! 🙂

      • Michael Harris

        I know its a terrible theory, I cringed slightly writing it. But I suppose there is a chance, just a very, very small chance.

      • Michael Harris

        Yeah, although I am not totally convince with the whole human dinosaur thing, I am open to the possibility. But eh, giants are cool just as well.

        • Jeff

          That’s what Jack brought down from the beanstalk 🙂

  • TropicThunder

    I know in many cultures there are ancient myths and legends about Giants, also Dragons and other mythical creatures, did those stories have a common origin or did people across the globe experience real encounters. Alot of questions as to how ancient civilizations even got started and we know nearly every animals evolutionary tree except our own. I for one do take Genesis writings seriously as these are based on the Sumerian creation myths and do make alot of sense to me.

  • Mia Person

    The “giants” must have had mightily small penises in order to mate with human women…25ft men mating with 5ft or 6ft women ? Yeah right…just not feasible.

    • Airic Arthur

      They would have been around 15-18ft tall seeing as a meter is equal to about 3ft. And black dudes do it all the time lol go watch some porn

    • patriot156

      It wasn’t the giant who mated with women it was the Angels the watchers they would have had normal sized Penises, and were able to mate. The Giants were thier offspring. Read the book of ENoch it clears it up as to who it was and who it wasn’t. Nephillim were the angels offspring not that Giants came to earth to mate Giants were born from Angels and humans mixing.

    • Michael Strandt

      Going by the article, giants would have been no more than 5 meters tall, or just over 16 feet. Taking things into perspective, the average height of a midget is 4 feet, although an adult height of 2’8″ is not unheard of. I’m 6’6″, or less than 2.5 times taller than a small dwarf; in ratio, this would make the height of a human having intercourse with a giant as being around 6’3″. Keep in mind I’m not going against what you posted, I’m just posting numbers.

      With the average height of a human female is 5’4″, that would change the example of the dwarf’s height to about 2’3″ (or just above my knees).

      Having sexual intercourse with someone of that stature is still feasible, it just wouldn’t be arousing or too attractive a subject. Unless giants were also prone to fetishes, or in some cases, an interspecies pedophilia type roleplaying.

      And then the cost of child bearing! Even if it were biologically possible for two different species to mate (I know, horses/donkeys, sheep/goats), can you imagine the difficulty of a human woman carrying such a creature to term? Human male to giant female, yes, but not giant male to human female.

      • Evian Hayden

        I like the fact that everyone is smart in here .keep dropping knowledge .

  • patriot156

    YES! this is a Giants Fingure that existed many more thousands of years ago when angels called the watcher came ot breed with human females.

  • dan

    i can makle a certificate of authenticity too. just give me 5 minutes and bam, its real.

  • Alma Mercer

    just dropping in , since the date of the discovery , what have we learned ? sees this is a old article … so wheres the up date ?

  • Thomas Bornholdt

    Why don’t we take a look at all the evidence placed around the world, before we shut off in arrogant ignorance?

    • Stephen Menzies

      lol, you are presenting this youtube crap as “evidence”? LOL!!!!! Next.

      • Thomas Bornholdt

        This is exactly what i am talking about, IGNORANCE! Please tell me why this should NOT indicate that some kind of giants once lived on earth?

        I suggest you come up with a better answer from the deep science perspective you have, better than a “LOL”, who indicate that you obviously have the right answer!? 😉

        • Tommy Walker

          Well said, Thomas. The naysayers always laugh it off and walk away from this type of evidence and research.

  • nas

    they have located the preserved finger of ancient human with giantism big deal

  • Donald Palmer

    I guess the guy is keeping it secret away from the world because he’s waiting for the owner to come back and claim it.

    • Tommy Walker

      Or maybe someone got to him and erased everything.

  • Stephen Menzies

    lol, Clyde Lewis, really? Stop your bellowing around about this. As usual you wimp out and straddle the fence until the results are clear. Why don’t you FOR ONCE take a stand? You mealy-mouth.

  • Steve E

    I don’t believe this present human population on Earth is the first “stab” we have had at it. We (mankind) had lived here long ago and had been destroyed. The Earth recycled, maybe billions of years has passed since we were here prior. Weird things are found in rocks and the such that couldn’t have gotten there any other way that I can think of. Time travel maybe? How about some sort of warped dimensional movement? JS

  • Peter James

    “Unfortunately, by then, the old man who allowed Spörri to take pictures of the giant finger had vanished, and with him all traces of the mysterious finger that has scientists and researchers scratching their heads. Now, all that is left are these few images that are mind-blowing and stories and myth of creatures that once, in the distant past, walked among human beings.” Cool story

    • Tommy Walker

      Someone out there has the fingers. Maybe one day they’ll resurface.

  • Wayne Leon

    There are many things within this world [and outside of this world] that we have no knowledge about. Why can’t this be true? Yes, you could use logic and reason, however, we would come across as very vain to think that something like this could not exist because we are so vain to think it is impossible.

  • RJ

    It’s a Complete hoax! Lol
    1. No scientist has said its impossible, mainly because I’m science you can’t disprove anything, if so who? Even if it was real elephantitis or some rare genetic disorder where limbs grow disproportionately large or small are reasonable causes.
    2.very unreliable sources. “A grave digger with a certificate of authenticity”? Certified by who?
    3.whats with the time difference? If it really was discovered in ’88 why wait 15 years to tell anyone? If there really was a finger found in ’88 it would have been a a huge story in at latest the early 90s and would already have been a thing before computer became so wide spread.
    4.Other website have conflicting stories about the figure.
    5.lastly religious people will go the most extremes to defend their ancient book. Include making up hoaxes such as these.

    • Chris Chujkal

      Then keep believing in Jesus and Santa Claus and leave grown up stuff to people who do more research.

  • Dark Lord

    Anything you see on the ancient world will be fake you will never find relics of this time if you did people would have destroyed them so there would be no evidence. You ask why ? I’m sure and the reason is clear some people just dont want to believe and dont want other to either. IF someone found the ten commandments they would be destroyed instantly so that they never existed. Many are so blind with their beliefs they would destroy hard evidence just to support their own claim. Giants really did exist, so did dinosaurs or whatever they really are giant beasts… as did many other mythical creatures I dont need an archaeologist or some historian to translate text and tell me what happend they really dont know everyone is guessing and if their guess is fact until proven otherwise well guess my theory is just as solid. I might not have the DNA or the bones but if you look at a lot of history and take it without everyone else bull shit theory’s and reasons for why things seem to have to make sense. Because usually the most insane ideas are the ones that really make much more sense in the end. Science just cant prove and disprove everything science is still pretty much in its infancy it cant tell you anything more than it already has and even then its not entirely accurate. You cant trust science in this world not with beliefs like these it goes beyond reasoning you have to almost believe it blindly because you truly will never know until you see it in your face. Anything I find about giants dragons and ghosts is always a hoax can you can easily tell by the photoshoped images and the very loose story they come up with that makes your brain bleed from all the lies you catch. But just because its a hoax doesn’t mean its not real. Many will think what they want to think thats just a given but I do think giants were once a big part of our world id almost bet you could find some evidence of this in some form if you dug deep enough into the sands of Egypt where I would gamble my life on finding remains over anywhere else. Giants seem much more realistic than ghosts or aliens thats for sure. Sometimes there is no reason for things, they just are! and some will not be able to cope with that and thats just too bad your going to have to 🙂

    • Tommy Walker

      Agreed! I think that the majority of “evidence” on the Internet today is either fake or put out as disinformation to hide the truth. I do think that this photo is real, but who knows what happened to the owner of these fingers. I think there’s a massive cover-up and this guy may just be another victim in a long line of victims. I wish that we could dig up mounds here in the States, because I’m sure we’d find more evidence to support the stories about giants. And you’re right — trusting Science isn’t an option these days. The powers-that-be are only telling part of the story and we may never know all of our history. The REAL history.

  • Joh Kri Hal

    Where is the rest of the giant ?

    • Richard Boutet

      A bigger giant ate it.

  • otexi

    I want to believe in this so bad but why don’t they do like a blood or dna test or some kind of organic testing to show that this is a real thing and not like paper maché or something.

    • Tran Quilize

      Tuff to take blood/DNA from a photograph. Did you even read it?

  • Tran Quilize

    ” ..a grave robber that acquired the piece while searching through an undisclosed thumb” in Egypt.”
    I want to see the “Thumb” that the guy found the finger in.

    • sunbird

      typo, probably tomb.

  • Chuck Wallace

    Unless it is submitted to verification and examination by anthropological labs IT’S BULLSHIT!!

  • zike

    First u discredit Egypt as a cursed pagan country that worshiped idols , now u coming up with some bible bullshit cos you cant find no other explanation.
    Xristians are a bunch of loosers.

    • Jenna Veeve

      I don’t know what you are, but your grammar is terrible and you can’t spell.

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