A massive, 200-million-year-old Footprint proves Giants existed?

Does this massive footprint left behind on a granite block which dates back at least 200 Million years prove giants were real? If it’s not a footprint as skeptics suggest, then what else could it be?

South African Indiana Jones Michael Tellinger has made quite a few discoveries on the African Continent. In this article, we discuss a massive footprint which many believe is the ultimate proof that once, in the distant past of Earth’s history, giant beings inhabited the planet.

These creatures are now extinct, and the only thing left are stories, myths, and awkward discoveries like this, which ultimately challenge history and what we have been taught in school.

Geologists have been left stunned by the gigantic footprint left in ‘rough granite’ of 4 feet in length.

While some say it is the result of natural erosion patterns, and pareidolia is making us see things again, you cannot disagree that the pattern clearly resembles what appears to be a massive footprint.

As Professor Pieter Wagener from UPE puts it; „there is a higher probability of little green men arriving from space and licking it our with their tounges, than being created by natural erosion.“

Many people would agree with Professor Wagener that the mysterious pattern clearly looks like a massive footprint left behind by a GIANT.

But Giants are only mythological beings… right?

Well, this fascinating discovery can be seen in South Africa, in the vicinity of the town of Mpaluzi, close to the border with Swaziland.

The granite block where the massive footprint is located on is believed to date back between 200 Million and 3 billion years.

The age of the ‘footprint’ is what causes debate, in order to fully ‘digest’ the story you need to keep an open mind in and process all of the information. Close-minded thinking won’t gets us far, and we have to understand that anything is possible. Question everything.

This fascinating footprint was discovered over a hundred years ago when a hunter called Stoffel Coetzee stumbled across it in 1912 while hunting in the area.

Due to the fact that the footprint is located ni an extremely isolated and remote region of the African continent, the chances of the footprint being a carved hoax are extremely low.

One of the possibilities is that we are looking at an actual footprint, left behind by giant beings millions of years ago when our planet was much different than it is today.

The other possibility, highly unlikely according to many, is that the massive footprint is the result of natural erosions and that a phenomenon called pareidolia is making us see a familiar shape, which in this case is a footprint.

The granite block where the footprint is located can be described as ‘phenocrystic’ granite, or coarse porphyritic granite which underwent numerous stages of cooling to end up as it is today.

Without a doubt, there are countless discoveries that have been made on the planet which seem to suggest history as we know it is anything but accurate.

In addition to the numerous discoveries around the globe which point towards a strong possibility that giants did in fact exist in the distant past, there are ancient texts and depictions which seem to accurately depict, supersized beings that lived on Earth in the distant past.

Is it possible that the massive footprint located in the South African Continents is proof of the existence of supersized beings?

IS it possible that history is in fact wrong and that Giants are more than just part of a complex mythological system?

What if… in the distant past, Giants did walk on Earth as numerous ancient texts describe?

As always you decide.

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  1. Above and to the side of the area of the “toes” there is a “wave” of material as if it was squished out as the toes came out of the print during the stride.
    This would be all well and good if this rock were clay or mud, sand or muck, I would believe it to be a footprint. But….
    The fact it is in granite leads me to believe this is a hoax or pareidolia. To whit: Granite is an igneous rock, therefore it is formed by cooling magma. Magma by definition is molten rock beneath the mantle.
    So unless this giant had immunity to extreme heat (enough to melt rock) and stepped in freshly spewed lava, which then splashed out around his toes, retained that shape without oozing back to a puddle of melted rock, then cooled in an upright or vertical position…..well, color me skeptical, fellow reader.

    1. No one is attempting to claim that the maker of this footprint survived his stroll through magma. The fact that it is upright could indicate that he was trying to climb out of the cooling magma. Or he could have fallen and died with his foot pressed against that section of cooling magma. There are plausible scenarios.

      1. No…I have no problem with giants. I am a regular commenter here on a variety of subjects. I just see your explanation that this particular giant was a doofus for stepping in molten lava.

          1. It was chasing a pokemon and not paying attention? Hahaha

  2. What I never understood about these footprints is what happened to the next foot print. Or, did the giant fly away?

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