Massive Lava Tubes on Mars and the Moon Could Shelter Astronauts

Lava tubes on Mars could provide shelter for astronauts, according to a new study. Earlier studies have suggested the same could apply to the Moon. An Army Intelligence Officer and Combat Veteran turned Ufologist and Astrophysicist, Antonio Paris, and other researchers have published a study suggesting astronauts could live in relative safety underground...

Ancient cuneiform tablets prove historically accurate in regards to possible threat to Earth

YouTube Video Here: Some 3,000 years ago, astrologers working for the king of the Assyrian empire kept a close eye on the skies, and what they found and recorded on cuneiform tablets can give us incredibly valuable insights into things such as solar flares and other cosmological happenings that...

Extraterrestrials may be spying on Earth from a nearby location in the Milky Way

For just a moment, consider that we aren't alone in the universe and other life forms exist beyond the Milky Way and Earth, which is the only place advanced life forms have so far been found. If there are extraterrestrials somewhere in the universe, maybe they saw the dawn of...

If You Travel Through A Black Hole, Where Do You Wind Up?

Here's a hypothetical for you: You're given the opportunity to somehow stand before a black hole in space and find out where it might lead. Would you take the leap? And if you did manage to work up your courage, what exactly would happen when you entered that giant...

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