Former NASA officials reveal the best kept secret of the US government?

Two recently “fired” NASA “officials” have revealed the best-kept secret of the US government that had been kept “safe” for forty years, saying that there are traces of constructions on the Moon.

Earth’s Moon has always been a much talked about subject and speculation about what it may have always been present. We have always wondered why we have not been to the moon recently; we have all seen the mysterious images of the moon that appear to show strange constructions on the surface of the moon yet no one has reached and explored the possibilities thoroughly.

Construction on the moon

As revealed by the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, Ken Johnston, former Manager of the Data and Photo Control Department at NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory during the manned Apollo Lunar Program and Richard Hoagland, a former consultant to NASA, uncovered the secret at a conference held at the National Press Club in Washington. Both of them were involved in the Apollo missions, Hoagland in particular, who presided the Apollo moon landing transmission on television.

Skeptics have already attacked both Johnston and Hoagland suggesting that they have little to none evidence that can support their claims. But is there a chance that they might be right? And that there is something happening on the moon?

Johnston confirmed that, in the 70s, American astronauts saw and recorded “vestiges of human constructions of antiquity” on the moon and photographed some of the technological evidence found on the surface. After the astronauts had brought back the images of Earth, they were handed over to Johnston, responsible for the conservation of the images. Even though some officials had ordered Johnston to destroy the images he kept them as a secret. Nearly forty years after, Johnston decided to publish these pictures. He accused NASA of editing original pictures of the Moon and replacing them with fake images where the structures on the moon had been erased.


The official photos underwent special treatment and, particularly those of the moon landing, which were eventually modified. According to Hoagland, the Apollo mission astronauts even brought back physical evidence of extraterrestrial technology, advancements that have already been incorporated and are used by countries such as the United States, Russia, China, India, and Japan. The United States astronauts brought back from the moon, clear evidence of structures, and items.

Johnston believes that a new round of struggle will have its outcome and, unlike political competition with Russia 50 years ago, this result will decide the fate of each and every human being on Earth. Hoagland stated clearly that besides the truth hidden on the Moon, there are several pieces of evidence that point to the existence of life and traces of life on the red planet. Adding to the mystery, packages 698,699 and 700 where the moon landing records were kept have vanished from sight.


Whether these two individuals are right about their theories and are telling the truth is something that we will perhaps, not known. But we have to accept for a fact that the moon missions have been, since the beginning, surrounded by numerous enigmas. Why we have not been to the moon recently is another quest that nobody seems to address.

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  1. In Feb, 2014 I took photos of the moon. found it interesting that there was a small shiny object hovering over the lunar surface that night. On a succession of photos, the small craft is at different locations over the moon. As fas as i know, we did not have a lunar craft in the area. So, who was up there?

    1. Would love to see those photos, can you post them or a link to them? Thanks

  2. So after snowden defects, russia suddenly, in the last year, has an ‘open’ policy on extraterrestrials, freely talking in newspapers about this and other incidents such as the confrontation at lake Bikal- BUT
    Not only are we still lied to as Americans by our government- but the truth is readily available………………
    and no one really cares.
    what the hell is going on?

  3. Boy u lost all credibility when he mentioned india… ha ha ha seeiously india… i can believe about the other country but india no way…. there is even so mych problems in flying something simple as drones… no free wifi zone and u say india is using alien tech…. what a piece of shit… btw u know right if there will be a war india will lose…. as india has ammo only for 20 days….
    Seriously people say anything nowadays….lolz… indua is a backward coumtry …we still live in the 1900 people… 😉

    1. India has a viable space programme and is actively involved in modern technological research.

      1. Seriously which world do you live in….there is nothing hidden from imdian media here……infact india has a fund crunch….it takes 20yrs to finish a project and the chandrayaan mossion os the only mission of india….on the moon…..even defence pwrsonnel dont have enough ammo to takw down…..enemies….and if you aee suggesting research in modern technology then i would hate to break it to u…… but most indiqn researchers go away abroad for reseach…and i mean almost 95%. It is the new govt who is asking to contnue research in imdia by provoding beter infrastructure…..even the iits of india which is equivalent to mit do not have enough lecturers or professors….
        So there is no way in hell india uses alien tech….you have been getting rhe wrong image of india…..not the hard truth….

        1. You dumbass u dnt know anything about india…it became d first country to discover traces if water specifically ice on moon…which even nasa was not able to find…and our org ISRO became d first successful org to launch moon orbit in first try

          1. Sam! Stop name calling & being so nasty! Everyone is welcome to discussion! That’s why there’s so much trouble in the world… Some people think they are so superior! Be mellow dude! If you’re so angry about imperfection… Try looking in the mirror!

          2. If you’re going to take anyone to task, let it be the OP, not the chap providing the able rebuttal. Name calling is appropriate if it fits – and it certainly appears to be apt on this occasion. The OP probably doesn’t even have a passport, far less be able to present himself as an expert on India.

        2. Also, India did successfully get a spacecraft into Mars orbit first go.. Something nasa wasn’t able to achieve.. Maybe you have the wrong idea or India?

  4. Well second best, the better is what they are keeping at Area 51.

  5. Exactly my line of thinking, with the technology nowadays … it would be much easier to reach the Moon, on the other hand something inside me doubt if they ever set a foot on our Satellite, and back to why not just go for it again? Was Pink Floyd right after all when they started talking about the Dark Side of the Moon, or was there something present that told them to get the hell out of there before they would blow them to Kingdom Come like Major Tom?

  6. You can keep publishing inconclusive (imo) photos like this all all you want, but until somebody produces a genuine, clear, preferably HD photo, it will remain speculation…and I want to believe, but so far, the “proof” is not convincing enough.

  7. “Two recently “fired” NASA “officials” have revealed the best kept secret of the US government that had been kept “safe”…” what’s with all those quotation marks? Basically having those marks there could mean that it could really say “Two cleaners who worked at NASA have revealed the best kept secret of the US government that had been kept on top of a desk”

    Basically the quotation marks mean “something like this, but not really” or just “wink wink nudge nudge know what I mean”

  8. Just to make a living by telling imaginary stories mixing with mysteries. Never proved or negated.

  9. What? America hiding something? Lol. What else is new?

  10. I have been to the Moon and back.
    There is nothing to drink there.

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