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Mount Kailash: Pyramid-shaped mountain or alien nuclear power plant?

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Mount Kailash, which is located in Tibet, is often called “the spiritual center of the universe” because it’s the birthplace of four religions: Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Bön.

But it turns out that the mountain may also have once been the site of an ancient nuclear reactor built by aliens who visited Earth, according to “Ancient Aliens,” which notes that remains found at the site indicate nuclear ash and also that the bodies found there contained traces of radioactive elements.


Screenshot- - Mount Kailash: Pyramid-shaped mountain or alien nuclear power plant?
Why do remains of bodies found at Mount Kailash contain traces of radioactivity? (Via YouTube)

A book which explores some of the theories set forth in the “Ancient Aliens” TV show also reports that celestial beings gathered around Mount Kailash “because of the energy that was emitted from it.” The myth goes on to note that it was this power that “fed these celestial beings or kept them alive.”


Pyramid Shape


Mount Kailash is unique among mountains in that it has the shape a pyramid. The pyramid shape is seen throughout the ancient world, in Egypt, Central America, and other places. And the shape is also associated with the worship of gods or transporting of souls to other realms beyond the grave. Was Mount Kailash holy because it possessed special powers bestowed upon it by visitors from the cosmos?


Screenshot- - Mount Kailash: Pyramid-shaped mountain or alien nuclear power plant?
The pyramid shape of the mountain has fascinated people for centuries (Via YouTube)
Ancient Power Grid?


Not only could the pyramid shape have a religious significance, but it could also be part of a larger power grid which reached across the ancient world:

“Ancient Alien theorists speculate that remnants of a world-wide power grid may be found among the sacred ruins of ancient civilizations all over the world.”

If the power plants that provided energy to these ancient civilizations failed, it might also explain the fall of empires such as those built by the Egyptians, Mayans, and Inca.


Who Built Such Reactors?


Nuclear technology is largely a 20th century creation. The first reactor was constructed in 1942 by Enrico Fermi, who later took part in some of the experiments which led to the building of the first nuclear bomb at Los Alamos, New Mexico, as part of the Manhattan Project to build a nuclear weapon which was later used by the U.S. military against Japan at the end of World War II.


So where exactly would man have gotten the technology to build a reactor thousands of years ago?


Again, this is where aliens play an integral role:


“According to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, extraterrestrials have always been motivated by the idea of advancing human civilization. They’ve given us so many gifts of knowledge that power is pretty much a no-brainer. The thing all these ancient cultures had in common is they included stories and artifacts that are meant to honor those who gave them this knowledge, the ‘gods,’ and the gods were extraterrestrials.”

Screenshot- - Mount Kailash: Pyramid-shaped mountain or alien nuclear power plant?
Extraterrestrials may have given the gift of power to ancient civilizations (Via YouTube)

Clearly, there are more questions than answers, especially when it comes to things that cannot be proven or disproven thousands of years after they happened. But in time we may find out that we have never been alone in the universe, and that our greatest advances were indeed aided by the assistance of benevolent forces visiting from afar.

Here’s more on Mount Kailash from the “Ancient Aliens” television series:

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